[Complete Steps] – How to Empty Roomba Bin

There are a variety of reasons why you found our page when searching for “how to empty Roomba bin.”

As far as this information is available online, the mode you employ is one of the obstacles to emptying your Roomba bin. Some models include a clean base station, whereas others do not.

Others may include one or two components that yours does not have, and these components alone distinguish each Roomba model.

Because they are different, it may be difficult to follow the instructions for how to empty a Romba i3 with how to empty a Roomba j7 model.

Since you are aware of that, I will be breaking down how to empty a Roomba bin for all models and how often you need to do this to avoid getting into technical issues.

How to Empty the i7+ Roomba Bin

How to empty roomba bin

The Plus model does have a clean base station, which distinguishes it from other i-Series models. The base station acts similarly to a vacuum bag, so you don’t have to empty it immediately after use; you may do it on occasion.

However, if you have a pet or your flooring uses carpet, you should clean it at least once a week.

Since you are aware of all that, here is how you should empty your Roomba.

  • Remove the cover from the clean base and check the bag’s capacity.
  • Take out the bag by lifting the plastic tab on the edge.
  • After doing that, replace the old bag with a new one and discard the old one.
  • Next, return the plastic tab to its proper place.
  • Close the cover on the empty base.

Since you have a clean base station, you may use the iRobot Home app to empty the clean base unit on its own.

All you have to do is launch the program and click the Empty Bin option.

If nothing beneficial comes of it, your WiFi connection is either broken or your app needs to be updated.

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How to Empty the Roomba S9+ Bin

How to empty roomba bin

If you own a Roomba S9+ model, one of the things you’ll notice about your Roomba vacuum is that there is no motor inside the bin, and as such, you can rinse the bin and the filter with water after emptying them.

Since you are aware of all these, here is how to empty a Roomba S9 bin.

  • Lift the vacuum lid to have access to the garbage first.
  • Next, remove the garbage container. You can do this by gently pulling on the side handle.
  • Next, open the filter door. and take the filter out.
  • Clear the filter of any dirt and debris.
  • After doing that, remove the garbage container and push the grey release button.
  • Next, empty the contents of the bin into a trash can.
  • To be doubly sure that the bin is empty, shake the bin.
  • Before putting the dustbin back, clean it with cold water and allow it to dry.
  • Also, use a microfiber cloth to wipe the interior of the bin and the sensors.
  • Once dry, replace the bin and filter in the vacuum.

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How to Empty the Roomba J7+

If you possess a J7+ Roomba model, you would notice the back-end structure and the existence of a clean base station as one thing that stands out when compared to other models.

So, if you have one, simply follow the instructions outlined below to empty your Roomba bin.

  • Push the release latch to remove the garbage container.
  • Pushing the lever will unlock and release the container.
  • Now empty the bin into the trash can and replace it.

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How to Empty the Bin on a Roomba i3

If you possess a Roomba i3, you should be aware that it comes with a clean base station.

This implies that your Roomba vacuum can empty itself at the press of a button.

Having said that, here’s how to empty a Roomba I3 vacuum cleaner.

Take out the bin.

To remove the garbage can, detach the lock by pushing the release lever behind it.

Empty the trash can.

Dump the contents of the bin into a garbage can after relocating it.

How to empty the Roomba 600 series

How to empty roomba bin

The Roomba 600 series bin must be regularly emptied. However, because the motor is positioned directly within the bin, you cannot rinse it with water.

All you have to do is shake it vigorously to get all the dirt out.

Now that you’re aware of this, here’s how to empty a Roomba 600 series.

  • Press the edge of the vacuum tab. Doing this will put the bin on
  • Once the trashcan is open, remove it by pressing the little yellow clasp on the edge.
  • After that, dispose of the contents of the container in the garbage.
  • Finally, replace the filter, close the door, and place the dustbin back inside your vacuum cleaner.

How to Empty the Roomba 675

If you have a Roomba 675 model, You don’t need to go around searching for how to empty it. All you have to do is follow the steps and guide listed for the Roomba 600-model highlighted vacuum.

The reason for this is that these models have the same structure, and due to this, the way and manner of emptying the Roomba bin are the same.

So you can simply use the guide for the Roomba 600 as a guide for the Roomba 675.

How to empty a Roomba 694

when using a Roomba 694 model. You don’t have to go around to figure out how to empty it. Simply follow the Roomba 600 model’s instructions and mentions.

The reason for this is that the structures of these models are similar, and as a result, the method and manner of emptying the Roomba bin are also similar.

Therefore, you can simply follow the instructions for the Roomba 694 model as a reference.

How to empty the Roomba 692

The Roomba 692 model has the same structure as the Roomba 994 or any of the 600 series. and due to that, you can simply follow the information from any of these models to empty your Roomba.

How Often Should you Empty your Roomba Bin?

Your Roomba’s lifetime will be extended with regular maintenance.

But how often are we discussing this here? It all depends on how frequently you use it.

Let’s say you have pets or are using a carpet on your flooring. You might want to increase the amount of time the Roomba is empty by doing it per cycle.

However, this is what Roomba suggests:

iRobot advises consumers to empty the trash can after every third cleaning cycle.

Why Empty the Roomba Bin?

You should be aware that your Roomba gathers dirt and that this dirt may spread to some internal Roomba components, including the electrical controller or the sensors, causing them to function less well or to stop altogether.

As a result, it is recommended to always empty the Roomba after usage to prevent issues with your Roomba.


After going through this article, you should be well conversant with how to empty the Roomba bin and how often you should do that. If you are struggling to locate any of the components listed above, you should consult your user manual for assistance.

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