How to Get out of Peloton Shoes [2022]

Sometimes, you might have to deal with Unclipping your peloton shoes from the bike pedals which is common when you’re done cycling your Peloton bike. And this is usually caused by a loose cleat. However, it could also be a resulting factor in your bike pedals, especially if the tension is too tight.

If you are faced with these issues you are looking for how to get out of peloton shoes since you’re in a haste to unclip yourself from your bike there are two ways to do that.

The fastest method is to get out of your peloton shoes? it’s possible. Doing this means, your peloton shoes are still clipped to the bike.

Now, let’s break down how to get out of peloton shoes when the peloton clips aren’t unclipping here’s how to do that.

How To Get Out Of Peloton Shoes

If you’ve been trying soo hard to unclip your shoes from the bike pedals but the peloton shoe stuck in pedal, or maybe the peloton cleats move when clipping out but still it doesn’t leave the bike pedals, here’s how to get out of your peloton shoes instead.

below are the steps to get out of your peloton shoes

  • Loosen the peloton shoes and then remove your foot from the shoe so that you can get off the bike in no time
  • Turn the resistance knob to your extreme right. Make sure to feel the resistance of the knob. This is to ensure that the pedals will not move.
  • Turn the pedal at 12 o’clock position and twist it so that it faces upside down. Find the tension screw on the bike’s pedal.
  • Remember you have received a 3mm Allen key with your Peloton bike package? Always keep it near your bike.
  • Take the Allen key to loosen the tension screw.How to get out of peloton shoes
  • However, it is recommended not to loosen the pedal frequently as it may cause the pedal to break.
  • Make sure to loosen the pedal to loosen the grip of the pedal on the cleats.
  • Flip the pedal back to its standard position. Now check the peloton logo in the pedal.
  • Press on the log with your palms. Use another palm to get the cleats or shoes off the pedal. You can also twist them slightly in case of any inconvenience.
  • You can apply some pressure if needed.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully unclipped from your Peloton bike.

Moving on, now that you have figured out the fastest way to Get out of your Peloton bike if your peloton shoes aren’t clipping out.

Which is to remove your feet from the peloton shoes. let’s proceed to how to unclip the shoes from the peloton bike maybe there are one or two things you’re missing.

How to Unclip Your Peloton Shoes from the Peloton Pedals

To unclip your peloton shoes from the bike pedals the correct way, follow the instructions below.

Bring The Bike to a Complete Halt

Once you’re done with the workout session, reduce the speed of the pedals till you bring it to a stop

However, another route to bring it to a halt is to use press the resistance knob, but it could lead to injury so do it the safer way.

Move the Pedals to a 6 O’clock Position

Over here, you have to bring the pedals on your dominant foot to a 6 o Clock position which is downwards.

Once, you’re in this position press down the resistance knob to simply stabilize the peloton pedals.

Tilt Your Shoes Out of the Pedals

Now, that you’ve been able to bring your dominant foot to the right position, place some weight on the pedals of that foot and then twist your foot outward – the back of your feet will move outward, not inward, going inward could be risky and injurious.

while doing that apply some force to the pedals and then kick it out.

After successfully clipping out the dominant foot the other foot will be easier to clip out.

Moving on here are some safety tips to watch out for while using the bike

Safety Tips to Watch out for with the Peloton Bike

Unclipping your peloton shoes from the pedal might be a struggle sometimes, you could find yourself injured in the process if you don’t look out for these safety tips

  1. Prevent your shoes from getting stuck you have to ensure that the cleats of your Peloton shoes are always tightened and the tension screw isn’t too tight or loose
  2. A good alternative to easily clip out of your Peloton bike pedals is by using a toe cage. a toe cage simply allows you to use any kind of sneakers on the peloton bike pedals.
  3. Also, ensure to clean the high touch area of your peloton bike such as the screen, to prevent spreading germs.
  4. Lastly, make sure your peloton bike is out of bounds to small kids.

Since you should have figured out how to get out of peloton shoes let’s go over to some commonly asked questions from other peloton users.

How to Clip in Peloton Shoes

How to get out of peloton shoes

To clip your peloton shoes into the pedals of your peloton bike follow these steps below

  • Bring the bike pedal to the 6 o clock position and clip in your peloton shoes – the on with the stronger foot while keeping the other foot down
  • Now, simply lift your foot higher while pointing the tip of your shoe downwards.
  • Next, push the pedal with your foot upward and downward, till you hear a cracking sound, once you heard that, it means your peloton shoes has been clipped to your bike pedals

Moving on, repeat the same process for your other foot

Peloton Cleats Move when Clipping Out

If your peloton cleats are moving in and out it simply means the cleats are not well tightened to the shoes or the tension in the pedals is too loose, to resolve this, simply remove your leg from the peloton boots and check if it

However, if the cleats are firmly tight then you might have to check the tension of the bike pedals. if it’s too loose then you have to tighten the tension screw with a 3mm Allen wrench, but if it’s tight you need to unloose it a bit.

Peloton Shoe Size Chart

Peloton shoes range in size from the one for men and women, so you can always get your preferred peloton shoe size.

Below are the ranges of sizes for both women and men

Starting from the sizes of women’s peloton shoes with their price

   Women’s Peloton Shoe Size

Below are the ranges of peloton shoe sizes for women with their current prices

Women’s Peloton Shoe Size

36 EU = Women’s size 5 US
37 EU= Women’s size 6 US
38 EU= Women’s size 7 US
39 EU= Women’s size 8 US
40 EU= Women’s size 9 US
41 EU= Women’s size 10 US
42 EU= Women’s size 11 US
43 EU= Women’s size 12 US

  For men

   Men’s Peloton Shoe Size

Below are the ranges of peloton shoe sizes for men with their current prices

Men’s Peloton Shoe Size

40 EU= Men’s size 7 US
41 EU= Men’s size 8 US
42 EU= Men’s size 9 US
43 EU= Men’s size 10 US
44 EU= Men’s size 10.5 US
45 EU= Men’s size 11 US
46 EU= Men’s size 12 US
47 EU= Men’s size 13 US
48 EU= Men’s size 13.5 US

How to Loosen Peloton Shoes

Maybe you are faced with stuck shoes and you looking for a way to figure out how to unclip the shoes, but you now realized that all you need to figure out is how to get out of peloton shoes. However, the shoe is hard to put OFF 

Below are the steps to follow to loosen it 

  • Firstly, press the buckle button. 
  • Once, it flips open, unbuckle the shoe.
  • Finally, remove your feet from the peloton shoes.


By now, you should be well aware of how to get out of peloton shoes. especially, if you’ve been struggling with clipping and unclipping your peloton shoes, however, it is not an ideal step to regularly, leave the shoe to the pedals.

A better alternative to this is to get a toe cage, but in the absence of that the steps listed above would be sufficient, but you have to avoid loosening the tension screw too frequently to avoid breaking the pedals.

Moving on, do you know you can change your peloton pedals? You can do so as long as the pedals you are using are compatible with the shoes you will be using.

if you want to learn more about how you can do that simply check over here.

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