How To Print a Password Protected PDF and Remove all Encryption

Converting documents to PDF is the best way to transfer files across the internet in order to place some restrictions on it such as deprived users from editing it. But to secure it better, you can use a password to lock it before you share the file. This means that only those with a valid password will be able to unlock the document. But in a situation whereby you want to print a password-protected PDF which you don’t know the password or the unlock code, you need to go an extra mile to crack the password once and for all. So, if you are in a state of confusion and you don’t know how to print a PDF [portable document file] which is protected with password here I will share the exact procedure I used to print a password protected PDF and remove all encryption.

In fact, once you have successfully removed all lock from the PDF you can set your own password so that other will need the password before they can access it and before they can print the PDF. The easiest approach to crack a PDF file password is not only with the help of free PDF unlocker or free website online to unlock a password protected PDF.

Without wasting too much of our time on introduction to removing password from a PDF and why you should remove password from a PDF file so that you will be able to print the document, let go straight to the point and reveal the exact procedure you should follow to print a password protect PDF and remove all encryption on the file.

How To Print a Password Protected PDF and Remove all Encryption

Before you go ahead to decrypt a password protected PDF I want to personally believe that you will use this technique for educational purpose only. Anything outside human development with the use of this article I or any of my team is no way responsible for the possible outcome which may affect the document copyright.

1. Open a browser and download a software called PDF decrypter or download directly to your computer here. As at this time, there is no PDF decrypter for Android phones but the future might speak for Android users.

2. Right-click on the PDF with a password or right click on the locked PDF file and select open with from the popup. From there select A-PDF restriction remover.

How To Print a Password Protected PDF

3. A new window will popup prompting you to enter the password to unlock the PDF. Then enter the password to the locked PDF and click OK button. Upon that the password will be removed successfully with a notification that the password has been successfully removed. Then click YES to open the file so that you can print a copy of it or save a copy.

How To Print a Password Protected PDF

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4. A new window will popup containing the PDF file we have just removed the password and all its encryption. While on Adobe reader page, click on the print icon and print a copy of the file.

This is exactly how to print a password protected PDF and remove all password that is hindering you from printing it or hindering from saving a copy on your local machine.

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