[Easy Steps]: How to Restart HBO Max App

If you have an HBO max app on your smart Tv and you’re thinking of restarting it, maybe, you tried updating the app, but it keeps giving errors, or you keep experiencing that the HBO app is slow, crashing or freezing then there are few troubleshooting steps you ought to take before restarting it since the problems are just as minimal for example, you’ve run out of wifi 

All these are common issues you might face with your HBO max app, but the thing is, maybe you feel restarting your HBO max app will resolve these issues. It Might and it might not. So we will be delving into how to restart HBO max app and the other troubleshooting tips you should try if you are also going through an update error or the HBO max app is freezing or crashing

Now lets, delve into how to restart HBO max app for a different set of TVs starting from Samsung TV

How to restart HBO max app on Samsung Tv

If you have a Samsung Tv here is how you should go about it 

  • Sign out of HBO Max.
  • Unplug your Samsung TV.
  • Wait 20 seconds and plug your TV back in.
  • Reopen HBO Max, sign in, and try streaming again

Moving on if you have an Amazon Firestick Tv, here is how you can restart HBO on it 

How to restart HBO max app on firestick

For an Amazon Firestick Tv Stick, you can restart the HBO max app

On the remote of your Fire TV Hold down the Home button 

Now select the big round black button. Hold down both buttons till it says your Fire TV stick is Restarting.

Finally, wait for the backup to start and re-open the HBO Max.

Moving on if you are using an Apple Tv here is how you should go about it

How to restart HBO max app on Apple Tv

For an Apple Tv, follow the steps below.

  • Press and hold the Menu Button. Doing this will take you to the main menu
  • Now, Highlight the HBO max app
  • Next, Get the remote and press and hold the “select button” till the app starts to jiggle
  • Lastly, press the Play button to launch the menu

Common Issues with HBO max app not working

Below are the common issues you can face with your HBO max app

  • HBO max app showing Update Error
  • HBO not loading on TV
  • HBO Max app Freezing while in use.
  • HBO max app not listed on APp store
  • HBO suddenly stops working.

Since you’re well aware of how to restart HBO Max app, let’s

delve into the different troubleshooting tips for your HBO max app.

Troubleshooting Tips For HBO Max App

Below are the troubleshooting tips you should follow in no particular order to resolve any issues you stumble upon with your HBO max app

Delete Some Apps From the Smart TV

This problem is common with Samsung TV however it is not limited to Samsung, the issues this resolve is when you find it hard to update the HBO max app or it is showing “max app stop working”

Moving on here’s how to troubleshoot it.

How to Delete some apps from the TV, and here’s how to do that, 

Deleting Other Apps on A smart TV

  • From your home menu click on Apps Page on the Samsung TV
  • Now, go to “settings” you should be able to locate it in the upper right corner
  • On the next screen, you will see a list of every app you have downloaded onto the TV and can start to uninstall most of them.
  • And then uninstall and reinstall the HBO Max app.

Now the next Troubleshooting step we will be focusing on is closing your HBO max app and restarting it

Close and restart Your HBO app

Commonly, most software issues can be simply restored by simply turning off the device or by force closing the app and then restarting it. Force closing an app on either Andriod or via smartphone is by clearing the app from the RAM. if you are using a smart TV, you can simply close the app from the TV

If you are using an iPhone 12 series, check here to Force close any app 

After closing the HBO max app, restart the app, and see if the issues persist. if it does, proceed to the next troubleshooting steps

Moving on, let’s delve into the wifi

Ensure that your WiFi is working

Another popular issue you can stumble upon is your internet connection, the HBO max app is heavily dependent on an internet connection, A Considerable lag/issue with the connection or Wifi could affect the functioning of the HBO app.

Now, you should verify that the internet connection or the wifi signal you are using is strong enough for streaming and whether the wifi isn’t disconnected.

A quicker way to confirm is just to try using the internet on a different device. Let’s say if HBO Max is not working on your iPhone, You can try it on your Mac or your Andriod Device.

However, in a scenario where the wifi suddenly stops broadcasting the signal, you should reboot your wifi router to resolve this or contact your ISP provider if it’s a network issue.

In addition to that, your TV might be located some distance away from your TV and could in turn reduce the wifi signal you are getting from the router, if you are experiencing a poor signal, you should either try moving it closer to the router or get a wifi extender,

You can learn more about wifi extenders over here

Moving on, another issue you should try out is to clear your device’s cache memory.

Clear Device Cache Memory

Now, that you’ve tried restarting the HBO max app, you tried to string the TV manually, you’ve force closed the app, but still, you’ve not been able to resolve the issue you are facing with the HBO max app. then you should try clearing the device cache memory, especially if you re using an Andriod device which is most common with.

Now, here’s how you can clear the cache of your phone.

  • Go to the “settings” section of your phone.
  • Tap Apps & Notifications.
  • Go to the list of apps (tap See all apps if necessary) and tap HBO Max
  • Lastly, tap on Storage & cache and tap “Clear cache
  • Tap Clear cache.

Breaking or Lagging Audio Visuals

Sometimes you might experience a scenario whereby the audio isn’t clear or the video is breaking or isn’t going smoothly. If you are stuck with this, it’s most likely your internet connection, 

You can be double sure about this by trying out another video streaming service like Netflix, if it works perfectly then you know it’s not a common problem, else check your internet connection or restart your router 

Check here to learn how to Boost the Wi-Fi signal of your router

Update your HBO max app

 How to Restart HBO Max App

Now, if you are faced with a scenario where your HBO max app is always freezing and you have tried force closing the app but the issue persists, then you should update the app. then uninstall and reinstall it.

Now, that you’ve figured out How to restart HBO max app, below are some commonly asked questions related to the topic.

HBO max service code

You can check companies such as Groupon for Promo codes special deals and discounts for your HBO Max.

The promo codes change from month to month, so you would have to do frequent internet searches to see if any promo codes would fit your needs.

HBO max app not working Samsung tv

If your HBO max isn’t working on your Samsung tv certain issues could cause this, probably, your HBO max isn’t downloading or probably it’s not installing or even loading, there are a few things you should do to resolve it.

  • Check network status
  • Restart Samsung TV
  • Check Wi-Fi connection
  • Check internet speed
  • Update HBO Max app
  • Update Samsung TV software

HBO max/tv signin

You simply have to visit the HBO website via a Browser. You will be taken to the Login page of HBO max. now, enter your six-digit code that came up when you tried to log in to HBO Max on your TV or any other device to sign in if you’re having issues signing in on your TV

HBO max not working on iPhone

If your HBO max isn’t working on your iPhone you should try out these troubleshooting steps to get it resolved

  • Check network status
  • Restart Samsung TV
  • Check Wi-Fi connection
  • Check internet speed
  • Update HBO Max app
  • Update Samsung TV software

How do I update my HBO Max app?

 How to Restart HBO Max App

To update your HBO max app. simply go to Settings > Support > Software Update, and then select Update Now

HBO max app not listed on APP store

You can download it from a trusted website such as apkmirror, however, if you are affected by this, you should check if your TV is supported with HBO max, if it is, checks if you can update the app by going to Settings > Support > Software Update, and then select Update Now.

if you can’t update it, reset your device.


By now, you should have figured out how to restart HBO max app and also you should be able to troubleshoot your HBO max app. If you have an Xbox check here to learn how to activate it on your Xbox over here.

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