How to Print Mac Screen

If you are using a Mac computer you will discover that the “Screen Print Mac” [PrtScr] feature in Windows computer isn’t available in the Mac to screenprint Mac screen.

So, how do you take a screenshot on Mac using the print screen for Mac “PrtScr”? This poses a more difficult approach to “prt scr Mac” in a simple way just the way it’s on Windows OS.

Print Mac for screen feature that is not present in the Mac keyboard is a great disturbance. This means you won’t be able to take and print screenshots Mac directly on your Mac computer without using screenshots software like ScreenLight, ScreePresso, GreenShot and a lot more.

Despite that, there is no print screen on Mac, the Mac computer offers another feature to simply take screenshots. That does not mean how to print screen for Mac isn’t functioning. You just have to find the means to print on screen Mac.

Although this is an advanced feature on Mac. With the advanced feature, you can copy and paste screenshots on Mac.

Therefore, here in this guide, you will learn the best methods to print screen on Mac without using screenshot software like Gyazo and how to screenprint on Mac.

For Windows users, you can learn how to take a screenshot on Windows using the Windows print screen “PrtScr” without using screenshot software. You can as well check out these popular tools to take screenshots on Mac as well as on Windows.

Advanced Methods to Print Mac Screen

The combination of two or more keys on a Mac keyboard will print the screen whether you want to proof the full screen or print some selected area of the screen.

Take Full Screenshot on Mac

This is how to print a full screen on a Mac computer without the PrtScr feature using the Mac command print screen.

This procedure to screenshot Mac capture the entire screen on your Mac which is different from taking a screenshot of some selected area on your Mac or screenshot Mac Window on different software or app using print screen shortcut on Mac.

Press and hold “Command + Shift + 3

Print Mac Screen

When you press these combinations of keys together on your Mac OS X the entire screen of your Mac computer will be captured.

Note that for a Mac computer using more than a single monitor it will take a while to capture the whole screen and it’ll capture a larger image.

Print Selected Part on Mac Screen

Another way to capture screen on Mac is to print a selected part of the screen in case you don’t want to print the entire screen. The print screen shortcut on OS X captures only selected part on your Mac computer.

The combination of the keys below will pop up a box for you to select the area you want to capture and save it on your Mac desktop or a predefined folder.

Print Mac Screen

How to Print Mac Screen

Here is exactly what you should do to print a specific area on your Mac computer. Following the procedures below, you will be able to screenshot Mac.

  1. Press and hold “Command + Shift + 4″
  2. Hover your cursor crosshair to the area you want to capture
  3. Hold the cursor and drag it to cover the area to capture before you release it.
  4. Save as PDF or Jpeg or PNG
  5. Done.

However, after you have successfully printed the Mac screen, it’s also possible to deselect part of the screenshot before saving.

To do that press the Shift or Space or Option and re-drag the cursor crosshair to the area you didn’t want to include the screenshot.

There is no need to use the Mac print screen command to achieve this, just press the key combinations together.

Print Specific Windows on Mac

You can as well print a specific Windows on Mac. With this, you will be able to print a whole Window instead of you to print a selected area or a whole screen on your Mac OS X.

1. Press and hold the “Command + Shift + 4” on your Mac keystroke

2. Wait until the Mac cursor changes to “+”

3. Press the “Space Bar” to change the “+” sign to a “camera”

4. Now, drag the camera icon to the app you want to capture and click on the camera to capture the screenshot of the Window.

Note that this is different from when you copy Mac screenshots to the clipboard. However, when Mac screenshot isn’t working then you have to find out that the combination is working perfectly OK.

Where to Find Screenshot Mac

 If you don’t set a predefined folder for your screenshot Mac the screen captures using the approaches above will be saved to your Mac desktop in the format “screenshot-xxxx” where “xxx” is the name generated by the image or a predefined name for all captured or screenshots on your Mac computer.

Print Mac ScreenPrint

Note that these screenshots are sorted out according to date and time captured. This makes it very easy to know a new screenshot and old from the time and date.

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