How to Use Widget Smith

It’s one thing to have the Widgetsmith app installed on your iOS. It’s another thing to know how to use it. Therefore, here in this guide, we will discuss how to use Widget Smith on iPhone.

iOS users such as iPhone and iPad have some unfair advantage over Android users when it comes to customization. A good example is the Widget Smith to get Aesthetic home screen design.

While there are tons of similar apps for Android users on the Google play store, the few that are available for iPhone are top-notches. So, with the Widgetsmith app, you can get the best from your iPhone home screen design.

For those Android phone users, we have a guide that you can follow on how to unlock Home screen layout or widget on your Android phone.

How to Use Widget Smith App

The sole purpose of putting this article together is to detail to you how to use the Widgetsmith app with.

  • Download and install the Widgetsmith app from the Apple Store on your iPhone. Or, click on this link to download the Widgetsmith app.
  • Launch the Widgetsmith app. On the app screen, you will see the app partition in terms of categories. These are classified based on the size of the categories icon. You will see small, medium, and large widget.
  • The default widget is the Calendar widget. Don’t be stressed out. We will walk you through everything on how to use Widget Smith in this guide.
  • To start to use the Widgetsmith app, choose from the categories. For perfect sizing, we recommend the small size. So, select it and click on “Add Small Widget.” For a medium widget you need to select “Add medium widget” and the same thing occurs to “Large widget.”
  • In the small widget category, a new widget will be added to it.

Bu default, when a new widget is added to the screen, it will display Calendar as the default. But, you can play around with the Widgetsmith default to change it from the default to a more fascinating photo.

How to use widget smith

How to Use Widget Smith in Style

If you are not satisfied with the default style. You can edit the style, change it from Calendar to your desired aesthetic photo. So, here we will discuss how to style Wdigetsmith.

  • Follow the steps above to add a widget to a category on the list.
  • Select the “Style” tab under the “Default” option.
  • Scroll down to “Custom.” This option allows you to create a custom photo.
  • Under custom select “Photo” to create a “photo-style” or “Custom Text” to create a text widget. You can also create an album widget.
  • From the tab that appears select “Choose Photo.” And from here, you will be taken to your iPhone gallery.
  • Now, find the photo to use from the gallery. Once you have decided on the photo you want to use, click on it and it will appear on the widget you are customizing.
  • Scroll down and select “Save” to make the selected photo your Widgetsmith customize display.

That is it. you can then repeat these process to create another widget in the medium and large categories to display something fascinating.

How to Add Widgetsmith to your iPhone Home Screen

It’s of no use if you created a customized widget using the Widgetsmith app without adding it to your device home screen for people to see. This can turn you into a nerd and even charge people to customize their Widgetsmith app and even teach them how to use it.

  • Launch your iPhone app widget from the home screen. To do this, find an empty press and press it for a couple of seconds for the app widget to pop up. That is the first step.
  • Select the “+” icon to the top left of the screen.
  • Find the “Widgetsmith” app icon from the app menu in the pop and select “Add Widget.”
  • Then, save these changes.

You can remove the widget or edit it at any time. And you can repeat this for all your apps to create a suitable widget for each of them based on what you need.

This is how to use Widget smith to create a beautiful widget on your iPhone. Please leave a comment below if you face any glitch doing this.

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