How to Enable Confidential Mode in Gmail

Google rolled a new Gmail update which includes a confidential mode to enhance additional securities on Gmail mail privacy settings and how messages are being forward, reply, attachment and distribution.

The mean feature of the new confidential mode is to stop messages recipient from forwarding messages, attachment, screenshots when the messenger send placed a restriction mode on the message.

The implication of the new Gmail feature is the ability to restrict unauthorized access from re-distribution messages that are meant to be confidential. This implies that, when you send a message from a Gmail account the confidential mode feature enabled, the message recipient will not be able to forward the message to another person.

Technically, the new Gmail security feature helps to protect confidential emails from being forward by the recipient. Suppose, Mr. A send an email to Mr. B which is very confidential, Mr. A can use the new confidential mode option to restrict the redistribution of the message when Mr. B receives it.

Enable Gmail Confidential Mode

How to Enable Gmail Confidential Mode

Google is expected to roll out the complete feature and how to set up the new security Gmail confidential mode in a few weeks to come. However, the demo feature described the new security as the best mode ever for message own to restrict an unauthorized person from distributing their content without permission.

Gmail confidential mode

Come next week, I will share with you how to enable confidential mode in Gmail and automatically restrict message recipient from forwarding and downloading your files without permission.

How to Enable Gmail Confidential Mode

Google has started rolling out the new Gmail design with the confidential mode feature. To enable this confidential mode you need to view your Gmail in standard view so that you will be able to try the new look.

1. Login to your Gmail account and select standard view if you are in HTML view

2. Click on the gear icon and select “Try the new Gmail”

You will see a welcome screen just click next until you land on your account homepage. Next is how to set up confidential mode to encrypt any message you send from your email to restrict receivers from forwarding it into another account. You can also place a download restriction on all sent files and images.

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