[2022] How to Reset Cox Modem Solved!!

If you own a cox modem, and you’ve just experienced a power outage or suddenly your cox modem is slow or is not picking up a strong network. you might need to reset it.

Resetting your cox modem is fairly straightforward as you can do it via the modem or using your phone app. Either way, I will be breaking down how to reset Cox modem in this article, also discuss the difference between both and what scenarios should prompt a reset if you own a cox modem.

How to Reset Cox Modem

Before we go into resetting your cox modem, the first thing you need to be aware of is that resetting it clears your saved configuration.

Probably you’ve concluded that the only way out is to reset it but you haven’t tried rebooting the modem. 

If you haven’t done that, try that first.

Here is how to reboot the cox modem

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How to Reboot your Cox Contour Box

How to reset cox modem

To reboot our cox contour box follow the steps below

  • Unplug your Cox Panoramic router together with the modem combo from the power outlet. This is different from turning it off as we are trying to perform a forceful soft reset.
  • Once it is unplugged, wait for 1 minute to be double-sure that there is no power in the modem.
  • Now, plug your Panoramic back into the power source.
  • After doing all these be patient as the cox modem starts to connect.

Doing this would resolve any inadequacy you are facing without your model if it was caused by a little malfunction. However, if rebooting it doesn’t give any positive results try resting using the cox app first.

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How to Reset Cox Modem through the Cox App?

How to reset cox modem

Resetting your cox modem using the app won’t clean any saved settings on your modem. It acts as a soft reset procedure which tends to work if you are faced with a slight issue.

It might not work for more serious issues, but it is worth trying before doing a manual reset.

To reset it with the app follow the steps below

  • Launch the Cox App on your smartphone and sign in with your credentials.
  • On the app screen, locate My Internet under the My Services section.
  • Now, navigate to the equipment you want to reset.
  • Since you want to rest the Modem, tap on Reset Modem and it will take you to the Reset Modem Screen.
  • Locate and select Begin Reset
  • You will see a message on the screen signifying that your modem will be reset
  • Now a cycle will run to reset your modem. This will take up to 10 minutes so you have to be patient till the router reboots.
  • Once it reboots, the router has been reset.

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How to Reset Cox Modem Manually?

How to reset cox modem

 Just as I mentioned earlier, there are two ways to reset your cox modem, you can either do it manually through the cox modem or the app.

The thing is resetting it through the modem will factory reset it, which will clear any saved files or settings associated with the modem. You should only consider these steps after resetting it via the app and still, you are not getting a positive response

That being said, here is how to reset cox modem manually

  • First and foremost, ensure that your modem is on, with the power cable connected to it.
  • Locate the Reset button in the panel. It’s a small hole in the back of the device.
  • Now, get a pin or broomstick or a needle and insert it into the RESET button cavity.
  • Press it with some force till you hear a click sound.
  • Now, keep the pin in that position for 15 seconds.
  • Once the lights on the modem flash the device will reboot.
  • It will take close to 5 minutes for the modem to fully reboot, after rebooting, it will go back to its default settings

Differences in the methods of resetting

While these might be clear to some, they might be hard to grasp for others. The difference between both ways is that resetting it manually by inserting a pin into the cox modem will factory reset the cox modem.

This brings back the modem to its default setting after clearing out any saved configuration on the modem.

Coupled with that, factory reset does a decent job of tackling any kind of issue else you have to contact Cox customer support. 

But this procedure seems to be the last line of troubleshooting your cox modem on your own.

Resetting it with the app is pretty easy and straightforward. This step does a decent job of resolving mild issues with the modem when the modem begins to malfunction due to a power outage.

Additionally, this way of resetting it is quite useful as it performs a soft reset.

But the good thing about it is you don’t need to worry about your saved settings as it resets your modem without deleting your saved settings. But it might not be effective with more profound issues.

Reset cox panoramic router password

How to reset cox modem

If you misplaced your password, you have to carry out a factory reset to access your cox modem.

Here is how you should go about it

  • Locate the Reset button in the panel. It’s a small hole at the back of the device.
  • Now, get a pin or broomstick or a needle and insert it into the RESET button cavity.
  • Press it with some force till you hear a click sound.
  • Now, keep the pin in that posistion for 15 seconds.
  • Once the lights on the modem flash the device will reboot.
  • Once the router comes on connect it to the internet using an Ethernet cable or use a wireless connection
  • Now, enter the default network SSID and password for the cox modem.
  • Activate the cox router and ensure it is connected to a network.
  • If that is settled, go to the admin portal and sign in with your admin ID and password.
  • Next, you will be required to enter your password on the next page before your router will be successfully rest with your new password

Cox reset modem online

To reset your cox modem online you basically have to use the cox app.

Here is how to go about it

  • Launch the cox app and log in with your credentials
  • From the Home screen navigates to the “My Services” section.
  • Now, locate the equipment you want to reboot in the My Internet section and tap Reset Modem.

NB: doing this will carry out a soft reset on your cox model which should be sufficient in tackling less profound issues with the modem.


After going through this post, you should be well-versed on how to reset cox modem. If you are still having any form of connectivity issues after resetting your cox modem simply contact cox internet support

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