How to Turn on TCL Roku TV without Remote

How to Turn on TCL Roku TV without Remote is a subject we want to consider at this moment. You might be wondering on How to Turn on the TCL Roku TV without  Remote, today is the day to settle this matter once and for all on this day. How to Turn on TCL Roku TV without Remote is not an object so hard that requires a knife to cut, it is just a soft matter like a paste of butter.

Peradventure, you have to relax and restore your spirit, soul, and body systems to a fresh state at home or in your office, that is to say, you wanted you to feel relaxed and enjoy your mood, or there is an important TCL Roku TV program you must watch at that moment or news is very paramount to your day to listen to.

But, uncalled for, you could not find the remote control, someone in the family has misplaced it or just gets misplaced and no one can find it. And maybe the remote control is available, not misplaced but refuses to function. You adjusted the batteries of the remote control, nothing is happening, you can not watch nor listen to any TV content.

You changed the batteries as well, to replace the existing batteries inside the remote control, the issue never comes to an end, then many thoughts begin to flood the mind, even it might be late if you decide to go out to find a solution in buying another remote control, and the problem is still there unsolved.

Because it seems TCL Roku TV does not have buttons through which one can operate it. But no loss, the issue will be dealt with to the root now, just within a few minutes, the solution is available. I will be taking you through some steps there to depict the confusion of How to Turn on the TCL Roku TV without a Remote. It is good to get knowledge ahead of a challenge, if the challenge comes, there will be a solution immediately.

It appears so common to humans to be running for a solution when the challenges suddenly surface. And it is fine to even find the way out when challenges come than to find no solutions. But it is better if we can be ready to prepare to find solutions before we encounter obstacles. We should try as much as possible to carry out researches for solutions earlier to prepare for problems any of our home appliances might pose to us. To know fully well that the devices we are using every day might develop faults at any point in time.

How to Turn on TCL Roku TV without Remote

Certainly, we will be looking at methods required to engage, on How to Turn on TCL Roku TV without Remote within a short time. Most of the nowadays TV brands seem to be buttonless, one might be thinking if the company that produced the TV made mistakes but it just seems like that, it was not a mistake, it is just new technology innovations.

The more we are growing day by day, the more sophisticated the technology is becoming. But we need to be growing with the trend in everything, by searching and carrying out surfing the internet for good. Now, let’s consider the guide on How to Turn on the TCL Roku TV without a Remote.

How to Turn on TCL Roku TV without  Remote.

To turn on the TCL Roku TV, please, you will need to look at the place where TCL is written at the bottom of the TCL Roku TV screen, where the light usually appears when you switch on your TCL Roku TV. So, under the light, there are four buttons there, including the power button and another 3 buttons. That is exactly where you can turn your TCL Roku TV on.

How to Turn on TCL Roku TV without Remote using Roku App.

You can still turn on your TCL ROKU TV with the exclusive Roku TV App. Let us run a few steps together to consider the issue.

  • Just take a step further to download and install the Roku TV app from the Google Play Store or iTunes or Apple Store if you are using iPhone, Ipad, iPod, tablet, etc.
  • You will need to connect your TCL Roku TV and your phone to the same Wi-Fi network. Let me quickly show you how to connect Wi-Fi to your phone and TCL Roku TV. You will go to Settings on your phone and then open the settings, then go to Networks, then enter your password, if you have. If you do not have a password, try to create one on that page where you find yourself after clicking on Networks, you will find Hotspot and tethering, try to create a password there.
  • Then, after you have created a password, on that same Hotspot and Tethering, try to connect your TV Wi-Fi with your phone WI-Fi, make sure you give the same name to your phone and Roku TV Wi-Fi. That is it.
  • So, when you open the Roku app you downloaded, then go to Devices, then search your Roku TV and connect them. Everything is set now, use your phone as you like. I believe the issue on How to Turn on the TCL Roku TV without a Remote is solved now. Drop us a comment below, thanks and keep glowing.

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