How To Manage Subscriptions on iPhone

One good thing about Apple devices is the centralized option to manage subscriptions on iPhone. There are quite a number of services iPhone users can be subscribed to, ranging from services provided by Apple to services provided by third-party apps and games.

Many iPhone users may have subscribed to Apple Music or have subscribed to Netflix or may have signed up for some free-trials in an in-app purchase and may be clueless on how to cancel their subscription.

Manage Apple Subscriptions
Apple Music Subscription

If you are wondering how to cancel iPhone subscription or the other due to some personal reasons or you just found out that your earlier subscription for that game is not worth it, then this article is for you.

How To View Your Subscriptions On Your iPhone

Before you cancel a subscription, you may want to make sure that you have used the stipulated period subscribed for, else you may have just wasted that money. To see a list of services you are subscribed to, you will need to follow these steps on your iPhone:

Manage Subscriptions On iPhone
How To View Subscriptions On iPhone
  • Head to the Settings app.
  • Click on your user name just at the top of the page.
  • On your user page, tap the subscription option to display all the services you are currently subscribed to.

Cancel Or Modify Your Subscription

After hitting the subscription page, you will see a list of all the services you are subscribed to, and you can choose to cancel a subscription or modify your subscription.

Manage Subscriptions On iPhone
Cancel or Modify Subscription On iPhone

Another good thing with this feature on your iPhone is that it will show you if what you are subscribed to is a free trial or not. If you are subscribed to Apple Music, you may choose to cancel your subscription or modify it to any of the three options – (Individual, Family, Or Student Plans).

Note: If you cancel a free trial before it expires for a renewal, you can still use the services before it is finally removed from your list.

Manage Subscriptions On iTunes

If, however, you prefer to review, manage, or cancel your subscriptions on iTunes, then you can follow these simple steps.

Manage Apple subscription
Manage Via iTunes
  • On the iTunes app on your PC
  • navigate to Account
  • Select View My Account.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID
  • Click View Account
  • Scroll down to settings.
  • In settings >> navigate to Manage Subscriptions
  • Select the subscription you want to modify, and edit it to cancel or change it.

Manage Subscription Via Web

If you rather manage your subscription via the Apple website, then this option may prove futile for you. If you are trying to manage your subscriptions from the web, you will be redirected to download iTunes to complete the process.

What To Do If you Can’t See the Cancel Option

If you can’t find the subscription in your subscription list, or you find out that there is no cancel option on your subscription, then it may be because you’ve already canceled the said subscription.

If that is the case, your device will tell you the date the subscription expired (just underneath the said service/subscription), if, however, it says active, then that subscription can be modified or as well canceled.

For currently running subscriptions, your device will tell you the next renewal date and when the subscription is set to expire. It will typically say ‘Renews [Date]’ underneath.

If you are still having trouble finding a particular subscription on your iPhone and you have tried both the method of the settings app on your iPhone and the iTunes method as well, then you may need to check in the app you made the purchase with and depending on the services and the app, you may be able to cancel or modify your subscription within the app.


Apple has made it easy to manage subscriptions on iPhone to know all your spendings on in-app purchases, and this comes in handy if you want to keep track of all subscriptions you have made or every purchase you may have made in any app. You should always note that you will still be able to use services if you cancel them or modify them before the next billing date.

If your Apple Music is to expire by the end of the month, and you cancel it on the 15th, you will still be able to get the full service till the next renewal date.

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