How to Set Your Lock Screen Wallpaper on Any Device

You know that feeling you get when setting your smartphone Lock Screen Wallpaper in such a way it displays all you want, giving you a sense of ownership. Like it’s visible and obvious to everyone how personal your smartphone is. That awesome feeling can be conveyed by exploring a feature in our smartphone called “wallpaper,” even when our smartphone is locked with a pin/password/pattern.

Are you wondering if the Lick Screen Wallpaper differs from the Home Screen? Or are you having difficulties changing your lock screen wallpaper? Probably you desire a lock screen wallpaper that suites your lockdown mood? I’ve got it all figured out, and here it is in this article. All you need to do is read this article to the end to discover the tricks on how to customize your own device bu setting the wallpaper of your choice.

Lock Screen Wallpaper

Lock Screen Wallpaper Overview

Lock screen wallpapers are mainly referred to as background images similar to the home screen but differ in that it displays while the Android device is locked. These wallpapers display decorative digital images making the home screen virtually presentable. With your lock screen Wallpaper, your device wears another eye-catching look way different from other wallpaper displayed on your home screen.

Difference Between “Home Screen and Wallpaper”.

The home screen which is the main screen is visible on the smartphone or computer, and it displays a wide range of icons that guides and leads the use to various settings, applications, and other features on the smartphone. Every home screen posses a default home screen that can be replaced by exploring different applications on it or trying out a third party home screen.
Your device home screen which varies may contain multiple pages or a panel that displays push notifications or features such as vertical screen orient. The home screen may so contain folders of saved documents displayed on the home screen.
In comparison to the wallpaper which is a decorative background that makes a difference in the home screen. Wallpaper can be an image, drawing, etc.
Every device comes with a default wallpaper that can be changed nu the Android or Computer user by exploring different wallpapers available on the internet or through websites that give users access to wallpapers of their choice.
The lock screen wallpaper is a specific kind of wallpaper that displays when the device is locked making the home screen attractive and presentable. Lock-screen wallpaper displays another image that differs from the one displayed on the home screen when the phone is unlocked based on the settings.

Set or Change Wallpaper on Android Lockscreen

These steps below have been carefully outlined and put together to  guide you in an orderly manner in setting or changing your lock screen more easily applying your desired lock screen wallpaper.
Step 1:  Unlock your Android device and steadily press on the clear region on the home screen.
Steadily press the home screen.
Step 2: Click on the “wallpaper icon” and choose the lock screen option displayed.
Lock Screen Wallpaper
Step 3: Make your choice by choosing from the displayed options which are; Gallery, Photos, Live Wallpapers, and Wallpaper.
Lock Screen Wallpaper
Step 4: Pick your desired image from any of your choice in step 3.
Lock Screen Wallpaper
Step 5: Crop your image of necessary but carefully adjusting the sides of the image to your best fit view.
Lock Screen Wallpaper
Step 6: Tap on “Done” to set your lock screen wallpaper.
Tap on "Done" to set your lockscreen wallpaper.

How to Set or Change Lockscreen on iPhone

  • Click on settings from your home screen on your iPhone.
  • Click on the option wallpaper
  • Tap on your desired image.
  • Click on the More Icon:
Click on settings from your home screen on your iPhone.
The More icon at the top right corner of your iPhone screen displays when clicked on once.
  • Set the wallpaper
It sometimes display as “Set picture as”,  “Use picture as” based on different models.
  • Click on the Lock Screen option

Tap Set, tap Set Lock Screen, Home Screen, or Both

  • Adjust the image size to your desired fit.
  • Tap save/ done
The lock screen wallpaper will sets once you tap save/done. This procedure is valid for all iPhone devices.

Lock Screen Wallpaper 

 The global pandemic has in no doubt denied us the opportunity to fix flights in exploring other parts of the world instead it has put us all in a place where we can only gaze at what happens within the walls surrounding us. Nevertheless, we have put up an amazing how-to guide on lock screen wallpapers that will give you the feeling of nature and what the world looks like outside those walls.
Stare, Love, and choose your choicest desire!!

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