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How to Get Free Hulu Accounts with Premium Features

Do you wish to get free Hulu accounts with the premium features then this article is your plug?

Not everybody would want to pay the 39.99 dollar subscription fee for a standard Hulu subscription that would offer you access to the unlimited TV shows, entertainment, sports, etc, available on Hulu.

With the way things are in the world, we need to cool off sometimes and entertain ourselves by watching some of these TV series, shows, sports documentaries and the rest, in a bid to refresh ourselves and entertain our souls.

But because of the subscription fees that have been attached to the streaming platforms, not everybody can afford to pay these fees, and that is why some people look for ways to get free premium accounts.

In this article, you will understand a few ways you can have access to free Hulu Accounts with premium features without having to pay a dime for it.

Get Free Hulu Accounts

Why you may want to get Free Hulu Accounts with premium features

There’s no need to say that the world is going digital as the world has already gone digital and technology has already taken over the process of most of our activities.

Nowadays without having to make use of discs and the likes one can watch their favourite shows, movies, series and other entertainment events just with a streaming device.

The only thing here is that to have access to this contents you need to pay some reasonable amount of money to be able to stream contents from different platforms.

That is why most people or even you reading this article are looking for a way to get a free Hulu account with premium features.

Hulu is one of the streaming services on the internet that offers you a platform to access top entertainment, education, documentary, series movie etc., through their partner channels.

You can access Hulu premium features if you opt for the trial which will last for a maximum of 30 days with seven days that offer live streaming opportunities.

After your free trial, you will have to pay $39.99 to be able to watch live broadcast including more than 50 channels that span entertainment, news, sports films, TV shows, etc.

I strongly believe this amount is too much for some people and that is why people are looking for ways to get a free Hulu account with premium features.

This is possible as we will discuss how you can discover free Hulu accounts with premium features in this article.

Features of Free Hulu Accounts with Premium Features

If peradventure you get access to a free Hulu account with premium features then these things listed below are the features you will enjoy.

1. With free Hulu accounts with premium features you have the ability to pause a TV program, resume or rewind it whenever you want.

2. You can record a TV program no matter the kind of program it is, be it series, sports, just mention it. You will be able to record and save up to 50 hours of storage.

3. With free Hulu accounts with premium features you are going to have access to make use of two accounts on one device

You will have an option in your account to create about 6 profiles for your family members who would want to make use of your login details to stream on the platform.

How to Get Free Hulu Accounts with premium features

Now we are going to discuss explicitly how you can access free Hulu accounts with premium features.

Check out these methods and make use of anyone that you think you’re comfortable with.

Get Free Hulu Accounts with premium features using The 30-day free trial

It is possible to get all the premium features for free on Hulu with a 30-day free trial.

If you think this is an option that you would want to consider then follow the processes below to activate your account for the free 30-day trial and gain access to Hulu premium features:

Get Free Hulu Accounts

  • Go to the Hulu official website. At the right top corner, click on start free trial
  • This is located on the homepage of the official website of Hulu.
  • A new window will open, select any of the plans, this is not necessarily for you to pay for the plan it is just to activate your free trial.
  • Then you need to fill out the form that will be displayed on the screen to access your Hulu account or you can actually log into your other account on Facebook.
  • Then you need to enter your credit card details click send when you are done.
  • Once you submit your application you will start enjoying free Hulu accounts with premium features.

NOTE: It is important that you remember to cancel your Hulu free trial on the 29th day so that you will not be charged for the upcoming month.

Get Free Hulu Accounts with premium features using a virtual Credit card

I think this is more convenient than the first one. You can sign up with any of the platforms on the internet that provide members with a virtual credit card.

Get Free Hulu Accounts

You can make use of this virtual credit card and sign up for Hulu free trial.

Below are some of the platforms that offer a virtual credit card that you can use to activate a free trial period on Hulu and enjoy all the premium features offered by the platform.

  1. Entropay
  2. Payoneer
  3. Neteller
  4. NetSpend
  5. Walmart Card

We have also discovered that recently a lot of apps have started offering virtual credit cards to people who use them.

All you need to do is to go to any app store of your choice and search for a virtual credit card.

These apps will allow you to sign up for a virtual credit card and you can make use of this credit card to activate a free trial on Hulu.

You can use this to sign up for Hulu every month. What you need to do is to sign up with different platforms for a virtual credit card and used it to sign up for Hulu once every month.

This means that you can enjoy unlimited free trials on Hulu without having to pay a dime.

Get Free Hulu Accounts with premium features using Edit this Cookies browser extension

The reason I know that this method works is because I have used this method to get free Grammarly premium features. All I needed to do was to copy the cookies of a Grammarly premium account provided online and paste it on this extension and when I tried accessing the Grammarly homepage I was automatically logged into a premium business account. You can actually make use of this method to get Hulu premium account features for free.

But you need to know that this method is not consistent and after you have finished making use of this method you may still need to always copy new cookies to keep accessing premium features each time you want to stream online.

  • To make use of this method, open Chrome.
  • Add this edit this cookie extension on your Chrome browser.
  • Then go to your Hulu and click on the option that says change cookie.
  • Copy and paste the code and click on the check button
  • On Hulu select the option and then click import.
  • Paste the link that you copied and then click on the check button.
  • Another window will pop up on the import window area, all you need to do is refresh the page and you will be automatically redirected to a page where you will see working free Hulu accounts with premium features.
  • Select anyone you wish and start streaming

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