How to Fix LG TV Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi

LG Smart TV is one of the favourite smart TV you can see out there. And one of the most noticeable downsides of the LG TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi problems. The LG TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi multiple times could be a problem that gives you a sleepless night.

However, we believe at the end of this article, you will know how to fix the LG TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi. Meanwhile, we advise you to try all the suggested steps to see which of the suggestions fix the LG TV network connection problem.

Since there are various reasons why your LG smart TV will keep disconnecting every time so we will profer a different method to fix your LG TV that keeps saying WiFi is turned off when it’s turned on.

This is no location-based. A lot of LG users from the UK complained about the LG TV keep saying WiFi is turned off as well as LG TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi. You can also follow the trend or community on Reddit.LG TV Keeps disconnecting from WiFi

Why Does LG TV Keeps Disconnecting from the Internet

A lot of reasons could contribute as to why your LG TV keeps disconnecting from the internet when you needed it most. This includes but is not limited to improper network connection and poor network configuration.

However, the method we will discuss in this article is numerous. Just make sure you try all the methods and see which of the methods will work for you. What works for me to fix my LG TV when disconnecting from the internet or WiFi might be different from what would work for your LG smart TV with the WiFi connection error.

How to Fix LG TV Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi

The following methods are the possible ways to fix your LG TV when it keeps disconnecting from your WiFi or internet connection.

  • Check your Internet connection
    • Restart your router
    • Change from router to the wired connection
    • Move your router (if you must use WiFi) closer to your TV
  • Restart your LG smart TV
  • Allow full Access
  • Cold boot your LG smart TV
  • Update your LG TV firmware to the latest version
  • Change your Router/WiFi location.

Check your Internet Connection

Whether your LG TV disconnects from WiFi often or once in a while, the first thing to think about is your internet connection. Solving the problem relating to your internet connection could solve the problem with your LG TV and your WiFi network.

However, to solve the problem relating to your internet connection if your LG smart TV is in a good shape restart your WiFi/router, switch from WiFi to wired connection and finally move your router closer to your TV if you must use WiFi over LAN.

And we discuss each of the methods we mentioned above to check your internet connection problem and fix them.

Cold Boot your LG TV

We rarely do this. Most time, we just turn off our TV without removing the power cord from the power source. This however put the TV in standby mode which means that the TV is not turned off. Therefore, to completely turn off the TV you need to carry out what is referred to as cold booting.

To cold boot your LG TV to fix the TV from constant disconnecting from the WiFi module follow the steps below.

  • Switch off your LG TV.
  • Remove the power cord from the socket and wait for some minutes, at least 5 minutes.
  • Connect the power cord to the power source again.
  • Turn on your TV.
  • Done.

This could help you fix the LG TV that keeps disconnecting from WiFi. So, make sure you do this often to completely shut down your LG TV. You can also use the LG TV remote control to turn off the TV completely to carry out the TV cold boot feature.

Check and Change your Time Zone

The wrong time location can cause the LG TV WiFi to keep disconnecting from your device. So, it worth take note of and make the necessary changes. However, to automatically pick up the right time in your zone it’s advisable to go with the automatic time zone.

  • Go to your LG TV settings.
  • Navigate to “General” with your remote control and select it.
  • Choose “Time & date.”
  • Switch from “Manual” to “automatic.”
  • Done.

Now, your time zone will be corrected automatically and you will be able to know whether the time zone contributes to the reason why you are unable to connect your LG TV to your WiFi.

Update your LG TV Firmware

You should always check for the latest software update on your TV. Make sure you do this often. This will help you stay up-to-date and fix errors that are caused by outdated firmware. Note that there are two ways to update your LG TV firmware. You can update the firmware directly from the internet you can also update the LG firmware via USB by downloading the updater and choosing the USB option to update the firmware on your TV.

It is also worth noting that using the internet to upgrade your LG firmware is also divided into two which are: Netcast and WebOS. So, we will consider both approaches here.

  • Switch on your LG TV.
  • Launch the TV launcher by pressing the “Home button.”
  • Scroll to the upper right and select the “Settings” option.
  • Locate “All Settings” at the bottom and select it.
  • From the “Left menu” select the “General” button and select “About the TV” down the screen.
  • Under the software version, check the option to allow automatic update and select “check for update.”
  • If there is a new update available your TV should start downloading the new update and install it to replace the old version.

Updating your LG TV firmware may last for a couple of seconds after which you can start using the TV again and recheck whether the LG TV still keeps disconnecting from your WiFi.

To update the LG TV using the Netcast option follow the steps below.

  • Switch on your TV and press the home button to bring up the TV launcher.
  • Go to Settings >> others >> software update.
  • Turn on the software update toggle button and select check for update.

If there is an update available it should start downloading and installing. Once the whole process is completed then you can return to start using your TV.

All these suggestions could help you to fix the “LG TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi” if tried and might need advanced methods to fix your WiFi problems.

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