How to Promote Your App with Video Content

Getting to know how to promote your app with video content as important is developing the app itself. This is because the competition is tough on platforms like the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Regardless of the quality of your application, there are so many others that compete for the interest of your audience! So it is up to your content marketers to take the heavyweight and help you build a core audience to feed and grow. This content will be targeted to help you figure out the best ways to promote your app with video content.

A little easier said than done.

Since your primary focus is on mobile users, you don’t just compete with other apps in your niche. You should also be alerted to Twitter notifications, WhatsApp warnings, and other distractions on your potential downloader’s screens.

In this article, we’ll learn the best ways to promote your app with video content. This is in bid to keep your app at the top downloading list on google play-store or on any other platform

Promote your App with Video content – Overview

An app promo video is a short video that enables companies to connect with the user and present the benefits in 30 to 60 seconds. Promotional application videos significantly increase downloads due to their color composition and their informative but crisp sound. This kind of video content is used to promote other merchandise.

Why use video on your app page?

In recent years, the channels available have been fully expanded to promote your application. One of the most important additions and one that is likely to have the greatest impact is video content.

These are some of the things video has for advertising apps:

Video content is immediately appealing: the versatile combination of video, music and text creates elements that people can easily digest, understand and keep in mind.

Integrated versatility: 97% of marketers agree that videos help customers understand products, and that has a lot to do with their versatility. From an ad creation teaser to a detailed description of how to use your app, there is a lot to do with video content.

Easy to share – Audiences love interacting with online video content to make it easier to rank and display your app and brand. You see it all the time on social media. For example, a video on Twitter receives three times more retweets than those tweets with no visual content.

Lazy Shopper Test – The videos also offer your app good coverage against lazy buyers. Only 20% of users read an entire page of content, but 80% watch a video. If you want to make sure that the majority of people who visit your app’s profile page get your full message, you can’t do any better than the video.

So video is a good idea to promote an app, however, you look at it. But let’s get to the point of how you will use them in the two largest markets where you want to showcase your application.

How Do Videos Work on Google Play And the App Store?

Once the app is ready, it’s time to shape your market, and the idea to promote via video content should be a big part of it.

In the profile of your application, you will see the name of the application, the company that creates it, a brief description, pictures and, here the resistance part, the videos.

Now I cannot overemphasize this point: Optimizing your application profile is crucial. It only takes 7 seconds for a person to decide whether to download their app or not, and the video can count those seconds!

Your video must be uploaded to YouTube on Google Play. After clicking, the application redirects the client to this platform for display.

Each video you download will appear in the app description as part of the multimedia advertising content. It is usually recommended to keep your videos between 30 seconds and two minutes.

Important note: You can only display one video per application at certain points before a screenshot is included. Therefore, videos are the first point of contact with your customers and the first thing that catches your attention.

In the app store, however, the process is slightly different. Video previews must be manually approved by Apple. This means that someone judges whether the game meets the content requirements.

You have a clear style and formatting restrictions that you want to follow. Finally, the videos are displayed in the app overview in the app store and configured for automatic playback.

Videos don’t appear on Google Play search pages. Customers only see the name of the application and an image. On the contrary, you can see an app preview video and some screenshots in the App Store timeline.

Best Types of Video Content to Promote Apps

The internet is full of different styles and approaches to promote things with video. As effective as marketing tools are, finding the type of video that best fits your application can be daunting.

To help you out, here is a shortlist of some styles that work well in app stores:

Explanatory videos:

The purpose of explanatory videos is to show how your application can help solve customer problems, while providing more detailed information on how it works. They convey your message, train your candidacy and promote it at the same time.

Explanators come in a variety of styles, live action, animations, animated graphics, whiteboard animations … It is not so much about finding the “right” one, but the one that best suits your application.

How to videos:

The procedures are said to include brief instructions on how to use your application (shocking, I know). They get to the point quickly and don’t waste the viewer’s time thinking about their main goal.

The format is simple and follows a step-by-step formula from start to finish. Effective processes are based on an intelligent brand strategy.

Customer Testimonial:

It’s more for the app store, where you can have more than one video available. One or more satisfied customers who share their experience with your app can have a major impact on downloads. But you have to be creative.

For an app store, use screenshots of your running app as an insert between testimonial interviews and feedback.

Product videos:

It is obvious. Product videos in this context should present the functions and strengths of your apps in an appealing way. With direct product videos, however, there is a risk that you will look generic and get lost in the crowd.

Try to find new perspectives for your product videos and stand out from the graphics or the structure.

Production tips to maximize efficiency

Now that you know why you should use videos and have a solid list of guys that work well, let’s talk a little more about them.

Here are some production tips to keep in mind when writing your application video ideas:

Branding and accessibility:

Your app should be the star of your item, but that doesn’t mean your entire brand should be put aside. As you work on your piece, look for opportunities where you can tastefully incorporate branding that strengthens your mind in your audience.

Always add subtitles and video graphics (if available) to get your message across, even when viewers are quietly watching, which is common on mobile devices.


Although it was mentioned briefly, the length of your video is a key factor that needs to be explained in more detail. Marketing videos tend to work better the shorter they are. In fact, the measurements show that public attention decreases somewhat after the first 30 seconds, then dramatically again after the two-minute mark.

Please preload your message core at the beginning and keep the total length below these numbers for best performance.

Consider social

A well-made video can be a fantastic addition to any application page, but that doesn’t mean it should be the end. Video content usually works very well on social media and can be a great way to get your app excited.

After downloading to your app profile, you should promote and distribute your app video on social media. You will be amazed at how much traffic a timely social version can bring to your application profile.


It can be daunting to get your app to make a name for itself in the vast sea of ​​alternatives that are app stores. And while the idea to promote your app with video content is not magical, it can certainly be very useful to convince people to consult your application!

Take the ideas and suggestions we discussed here today seriously and consider how you can apply them to your application videos! Once you have completed this planning, I guarantee that the results can only help you with your lobbying efforts.

Good luck!

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