How To Sync Fitbit

How To Sync Fitbit – Fitbit has grown to be one of the world’s best fitness-tracking wearables today. They make several models with slightly different features, but all are primarily designed to do the same thing, which is fitness tracking.

So basically, it’s a device that measures our physical activities in a day. Some can come with additional features like a sleep tracker, GPS tracker, music storage, or even call and text notifications. Some are worn on wrists, while others can be clipped to clothing.

After the initial setup, your Fitbit should automatically sync up with your phone, however, if this doesn’t happen or you just want to manually sync your data, here are some helpful steps that can help you do it.

Sync Fitbit App on your Phone

Before we move further, you might just want to check if the following things are in place, so we don’t get errors and confusion when trying the actual sync.

  1. Check if the Fitbit app on your smartphone is compatible with your Fitbit tracker, and confirm if you’re running the latest version of the app on your phone (whether iPhone or Android).
  2. Check if the software on your Fitbit tracker is updated, sometimes Fitbit trackers just prove stubborn to connect when we fail to update them.
  3. Confirm your smartphone has an internet connection.
  4. When your Bluetooth is turned on, check if you’re connected to multiple devices while doing the sync. Some synchronizations fail as a result of conflicting Bluetooth connections.
  5. Check the battery on your Fitbit device – it shouldn’t be below.

When these things are in place, we can start the syncing and be sure not to be denied this time.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
  • Turn on Fitbit track on your Fitbit.
  • Open the official app on your phone.
  • Select the device from the taskbar.
  • Choose your tracker.
  • Scroll down to all-day sync and make sure it’s toggled on.

You can always manually sync your tracker by tapping the sync option on the device page. It’s important to know that when you use multiple Fitbit over time, you get a problem where syncing won’t happen because your Bluetooth is trying to sync with all these trackers at the same time, so when a couple of your previously used trackers don’t sync, this breaks the process and stops your new tracker from syncing.

You can easily resolve this by clicking on older trackers that you no longer use or using currently, and then deleting them from the app.

How to sync Fitbit with your computer

You can also sync Fitbit with your PC by just performing the following simple steps.

  • Register your Fitbit account on the official website.
  • Purchase the Fitbit Wireless Sync Dongle.
  • Download Fitbit and connect to your PC.
  • Sign in with your account credentials.
  • Connect your Fitbit Wireless Sync Dongle.
  • This should sync automatically, but if it doesn’t, you can click on sync to do it manually.

How to Factory Reset your Fitbit Tracker

Who knows? This might just come in handy, so it could be pretty cool if we learned it now. Whether you have a Charge 4 or an Alta HR or the Ace2, if your Fitbit is failing to respond, won’t track or sync, or you want to gift it to a friend, you may want to factory reset it, here are steps to follow to achieve this.

  • From your tracker, swipe across to ‘Settings.’How To Sync Fitbit
  • Once you are on the settings page, find the ‘About’ tab and tap it.
  • From here, navigate to ‘Factory Reset’ or ‘Clear User Data’. factory reset your Fitbit tracker
  • Confirm your decision that you want to clear your Fitbit to its box settings.

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