8 Best Volume Boosters App for Android

We’ll make a list of best Volume booster app to increase your Android and laptop volume from 100% to at least 200% in the post. The volume app helps to maximize your smartphone and tablet volume. So, feel free to download them and boost your Android volume more than 100%.

Volume Booster?

The word boost means to increase or intensify the level of something. So, to boost Android volume with a booster means to use an external tool such as booster app to increase the volume of the device beyond the original volume level.

If your phone default volume level is 30 on aggregate. You can increase it to 50%  using a booster.

We then can say a volume booster for Android app is an app that you can use to increase the volume of your phone when playing music or watching a movie above the phone highest volume-level.

This booster can also be referred to as a volume control. Irrespective of your volume control it’ll work with your headphone.

However, when you are using a volume control app for Android ensure that you always maintain volume recommended level most especially when you are driving and walking on the highway.

Volume Control Apps

Here is the list of volume control apps for Android to increase your phone volume output without using an external speaker.

1. VLC Media Player

VLC for Android is a volume control app to increase your device sound output to 100%. By default, VLC app is a media player. An app to play both audio sound and MP4.

However, the app has a special feature such that when you playing music or video on it, you can increase the volume to 200% without affecting your phone speaker.

If you are using a VLC media player on your laptop or computer you can also set it up to enable you to increase the volume above 100%.

Boost Laptop speaker

If you are using the VLC desktop client as your default media player or one of your media player here is how to enable the volume control feature

    1. Launch the VLC media player.
    2. Press Ctrl+P to open settings or Select Tools → Preferences.
    3. Select ‘All’ radio beside the “simple” button under Show settings at the bottom of the preferences window. Just refer to the image given below.
    4. Next select Audio.
    5. In the right side of the preference window, you would see the Audio gain set to 1. Volume Booster
    6. You could increase it up to 8. Set a value according to your needs. The more you set the more will be the volume.
    7. Press Save and close VLC.

Now, the settings above will pave ways for you to be able to increase your PC or laptop volume above 100%.

Boost Android Volume with VLC.

For a mobile phone with the VLC volume control app here is how to enable the feature to increase your smartphone volume up to 200%.

  1. Launch the mobile VLC app by clicking on the app icon
  2. Click on the more option to the top right corner
  3. Click on settingsVolume control
  4. Scroll down and click on the video option
  5. Scroll down to controls and tick audio-boost
  6. Done

Once you have enabled the feature under audio control you will be able to use the VLC media player to boost your phone volume up to 200%.

2. Precise Volume

Volume controller

Precise volume function as an equalizer on your phone and sound booster and override your phone default volume. By default, Android volume is pegged at 15′ volume.

However, the precise volume equalizer and sound control app for Android step up your phone volume limit. The fully functional precise volume app also lets users pre-defined the app to work perfectly with external devices such as external speakers and headset.

This sound booster app is recommended for a music lover to get the best of their music playing gadget.

3.Volume Booster GOODEV

Volume Booster

This is another volume control app to take over your phone music, video, and audio volume output. It’s one of the best volume control for Android to maximize Android volume above the default volume level.

Booster GOODEV app has a simple interface and in fact, it’s a lightweight app and it won’t make your phone slow down. The app also overrides your phone default volume control and uses the built-in feature to control your phone volume and intensify it above the default volume level.

However, if you do not want to use the app you can pause it for a while and enable it when you want. The app feature is not to be committed to. So, you can opt out when you think that you need to try another volume control app for Android.

4. Loud Volume Booster

Increase Android Volume

This is a mobile app volume equalizer for Android phone. This app has different and unique features to personalize your volume output. You can also use this app to increase video game or 3D games volume for the best output.

You can also alter your phone alarm pre-defined volume and increase above the default volume level. It works with Android 4.0, Android Lollipop, Android Marshmallow, Android Oreo, and Android Pie.

5. Sound Booster & Sound Amplifier 3D

Sound control panel

Sound booster & sound Amplifier 3D is a 3D app that takes total control of your phone volume 100%. The simplicity of the sound amplifier 3D for Android works with playing movies, streaming music online and offline on your smartphone, and also works with your phone alarm sound.

If your phone ringing tone output is low by default the sound booster and sound amplifier 3D app feature overrides the sound output and intensify the output.

6. Music Volume EQ

Volume Booster app

Music Volume EQ is a volume control app for Android to take control of your phone media volume out with 5 band music equalizers. The Music Volume EQ app has a feature to lock predefined volume for your device with bass and speaker booster.

The Volume EQ app has a live wallpaper that can be used as your phone wallpaper to take control of your phone launchers. More feature of the Music Volume EQ home screen widget for quick access to music configuration and volume control.

If you are using wireless headphone the Music Volume EQ works with it and control the device volume output. You can also use it to control your smartphone volume using Smartwatch notifier app via your phone volume control app.

7. Ultimate Volume Booster

Volume control for Android

Ultimate booster is another Android app to increase your Android volume by 30% – 40% across all your phone features. With the ultimate volume control app, you can increase the volume of your phone ringtone, alarm, and system multimedia by another 40%.

Ultimate volume control app works with headphone, headset, and external speakers with Bluetooth enable features.

8. Speaker Booster

Volume Speaker

Speaker booster is a volume control app to increase your Android volume by at least 10% – 15%. The booster provides a quick-button to enable volume control and adjust the volume of your Android.

You can adjust phone notification with this speaker booster app and it works with headset and headphone. All external speakers with Bluetooth enable also works with the volume control app.

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