How to Remove AdSense Codes From WordPress Post

Thanks to Google for removing the direct AdSense ban from all their publishers’ accounts. My Google AdSense policy report reported that I have some posts that violated Google AdSense policy which I was to review and then submit for review.

Haven read the post to check for the policy violation mentioned in the Google policy violation email I found that it’s probably a system error. However, Google policy doesn’t say they’d stop banning AdSense accounts rather they’d be banning posts pages that violated AdSense policy and once the post that violates their policy got to a certain level, the entire account would be banned completely.

Therefore, I choose to remove Google AdSense codes in the specific post instead of deleting the post. However, I would have deleted the post but I discovered the concerned post ranked on page one on Google’s first page with good traffic. So, what I did was remove ads from the post.

For programmers, you can easily edit your WordPress them codes to add a rule to control which post your AdSense codes appears but for a non-programmer, the only way to removed AdSense from WordPress is using the AdSense codes inserter plugin.

Remove Google AdSense

How to Remove AdSense Codes From WordPress Post

This is probably one thing you want to do when a single post violates Google policy rather than delete the post. However, following the simple steps below you will be able to disable Google AdSense display in a specific post even when the Google AdSense plugin rule says insert codes on all posts and pages.

1. Download and install the Quick AdSense plugin to insert Google ads code on your WordPress blog posts, widget and pages.

2. Open the post that violated Google AdSense policy and add this code”<!–NoAds–>” without quotes in “WordPress Text” format.

Remove AdSense

The code to remove AdSense in a post above does not affect the sidebar AdSense code. This only affects the codes within the post.

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