How To Scan Documents On iPhone [A Quick Guide]

We would show you quick and easy ways to scan documents on iPhone using various inbuilt applications on your phone. If you didn’t know this was possible, we will show you how to in few quick and easy steps. No doubt, scanning documents can be an annoying task. This is why Apple has made it a really easy task for all iPhone owners.

With this great feature, iPhone users no longer have to resort to clunky old technology like scanners to scan their documents when you can get the task done directly from your mobile phone.

Many people might not be aware, but iPhones come with a lot of hidden features such as the virtual magnifying glass. It also has a handy backspace shortcut for the calculator and, more importantly, the ability to scan documents easily. There are more amazing things the iPhone can perform, but today, our focus is on the different methods you can use to scan documents on an iPhone.

How to Scan Documents on iPhone

Here are the different approaches to scan documents on an iPhone without using a computer scanner.

Scan Using Files App

If your iPhone runs on iOS 13, then you can easily scan documents on your phone using the Files app. This will allow you to easily scan your documents from the comfort of your home without having any papers flying around.

However, to use this method, you have to make sure you are connected to iCloud, and you can also access the iCloud Drive from your phone and desktop. Follow the steps below to get started.

  • Start by navigating to the Files app on your phone. This is where you will be able to view all of your iCloud files.
  • Then, you should create a special folder for your scans if you want all of them in the same place. scan documents on iphone
  • From the new folder, just swipe down from the top till you can see the three-dot icon on the top left.
  • Then click on the three-dotted icon.
  • Select Scan Documents to activate the camera.scan documents on iphone
  • Then position the document you want to on a surface and hold your phone over it until the Camera app recognizes it. You will know this happens when the document gets highlighted in the color blue. Often times, the application would automatically take the picture, but in case it doesn’t, there is a shutter button you can press to capture it. 
  • Afterward, tap the Save button, and it will immediately place the scanned document into your scans folder. It would be visible everywhere you can access iCloud. Then, you can just tap the document to rename it.
  • To scan multiple documents in sequence, arrange the documents in a stack so that you can scan them one after the other, in order.
  • Once the camera shoots the first page, you will see a notification that will read Ready next scan at the bottom. Then just place the second page for it to be captured in the same manner. You should continue like this until you finish scanning all the pages.
  • Then select Save, and all your scanned documents would be saved as a single document. You will also see a badge indicating how many pages are included.
  • This is a great way to scan because the application would help you to automatically correct the view of the document. The finished scans are also aligned with very high-quality representations of your documents.
  • When the scan is completed, you have a wide range of other options. You could delete a page tapping on the trash icon at the bottom of the page, or you could click on the Retake button to capture the page again. This option gives you the opportunity to fix just one page in a series without needing to scan the other pages again.
  • In addition, you can also crop, add a filter, or rotate pages so that they appear exactly how you want them to.

Scan Using Notes App

Did you know that you can also use the iPhone’s inbuilt Note app to scan documents? Well, we would show you how-to below.

  • To start, open a note from the app or create a new note. scan documents on iphone
  • Then tap on the Camera icon to scan your documents.
  • Make sure to place your document on a flat surface and hold your phone’s camera over it.
  • Note that the app would automatically scan your document only if your device is in Auto mode. It would do this by highlighting the document in yellow, while the app might apply flash depending on the lighting conditions. scan documents on iphone
  • You can also use the filters control to fine-tune the scan for color, black and white, and grayscale.
  • Meanwhile, you can manually capture the scan by simply clicking on the shutter button.
  • If it is a multiple page scan, you can add more scans to the document and click Save once you are done.
  • Once your scan is finished, you can adjust it by adding filters, cropping, or rotating the pages.

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Now you can begin to scan documents on iPhone without having to use the big old scanning machine. If you have any challenges following any of the methods described above, let us know in the comments below.

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