[Quick Fix]: How to Reset a Samsung Remote [2022]

There are a series of issues that could come up with your Samsung TV remote that will prompt you to reset the TV remote, such as having a drained battery, Poor network connection or maybe the remote pointer isn’t functioning well, and you might have tried different ways of troubleshooting it but isn’t not working. Maybe you’ve considered doing a factory reset on your Samsung TV remote but you’ve not been able to figure out how you are going to do that.

Therefore in this article below I will be showing you how to reset a Samsung remote.  

But before we delve into how to reset a Samsung remote, let’s quickly list out the series of issues that could stop your Samsung remote from not working and the various troubleshooting steps you should consider before resetting it may be, you might just need to pair it or clean the sensor to resolve the issue, but you won’t know until you try

Below are the issues that could cause your Samsung TV remote to malfunction and why you need to reset the Samsung TV remote

  • Drained batteries
  • The Remote isn’t paired to the TV
  • Sensors are not working correctly
  • Remote pointers are not functioning
  • Issues with the Network 
  • Interference on the TV

These are very common issues that could result in your Samsung TV not responding to the remote.

There are different Troubleshooting steps for each of these problems since you’re here to figure out how to reset a Samsung remote, you can skip this part to the next heading after this however if you haven’t tried troubleshooting your Samsung Remote, here are the Few things you ought to try out before resetting your Samsung remote.

How to Troubleshoot Samsung Smart TV Remote

Below are some of the reasons why your Samsung smart TV remote not working.

How to reset a samsung remote

Drained Batteries

The first thing you should check in the case of any remote malfunction should be your Samsung remote batteries, If the batteries have expired or the batteries are looking old or a bit wet, then you might have to replace the battery. 

Replacing the battery should resolve the issues instantly, however, if it doesn’t then proceed to the next troubleshooting steps

Network Issue

If your router isn’t giving out a signal or the ISP provider is poor. it could make the Samsung TV malfunction. Check out the article below about how to fix network issue on your smart and streaming devices.

Software Update

Most electronic devices come with a software update for varying reasons such as, resolving any issue of bugs, making the software more stable, or even making it compatible with new features.

Now, the problem could come from the software, so it is always a good practice to constantly check for updates. To update your Samsung smart TV firmware or software follow the procedures below.

  • Go to Settings
  • All Settings/Support
  • Software Update
  • Yes/OK to install any available update.

Unpaired Remote

The remote has to be paired to the Tv to work with the Samsung TV. How do you know if it is unpaired? If the status light on your Samsung Remote flashes red continuously then the remote has been unpaired with the TV. 

Follow the steps below to unpair your Samsung Smart TV remote.

  • Long press both the Up and Back Button till a prompt appears. This process could take close to 20 seconds

Once the prompt appears the TV and remote will sync together.

Malfunctioning Remote Sensor

If the remote IR sensor isn’t functioning correctly, one way to resolve this is to blow off the terminals of both the TV and Remote sensor with the cable connecting it to the board

Too much dust could deter it from properly receiving signals

Samsung TV Interference

If you are using an infrared remote with your Samsung tv, you have to be double sure, that the space between your Tv and where you are operating the remote from is free of Obstruction.

Now, if after trying all these steps above and the Remote isn’t responding to the TV then you might have to reset it.

Below, I will talk about how to reset a Samsung remote either for a standard Samsung TV or a smart TV.

How to Reset a Samsung remote [Smart TV] 

To reset a Samsung smart TV remote follow the steps below:

  • Turn Off your Samsung smart TV
  •  Get the remote and remove the Batteries.
  • Long press the Power button for 10 seconds
  • Now, release your Hands from the power button
  • Insert the batteries back into the Samsung remote
  • After doing that, You have successfully reset your Samsung smart TV remote.

If you are using a Samsung standard TV here’s how you reset it in case you are faced with similar issues

How to Reset a Samsung remote [Standard TV] 

The process to reset a non-smart Samsung TV goes thus;

  • Remove the batteries and wait for about 4 minutes
  • Now, insert the batteries back
  • Lastly, Long press the power button for 10 seconds.
  • After doing all this your remote should be successfully paired with your Samsung smart TV.

But in a scenario where the remote isn’t pairing with the TV and it isn’t a hardware issue, then you might have to reset the Samsung TV itself.

How to Reset Your Samsung TV Manually

To reset your Samsung Smart Tv, follow the steps below.

  • Press and Hold down the Power button for 5 seconds, Once the TV comes back on release it.
  • Now, verify if the remote is working with the Samsung TV. if it isn’t
  • Unplug the TV from the wall 
  • Hold down the power button till the TV turn OFF
  • Wait for 2 minutes and then plug the power cord back in

Since you’ve figured out how to reset a Samsung remote both for smart TV and standard TV below are some tips to know about your Samsung smart TV.

How to Use Samsung Remote app

For now, the Samsung Remote app isn’t available for Android yet, if you have an iOS device, here is how you use it.

To use the Samsung Smart TV remote app on your iPhone or iPad follow the steps below.

  • Download the Samsung TV remote app from the App Store.
  • Connect the app and your Samsung Tv to the same wifi network.
  • Launch the app and search for the TV from the app
  • Connect it and start controlling your Tv with your smartphone.

There are other things you can do with the app such as:

  • Adjust the sound of your TV 
  • Change the channels
  • Browse online with the phone keyboard.

How to Pair Samsung Smart TV Remote 2015

To pair your Samsung Smart Tv 2015 to its remote follow these steps below

  • Long press both the Up and Back Button till a prompt appears. This process could take close to 20 seconds
  • Once the prompt appears the TV and remote will sync together

Samsung remote not pairing

If your Samsung remote isn’t pairing, maybe you’ve tried pairing it but it is not going through, then you should do these:

  • Remove the batteries.
  • Next, long-press the power button for 20 seconds.
  • Now, Release the power button.
  • Insert new batteries into the remote.
  • Finally, hold down both the Play and return button to reconnect Hold down the Play/Pause and Return button to reconnect.

What If Samsung Remote only Responds to the Power Button?

In this scenario, all other buttons are not working except the power button. It’s a common sign that the Samsung remote has been unpaired in the TV

To resolve it, you need to follow the pairing process again which are listed below.

  • Power OFF TV off,
  • Unplug it from its power supply. Do it for at least 15 sec.
  • Now, turn it ON.
  • Long press the “Back” and “Play/Pause” buttons for 10 seconds

After successfully doing this You should see a prompt on your Tv informing you that it is pairing

Samsung TV is Unresponsive to Remote

To resolve this you need to try out all the troubleshooting steps listed above, if none of them is working and you’ve carried out a factory reset on both the Samsung remote and TV, then it’s almost like a Hardware issue.

Samsung tv remote not working blinking red light

If your Samsung smart TV is blinking with red light you might have to factory reset it, check here for a more comprehensive solution on how to fix a Smart TV blinking red light.


Now, that you’ve figured out how to reset a Samsung remote, do you know that you can also use its codes with that of a universal remote if you’re interested, checkout all Samsung smart TV remote codes

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