How to Fix Ecobee Won’t Connect to WiFi

Ecobee thermostats are one of the smartest inventions to happen in recent times, and it has duly gained its place in the market of thermostats with its smart  controls, but you might find that your Ecobee won’t connect to  WiFi, thus hindering usage and cause the Ecobee app trouble connecting to your device WiFi or hotspot.

More so, Ecobee thermostats, being smart thermostats means they can be controlled remotely. But to do this, the Ecobee needs a strong and secure Wi-Fi connection.

So if your Ecobee won’t connect to your Wi-Fi you got to fix that up and could also show that your Ecobee connected to WiFi but not server which is another area to look at when the Ecobee app says offline message.

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So, before you can do that, you need to  know the possible reasons, which could be;

  • Lack of power or a  power outage
  • Router is disconnected.
  • Poor signal strength
  • Incorrect Wi-Fi password
  • Incompatible router broadcast network

This guide, asides explaining how to fix Ecobee won’t connect to Wi-Fi, will also take you through how to reconnect Ecobee to WiFi network and lastly how to reset your Ecobee thermostat.

Note: The Ecobee unable to obtain IP address is different from the Ecobee wont connect to WiFi or incompatible router broadcasting network.

Ecobbe won't connect to WiFi

Why Ecobee Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Sometimes, it could happen that you have correctly installed your thermostat as the manual instructs, but your Ecobee still will not connect to Wi-Fi and this can be a very frustrating place to be, especially when you’ve been eager to install, set up and start using your thermostat.

Also, if your Ecobee change WiFi network it could cause the Ecobee 4 keep disconnecting from WiFi if your Ecobee version is the Ecobee 4.

So, if your Ecobee won’t connect to Wi-Fi or Ecobee app not showing thermostat, start off with the very straightforward reason, which could be;

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 Lack of Power

By default, the very first thing you should check if your Ecobee won’t connect to Wi-Fi, is the power supply, because if your Ecobee devices or router aren’t properly connected to a power source, you will struggle to make or maintain a Wi-Fi connection

There could be several reasons or this, maybe power is out rightly out or there is a low voltage, or you have issue with the wiring. It could also be that there is good power supply, but your Ecobee is not properly connected to the power, especially if you have a home full of kids or  pets that have likely tampered with your connection while playing.

Well, The good thing about a power issue is that it is easy to fix, once you have been able to identify what is causing the disconnection and get it fixed right away. This is why it is wise to start by checking your power connections.

Your Router is Disconnected

The follow up reason why your Ecobee won’t connect to a WiFi network is if your router is disconnected. This happens mostly when there is a problem with the power source of your WiFi router. Also, there could be a fault in the link-up between the router and the internet source. So, you need to confirm if everything is alright regarding the router connections.

Router disconnection  could  also be as a result of a configuration problem and if that be the case, you will have to contact your internet provider. Then ensure to check if the ethernet cable is correctly connected.

Incorrect WiFi Password

Wi-Fi passwords can sometimes look like some arithmetic progression, which is great because the more cryptic they look, the more difficult for third parties to remember and access your network. However, the downside to this, is that it can sometimes make it challenging for you to input your passwords correctly.  You want to verify and double-check your input before submitting it. Just take your time.

Poor Signal Strength

Another distinct reason why Ecobee won’t connect to WiFi is poor signal strength because Ecobee devices can be quite sensitive to the strength of your network signal. For that, you just need to ensure that you have a solid connection to enable efficient functionality. To check your signal strength do the following;

  • Click on the ‘MAIN MENU’ tab on your Ecobee thermostat.
  • From there, select the ‘ABOUT’ function.
  • Next, click on the ‘WIFI’ button, then you will see the strength of your signal. Anything below a  75% means the signal is poor  and your Ecobee will not connect to the WiFi.

You can also check and determine  the signal strength from your PC, depending on the kind of PC you are using,  For a Windows OS, the signal strength is usually accessible from the desktop toolbar, but if you are using an iOS device, you can check the signal strength from the AirPort Utility App.

So, these are some major reasons why your Ecobee won’t connect to WiFi.

How To Reconnect Ecobee to WiFi Network

Following all that we have discussed above, this segment will give you a step-by-step procedure on how to reconnect your Ecobee to your WiFi network manually.How To Reconnect Ecobee to WiFi Network

  • From your  Ecobee thermostat’s home screen, press the menu button and click on the settings tab.
  • Then scroll to the WiFi button on the settings page and select it.
  • Please, check to be sure that your WiFi is switched on to allow the connection.
  • Then, select the name of your WiFi and click. You will see this from the WiFi menu right there on the settings page. You will be prompted to enter your Wi-Fi password, before it connects. Go ahead and do so correctly. Remember a wrong password can cause “Ecobee won’t connect” issue.

How To Reset Ecobee Thermostat WiFi

In some instances, you might need to perform a reset on your Ecobee’s WiFi as you could be connected to the WiFi but not able to  access the servers. To get that done, do this;

  • First, take down the  Ecobee’s thermostat from where you attached for about two minutes.
  • Make sure you switch it off during this period, so it will reset.
  • Next, reconnect the ecobee to WiFi by selecting your WiFi network, as explained above.

Ecobee Smart thermostats offers you convenience as you can control the temperature and other activities in your home from just about anywhere in the world using your phone.

More so, controlling your Ecobee thermostat is pretty straightforward, especially when it is installed properly and everything is working just fine but you might get to experience instances when Ecobee won’t  connect to the WiFi, so we have done well to mention and discuss  some of these possible situations, alongside their appropriate quick fixes.

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