[Reason & Fixes] – Roomba not Connecting to Cloud

If your Roomba is not connected to the cloud, the first thing you have to verify is your WiFi connection, followed by your Internet service provider.

These two factors have a huge role to play if you are unable to connect to the cloud; however, it is not limited to that; the culprit to this issues could come as a result of software glitches that might not be easy to decipher unless you have checked the network connections.

That being said, I will be focusing on the reason behind Roomba not connecting to the cloud and what you can do to fix it.

So make sure you read this post till the end to uncover all possible troubleshooting techniques you should use when you come across this error message on your Roomba Home app.

Why is Roomba not Connecting to Cloud?

Roomba not connecting to cloud

Given the fact that it is not all robot vacuums that include wifi, it may appear logical to use the wifi that came with your Roomba vacuum.

However, if your Roomba is not connecting to the cloud as indicated by the notice displayed on the app, you may need to check the wifi network and other associated settings.

Although, that is not the only factor to consider because the culprit might come from elsewhere.

Since you’re here, I’ll go over every probable cause of your Roomba not connecting to the cloud before talking about how to fix it.

The Roomba vacuum is not connected to your WiFi

It will not operate if your Roomba is not connected to a wifi network or if it abruptly disconnects from the network. So you shouldn’t be shocked if you get the “Cloud cannot talk to Roomba” error message.

Unstable Internet Signal

Without internet access, the router connected to your Roomba is nearly useless.

So, if the internet is exhausted or unstable, you may be unable to do actions such as upgrading its software, etc.

Power-related issues

Aside from the usual network issues, power issues can also prevent your Roomba machine from connecting to the cloud.

If you are faced with a scenario where the power goes out due to an unstable power surge, the robot may be unable to connect to the cloud.

The router’s distance is not ideal

This isn’t usually an issue. However, it could be when something is interfering with the wifi signal.

However, if you want to maintain a robust connection, the router should not be too far away.

The Frequency of the Router is not Supported

Some robot vacuums, such as the ZooZee Roomba, support the 5.0 GHz band. However, if you use a model that is lower than the 600 model or the I6 series, it will not connect to a 2.4-GHz router.

How to Fix Roomba not Connecting to Cloud

Roomba not connecting to cloud

If you are stuck with your Roomba not connecting to cloud and you’re seeing messages like “try again later” there are a few things you could do.

You may have come across one or two tips from some internet forums, but the procedures I will be providing here are proven, so keep reading.

Reconnect your Roomba to the WiFi router

If your Roomba is not connecting to the cloud, you should check the Wifi because it is a network issue.

If it is, and you are receiving this message, or if it is not, just reconnect it to create that connection.

It might be a software error.

Now that you are aware of that, here is how to go about it.

  • Access the Roomba Home application.
  • Using your phone, connect to the WiFi network that your Roomba will be using.
  • Hit the app’s “Add Robot” button.
  • Your robot needs a name. Give it one
  • To link your Roomba to your device’s Wi-Fi, tap Connect.
  • Wait till the setup is finished.

Reset your Roomba vacuum cleaner completely

If your Roomba is having trouble connecting to the cloud, another frequent error that could occur is a software problem.

It may also appear when your Roomba is not charging, and this can make you concerned, but you shouldn’t be.

If you’ve followed all the instructions above without success, then resetting your computer seems to be the next best option.

Resetting it merely requires taking out the battery, which isn’t rocket science.

If you are not quite certain about the process, the steps are listed below.

  • Your Roomba should be turned over.
  • Now remove the bolts holding your Roomba’s bottom cover in place by using a Phillips-head screwdriver.
  • The Roomba’s battery can be seen by first removing the bottom panel.
  • Now, carefully remove the battery from the container and leave it outside for five minutes.
  • After this period, reconnect the batteries inside your robot.

Check for Internet-related issues

Similarly, if your Roomba isn’t connecting to the cloud, the wifi signal may be the main culprit. However it is not limited to that as an unstable, or exhausted internet can sometimes be the source of the problem.

You might not notice this right away until you connect another Wi-Fi-enabled device to your router.

Now that you are aware of that, you can fix this by either power cycling the router or reconnecting the internet cable.

Here is how you can power cycle it:

Power cycle your router by unplugging it from the power supply for approximately 5 minutes. Reattach the adapter once after 5 minutes and test it.

Change the position of the router

It can be a problem if your Roomba vacuum cleaner or dock station is too far away from your WiFi router.

However, if you have objects in your home that could interfere with the wifi signal, this could be a problem.

Anyway, you can’t decipher this, but if you have a weak wifi signal, check to see if the network provider is stable or if the router is far away.

Since we’ve delved into an internet-related issue, you might want to ensure the computer is not too far away.

If it is and there is not much you can do about it, get a wifi extender for your home.

Recommendation: The Best WiFi Extender for Your Home

Factory reset your Roomba vacuum cleaner

If your Roomba isn’t connecting to the cloud, a factory reset should be the last item on your to-do list.

You’ve most likely tried every method listed above but haven’t factory reset it.

Here’s how you can go about it:

  • On your Roomba, simultaneously press the Home, Spot, and Clean buttons.
  • Wait for the LED ring around the “Clean” button to start flashing.
  • When you see the LED flash, let go of the three buttons.

NB: If you let go of the buttons before the LED starts flashing, your Roomba may not be factory reset.

Why is my Roomba not connecting to WiFi?

Roomba not connecting to cloud

If your laptop is not connecting to wifi, it could be a network-related issue or a software glitch. Once you notice it, force-close the iRobot app and reboot your router.

You can try the troubleshooting step listed above to keep troubleshooting it till it works.

Roomba i6 is not connected

If you are using the Roomba i6 series, there are a series of things you want to check, ranging from the WiFi signal to the internet and the frequency.

You can learn more about what you have to do when your Roomba i6 is not connected by going through the troubleshooting steps above.

Roomba j7 is unable to connect to WiFi

If your Roomba j7 is not connected to WiFi, you should start by rebooting the router and also force-closing the app.

If none of those work, try the troubleshooting procedures listed above to resolve it.

How to connect Roomba to WiFi at 5GHz

The answer to this is pretty simple. The issue here isn’t whether you can connect to a 5Ghz router; rather, you should be concerned about whether you can connect to the frequency of a 5Ghz router.

Anyway, here is the thing: Not all Roombas support 5.0 GHz, but all support the 2.4 GHz frequency.

So, if you’re wondering how to connect your Roomba to a 5Ghz router, that shouldn’t be a problem if it supports 5Ghz and connects wirelessly.


By now, you should have figured out the reason behind your Roomba not connecting to cloud and what you can do about it to resolve it… If none of the steps above is giving you a positive response kindly contact iRobot customer support

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