How to Make Gmail Dark Mode

Gmail dark mode allows users to change their Gmail background mode from the default light mode to the dark mode to reduce the screen brightness to the bearest minimum that won’t have a negative effect on users’ sight at night or while in the dark. Even though Gmail isn’t the only free email service provider with the dark mode feature, but, the dark is one of the most sort after features of the service. So, in this article, we will discuss how to turn on dark mode on Gmail.

Also, if the Gmail dark theme is set to default and you don’t like how it looks during the day and you’d love to switch back to the light theme and set it as your default, you will also get to know about the steps required to accomplish this.

What is Gmail Dark Mode

The Gmail dark mode is the feature to change the Gmail background and text from white and black to black background and white text to reduce the effect of the device’s screen on the user.

When you change Gmail to dark mode the text changes from black to white and the background colour also changes from white to black [dark].

The dark mode in Gmail comes in the form of a theme so you can switch between the Gmail light theme and Gmail dark theme.

While the only white and dark are not the only themes that are available in the Google Gmail themes store you can freely switch from one to the other without a single limitation.

How to Make Gmail Dark Mode

If you decided to turn on dark mode on Gmail the guide below will be explicitly enough to guide you on how to make Gmail dark mode on all operating systems including iOS and Android.

You can learn everything about the Gmail confidential mode in this guide. Don’t hesitate to check it out.


By following the steps below you will learn how to turn on dark mode on Gmail on your desktop.

  • Log in to your account on your desktop.
  • Click on the “Settings” icon at the top right.Gmail dark mode
  • Scroll down to “Theme” and click on “View All”  under “Quick Settings.”how to turn on dark mode on gmail
  • Scroll to “Pick your Theme” and select “Dark” next to the default Gmail to put gmail in dark mode
  • Click on the “Save” tab at the bottom to get dark mode on gmail

There you go, the Gmail theme will switch from white or light theme to dark theme mode and you can always switch back if you prefer the Gmail light theme to the dark theme.

iOS [iPhone]

While the Gmail app for iOS is yet to have a default theme change feature that allows users to change between the white and dark theme. However, with your iPhone dark mode settings, you can easily choose dark mode via the iPhone settings and the dark mode or dark theme will reflect in your Gmail background settings.

Therefore, by following the steps below you will learn how to turn on dark mode in Gmail via your iPhone settings.

  • Go to your “iPhone Settings.”
  • Scroll down and click on “Display & Brightness.”
  • Choose “Dark Theme.”
  • Click on “Night Shift.”
  • Toggle the “Scheduled” button on.
  • Click on “From/To.”
  • Choose “Sunset to Sunrise.”
  • You can also set a custom time to turn on dark mode and time to turn off dark mode for each day
  • Open the “Gmail” app on your apps menu.
  • The dark mode background will be implemented.


If you are using the official Gmail app on your Android you can simply turn on the dark on in the app without using the Android dark mode feature. So, by following the steps below you will learn how to change Gmail to dark mode on Android.

  • Launch the “Gmail” app on your Android phone.
  • Tap on the “Menu” lines at the top to make gmail dark mode
  • Scroll and select “Settings.”how to make gmail dark mode
  • Choose “General Settings.”gmail dark mode
  • Select “Theme” under the “General Settings.Gmail Theme
  • Select “Dark” under “Theme.”gmail dark mode

Your Gmail background will change to a dark theme instantly and you will be able to use your Gmail with dark background and white text.

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