How to Text Someone Who Blocked You On iPhone

One of the perks of Technology these days is Texting, which has helped many people communicate with one another effectively without having to meet in person. There are situations whereby you can’t text a particular individual or person, this is probably because you have been blocked. You will learn how to text someone who blocked you on iPhone in this article. Follow the steps below carefully.

Once you sight some red flags which will be crystal clear just know that you have been blocked on your iPhone, you should look out for these red flags that will be introduced to you shortly. Apple’s iMessage will be the guide to use for this tutorial. Stay tuned!

Just before going right into the tutorial, you need to be sure you have been blocked from sending a message. 

How to Know You Have Been Blocked 

  • Do you keep receiving “Message Not Delivered” or no notification at all that your text has been sent? If yes, your number may have been blocked.
  • When you try calling the number of that particular person but can’t get through, this is another confirmation you need.
  • If you find out that all your messages are not dropping on social media
  • When you no longer have access to view the person’s profile, you have been blocked!

Although there are situations whereby the person in question may be out of coverage area, not available, or turned on the Do Not Disturb, it may also look like you have been blocked. When you receive an automated message, it implies that you are safe and not blocked. Most times, you get these automated messages when the person activates the Do Not Disturb mode. 

In case, you send a message and you do not receive an automated message, then it means you have been blocked.

After confirming if you have been blocked, the next thing to do is to find a solution on how you could text someone who blocked you on your iPhone. One main thing about being blocked is that you are usually not notified. This simply implies that someone can block and also unblock you without you even knowing.Text someone who blocked you on iPhone 

How to Text Someone Who Blocked You On iPhone

The following steps will enable you to be able to text someone who blocked you on iPhone device.

Change the Caller Identification (ID)

It is possible to text someone who blocked you on iPhone iMessage. To change your caller ID, follow these steps:

  • Select Settings on your iPhone Home screen
  • Click on Messages
  • Select Send & Receive
  • The next thing you will see is “You Can Be Reached By iMessage At”, Tap on it
  • Select on Add another email (type a new email address)
  • Go through the verification process of the new email address as soon as you can
  • Go to “Start New Conversations from” then select the new verified email address you just added

Finally, your iMessage to that number will be sent because just the former email address was blocked, and not the newly verified email address.

Send an iMessage using Another Email the Person Doesn’t Know About

Do you have to do this? Well, yes. Simply because before you can block someone, a phone number or an email address is needed. Therefore, in case you have a second email address that the other person doesn’t know about, you can send the iMessage via email.

Create a New Snapchat Account Or Use a Second Account 

In case you have a second Snapchat account, you can add the person as a friend to chat with them. You can also use the opportunity to ask them to unblock you. In case, you both have a mutual friend, ask the friend to help inform the person about the issue so he can unblock your account. You have the liberty to also reach out to the person on all other social media accounts to plead with them.

Create Another Instagram Account

You can text them through a new Instagram account. This new account makes it quite simple to request your account unblocked.

Plead with a friend to allow you access to their Instagram account and text the person who blocked you through that account. Either way, contact the person through their phone number to ask that your account be unblocked if there are no grudges between you both.

Delete and Renew Your WhatsApp Account

You must initially delete your account to text someone who has blocked your number on WhatsApp. Ensure you remember every detail of your account because it will delete almost all your personalized settings. Follow the steps below:

  • Tab on Settings  you will be able to 
  • Click on Delete Account under the Account tab.
  • Open WhatsApp and restart it the way you usually do

After this, then you should be able to message anyone because you deleted your account. If you followed the steps above and you were successfully able to send a message across, thumbs up! You have just learned how to text someone who blocked you on iPhone.

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