How to Fix 011 Cannot Connect Roku

If you are experiencing 011 cannot connect Roku on your Roku TV or Roku stick, we recommend that you take your time to read through this article, and you will know what 011 can’t connect Roku means and how to fix the error code.

Roku is a digital media player that streams content online when connected to various online sources via different supported apps. However, when you get a new Roku, and you initiate the Roku TV or stick set up, the streaming device will first download and install the latest firmware.

And during the firmware downloading and installation process, you may experience the 011 cannot connect Roku error message. Do not panic, as the error is not critical.

The cannot connect to Roku error 011 implies that the Roku TV or stick cannot connect Roku firmware or software server to download the supposed Roku firmware and install it on the Roku device.

However, with simple troubleshooting tips, you can fix this to download, install, and update your Roku firmware.

011 cannot connect Roku

How to Fix 011 Cannot Connect Roku

Below are the steps to fix cannot connect to Roku with the error code 011 on your TV screen during the initial setup.

Check your Internet Connection

The main cause of the error code 011 on Roku when it says it cannot connect to Roku is the network connection problem. However, fixing your network problem can fix the error code 011 on your Roku.

To start with, turn off your WiFi or Hotspot and turn it on after a couple of minutes. Reconnect the Roku device to the internet access and see whether it fixes it if it doesn’t switch from WiFi or Hotspot to wired or Ethernet to connect the Roku device to the internet and try to download the Roku device firmware or software and see whether the error 011 will repeat itself.

Check Whether the Roku Server is Down

If the Roku software server is down, you will run into the cannot connect Roku 011 error code, and you would have to try again or wait for a couple of minutes to see and retry to download and install the software from the server update.

To do this, follow the clue below. Meanwhile, if the Roku Software Update Server is down, it’ll be global, and you should find yourself around it.

  • Go to the Roku support page. 
  • Go to the alert section and check whether there is an alert or notification that the server is currently down.

If there is an alert, then you need to wait until the issue is resolved. Otherwise, you want to pay attention to your internet service or internet provider.

Restart your Roku TV or Roku Stick Setup

You can also abort the progress and start the Roku stick/TV setup again if the need be. Although this might not be necessary, if the “cannot connect Roku error 011″ isn’t cleared yet, you can abort the entire setup process and initiate it again.

This time around, ensure that your network strength or signal is above average so that it can download the Roku firmware/software from the internet and install it during the initial setup.

Check Network Settings

Another option to take note of is to check your network settings. While on the error 011 cannot connect to the Roku screen, you will be prompted to try again, check network settings, and cancel.

Now, click on the Check Network Settings to find out why you are experiencing the error 011 on your Roku device. It’ll be stated if the error has to do with the network settings or network problem.

The 011 cannot connect Roku is a network problem stopping the Roku device from downloading and installing the latest Roku TV or stick software/firmware.

Restart your Roku Device [TV/Stick]

You can restart your Roku streaming device to give it a breeding space and re-initiate the setup.

  • Press the “Roku TV/Stick” home button.
  • Navigate to “Settings” and press the “Select” button.
  • Navigate to “System settings.”
  • Choose “Settings.”
  • Select “System Restart >> Restart.”
  • Select “OK” to confirm.

So, it’s nothing to worry about. However, we recommend trying the manual process to update Roku in this guide without connecting the Roku to the internet or WiFi to bypass the 011 cannot connect Roku error code.

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