How to Fix Samsung TV Blinking Red Light

Samsung TV Blinking Red Light is a common issue when operating television at our different abodes. If this problem happens around your corner, do not panic, just relax. There are solutions listed in this article to this problem together with the reasons why you might experience it.

Samsung TV is one of the famous and good brands among the television brands found around the world. So, if you can get one Samsung TV, definitely you will enjoy using it at your convenient time. But the necessary precautions have to be in place, to prevent any negative issues in operating your TV gadget.

Coming to a point that you experienced the situation named Samsung TV blinking red light in the journey of getting yourself refreshed from the heat of the day. Just take time to be settled, do not envisage any fear, there is a way out for you.

Very shortly, you will find means to settle the case as I take through the steps below in solving the problem. When the red light is being on your screen, that shows there is danger somewhere or something is wrong somewhere. And when the thing goes wrong, the next thing is to seek the remedy.

Causes of Samsung TV Blinking Red Light

I will be showing you the reasons why you encountered the problem of Samsung TV blinking red light the other you approached your television. As you go through the reasons one after the other, be rest assured that all of them have the solutions.

  • Your Power-On: If your power-on button is having a problem, Samsung TV blinking red light will be the challenge you will face at that very point in time. The power-on may be affected due to the fault from the company that produced it or it might be possible that lighting has stricken the board of the TV and the power on had been affected negatively.
  • Surge Protector: And it might occur that your surge protector was unable to protect your gadgets due to the deficiency from the surge protector. Commonly, our pieces of equipment experience one negative occurrence or the other. As humans break down at times after heavy workloads, the same thing usually happens to equipment too. When the surge protector fails in the long run, other home devices might fail too to function well.
  • HDMI Input: HDMI input or glitch occurs when you turn off other devices connected to your TV without changing the source of HDMI input or failure correctly switch off the device you might connect to TV, may land in Samsung TV blinking red light.
  • Power Source Error: When the source of power is having a kind of issue, that is, the source of power is not connected well with the wall or source of electricity, this might cause Samsung TV blinking red light. 
  • Wrong Factory Configuration: The configuration from the factory might be the source of the Samsung TV blinking red light. If this configuration is wrong or tampered with within the course of operating the TV, there is a need to proffer a solution to it.

Samsung TV Blinking Red Light

How to Proffer Solutions to Samsung TV Blinking Red Light

The solutions to the causes above will be stated according to how the causes are arranged above. So, take a deep breath as we explore how to tackle the issue of Samsung TV blinking red light.

Unplug The TV

If your TV shows and blinks the red light when you switch it on, the first thing you need to do is to unplug it from the wall or power supply source. Assuming you plug it back and still blinks the red light.

You have to pause a bit and check the power cord behind your TV, remove it and connect it again. If the blinking red light persists. It means your power is having a problem.

Then, you will need to change it. You just have to take a step to replace it if you do not have a warranty. 


If you have a warranty on your gadget when you purchased it, easily can you get there and change the power button or anything that may be wrong with your TV for free.

Surge Power

If you test your surge power and it is faulty, that means there is quick action to take in replacing it to have protection over your gadgets. If there is any delay in replacing it, there may be further disruption with other more expensive gadgets, since we do not have control over nature.

Switching Off HDMI Input

To switch off your other input devices require extra carefulness because of damage it can cause to your TV. You will need to firstly switch off your TV before switching off the other input devices.

Correction To Power Source Error

If you ever experienced a power source error, try to immediately switch off the power source from the wall or unplug your TV and replug it.

Factory Configuration

If you discover the factory configuration is the problem or you might cause it. The next thing to do is to perform the factory setting reset. If you have technological background knowledge, carefully do it yourself or involve a tech-savvy.

This will be the end of the article and if you have any challenges, reach out to us in the comment segment below. Thanks very large and see you next time in this citadel. 

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