How to Activate HBO Go on Xbox

If you are on this page it means that you want to know how to activate HBO Go on Xbox. This article will cover how to download and install the HBO Go app on your Xbox One, 360, and X|S series, and walk you through the process to get the HBO Go activation code for the Xbox and how to complete the whole activation process on

With the HBOGo app installed and activated on your Xbox, you will be able to follow up and watch your favorite story using your console. This, however, gives a breeding space to your phone for HBOGo sports activities all the time.

HBO Go is an on-demand video streaming service that is available on all international TV. The American TV streaming service is offered by the American premium cable network HBO for customers that are not in the United State.

The HBO Go allows all their subscribers to stream collections of HBO content both the new release or old content which include episodes, series, sports, Nollywood, Hollywood, and many more on the HBO official website or using the mobile app and on gaming consoles such as Xbox and PS4 & PS5 (PlayStation) as well as all supported digital medial players.

Apart from watching HBO Go Xbox, HBO content is also accessible on the following platforms.

And other devices such as Mola, meWatch, and Google Chromecast.

How to Sign Up and Download HBO NOW on Xbox

  • To sign up on HBO Go, go to this site.
  • This should take you to “Ways to get HBO”
  • Click on “Get Just HBO.”
  • If you are redirected to the HBOMax screen. Just follow the onscreen instruction to start your HBO Go [on HBO Max] account registration.
  • Provider your name, postal code, valid address, and payment method.

Once you have successfully subscribed to the HBO Go plan via HBO Max, then, you can either choose to stream the HBO Max service on your smartphone using the official app or on the HBOGo website.

However, if you have an Xbox video gaming console, follow the steps below to download, install, and activate the HBO Go app on your Xbox.

Activate HBO Go on Xbox

Things you must have to Activate HBO Go on Xbox

The following are the basic requirements that you need to activate the HBO Go app on your Xbox video gaming device.

  • A subscription to HBO through your cable/satellite TV provider
  • An Xbox LIVE Gold membership
  • Residence in the United States or certain U.S. territories
  • HBO GO or Max app
  • Internet access through your computer or mobile device to complete the HBO Go activation process.
  • Access to your TV Porivder’s account [Login username and password].

How To Activate HBO Go on Xbox

Here are the steps to follow to install and activate the HBO Go on your Xbox video gaming console.

  • Switch on your Xbox One and sign in to your account
  • Choose the Apps Marketplace, and find the HBO Go app under “Entertainment.”
  • If the app isn’t available, navigate to the Apps Store and search for “HBO Go.”
  • Highlight the app from the search results or suggestions and press “A” on the Xbox controller to select the highlighted app.
  • Wait for the HBO Go app to download and install on your video gaming console.
  • Select the “Sign In” option to display the HBO Go activation code.
  • Open a browser and go to or or or or the HBOGo activate website on the TV screen.
  • Enter the HBO GO activation code that appears on the TV screen and click on the “Next” button.
  • Find and select your TV provider’s name and sign in to your account.
  • Once you have successfully signed the HBO Go code screen from the app on Xbox will refresh and unlock the locked HBO Go streaming access on the console.

After the process above, the HBO Go app should be working on your Xbox without restriction or limitation but based on what your subscription covers. 

Note: In case the HBO Go is not available you can switch to HBO Max since HBO is planning to retire the GO for the Max.

HBO Go not Working on Xbox

This could be a glitch with the HBO Go app on the Xbox or the console itself needs to be fixed. So, here we suggest some ways to fix HBO Go not working on the Xbox console. 

Power cycle the console

Here’s how to power cycle Xbox One:

  • Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds or so.
  • Wait until the console shuts down.
  • Remove the plug or cable from the wall socket.
  • Wait for about 5 or 15 minutes for the Xbox device to discharge all store power that put the device into a standby mode when is turned off.
  • Plug the Xbox video gaming console back to the wall socket and turn on the console.

If the HBO Go app not working is caused by the Xbox standby mode, the steps above will flush it out.

Update the HBOGo App

Follow the steps below to upgrade or update the HBO Go app to the latest version on your Xbox.

  1. Switch on your Xbox video gaming device and open the console’s menu by pressing the appropriate button on the controller.
  2. Scroll down the screen and go to “Settings.”
  3. Find “Updates downloads” and highlight it.
  4. Under the “Update” check “keep my games & apps up-to-date.”

The setup above will download and install apps updates whenever there is a new update available. While in the Update section, you can also choose the option “keep my console up-to-date” to download and install your Xbox firmware update whenever there is a new update available.

Text your Xbox Internet Connection

Here are some steps to take to check your Xbox internet connection issue when the HBO Go app isn’t working on your console.

  1. Make sure you use a wired connection instead of wireless.
  2. Reboot your router and console.

Run a Diagnostic Check

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Tap All Settings.
  • Choose Network.
  • Select Network Settings.
  • Select “Test network connection“.

Set a Static IP

Setting a Static IP can also help to fix the Xbox console internet connection problem.

  • Set a static IP address
  • Open Settings and then All Settings.
  • Choose Network.
  • Open Network settings > Advanced settings.
  • Write down your IP and DNS values (IP, Subnet Mask, and Gateway).
  • Under the Advanced settings, open IP settings.
  • Select Manual.
  • Once here, open DNS and write down DNS input.
  • Enter the values you wrote and confirm changes in the Advanced settings.
  • Restart Xbox

Reinstall the HBO Now app

Here are the steps to take to uninstall and reinstall the HBO Go app on your Xbox console.

  1. Open My games & apps.
  2. Highlight the HBO Now and press the Menu button on your controller.
  3. Choose Uninstall.
  4. Power cycle your console.
  5. Go to Apps and install the HBO Now app.

Once the installation process is complete you then need to reinstall the app and follow the process we shared above to activate the HBO Go app on your Xbox console.

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