Google Meet Grid View Fix: What is it? Should I use it, and How?

Discover all the possible ways you could fix the Google Meet Grid View, including how to navigate other problems that may arise.

In the race for the best video conferencing and collaboration solution, Zoom has been a leading force since the COVID-19 pandemic began, but Google Meet has come pretty close to the gap. In line with Zoom’s offerings, Meet is expected to implement the ability to see up to 49 attendees on one screen at a time, but we haven’t reviewed it yet.

Now, if you want to see as many people on your screen as possible, you must rely on third-party extensions that you can install on Google Chrome. One of those tools is the Google Meet Grid View Extension (Fix), which you can use if the old Google Meet Grid View Extension has stopped working for you.

Should I be using the Google Meet Grid View (Fix) extension?

If you can no longer use the original Chrome Grid View extension for meetings in Google Meet, then you need to try the Google Meet Grid View Extension (Fix) to get the grid layout in Google Meet. The plugin should work as promised, displaying a 9×9 grid when you are meeting with a large number of attendees.

How to Get & Use Meet Grid View (Fix)

To enable a grid view for large meetings in Google Meet, you’ll need to install the Google Grid View (Fix) extension on your Google Chrome browser. Since Chrome extensions can be installed in any Chromium-based browser, you can also use this extension in Brave Browser, Microsoft Edge, and Vivaldi. Note, however, that your mileage may vary.

After visiting the extension page, click the “Add to Chrome” button and confirm with the “Add Extension” option.

Google Meet Grid View Fix: What is it? Should I use it, and how?

Once the extension is installed, it will appear in the top right corner of your screen and your other extensions.

You can now open Google Meet and join a meeting to use the grid layout on your screen. In the meeting screen in the upper right corner, click or hover over the Grid button and select the checkbox next to Enable Default Grid View.

Google Meet Grid View Fix: What is it? Should I use it, and how?

This should allow all of the video feeds to be grouped as a grid on the Google Meet screen. You can also customize the grid view with additional options such as Show only participants in videos, join the grid, highlight speakers, and activate screenshot mode.

General Problems and Fixes in the Grid View

If you’re still having trouble getting Grid View for Google Meet up and running, we recommend reading the guide below that we’ve put together for struggling with the original Grid View extension. Because the new extension is designed similarly to the one developed by Chris Gamble, the following article’s solutions should also work when you use the Google Meet Grid View (Fix) extension mentioned in this article.

If you have other issues with Google Meet, we recommend reading our articles about them here: Common Google Meet Problems and Solutions. You can also refer to the Google Meet Microphone Problems and Solutions article, which causes problems.

When will I get support for a larger grid view in Meet?

If you’re not interested in installing a third-party Chrome extension to make the grid view work in Google Meet, you should be pleased that Google has confirmed an update to its Meet service that allows it to display up to 49 attendees. During meetings on one screen at a time. With such a feature available, we can soon hope that Meet will allow you to view meeting attendees on a 7 × 7 grid, just as Zoom allows its users to do.

After confirmation from Google, it won’t be long before such an update is available for Google Meet. Be sure to check out the next post as we will keep updating it if Google ends up revealing anything.

Conclusion: How to Fix the Google Meet Grid issues in General

The Google Chrome Grid View extension was last updated on July 11, 2020. Users can easily install the extension by going to the Chrome Web Store and adding the Chrome extension. The link for this is listed below:

Google Meet Grid Fix Extension

If users have already installed the Google Meet Grid extension but are still having problems, they can simply update their Chrome browser extension. Updates to Chrome extensions are usually automatic, so users shouldn’t pay attention to them. But. Manual updates can also be done by entering Chrome: // extensions in Chrome’s address bar and switching to developer mode. In Developer Settings at the top, tap the Update button and install the Google Meet Grid View extension update.

If the manually installed Gird View update doesn’t work, users can try disabling and re-enabling it in Google Chrome. Type chrome: // extensions in the browser’s address bar and press Enter. Disable the Shift key and enable it again with the switch on.

Google Grid view extensions are often experimental, so users can download multiple versions from the Chrome Store. If one version of the extension doesn’t work for a specific device, users can download a different version from the Chrome Store. There are more than five versions of the Google Meet Grid view extensions available in the store.

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