New Domain Address Revealed Again

Update: Bookzz new ‘URL’ at is not redirecting to a malicious website as some contributors have claimed. We confirmed this before this update and you are free to use the website for now!

Last we reported that address was shut down according to an email forward to us, and you were told that new domain is up and running to download eBook for free without torrent search engine. Also, we also said that new site can still not be trusted since it’s possible for it to be a mirror site, however we have confirmed that the new site is not a mirror domain rather new address.

Before we address the issue of how to download eBook from new domain name we’ve have compiled list of sites like bookzz to search and download eBook for free and without registration. However, this is not to tell you that you cannot register on the new bookzz domain name and set up your own profile.

More so, we have paid a close look to bookzz new site address for days now whether it is safe to download eBook from the site or whether the site is full of virus or malware but our antivirus and succuri site scanner proved that it’s safe to download eBook from new domain name.

Currently there are over 50,000,000 free eBooks available for download on the new bookzz site address that was launched days back and it’s currently ranked among 28,000 most visited website in the world and ranked among 7,000 most visited website in China according to Alexa Ranking.

In late 2015 was shut down and later came back to life with the same domain name but this time they are changing domain name and letting go for a new domain name ( that is safe and secure to search and download latest eBook online for free.

Also, a question was raced on Quora that was not responding, and that has it shut down permanent. And the responds that got the highest upvote was that has been shut down for reasons untold and they’ve moved to a new site address. new domain

However, here I will just walk you through what you need to do to stay connected to new domain name or site address and to stay updated in case of any upcoming issues battling the world largest eBook websites.

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Download eBooks From New Domain Name

Before bookzz was shut down the eBook site was regarded as the world largest free book download site after the shut of bookfi. But in less that a year than bookfi was shut, also bids the internet a farewell and move to the new site address. Bookfi lost so many subscribers when they left the internet but bookzz shut down still brought their new site address to a limelight. However, to stay connected to new domain name ensure you register and set up your profile for free with bookzz alternative domain name. However, below are the steps required to download from Bookzz new site.

1. Open a new tab and visit b-ok ( the new bookzz site address

2. Enter the name of the book you want to download into the search box and click enter to integrate your action new domain

3.  A new page will populate for your search result. Look closely to the book you want to download and the corresponding author and click on your desired eBook output which could be pdf, ePub, etc to initiate a download. new site

4. If the eBook you search is an article just click on the articles option beside books to toggle it and research for your desired eBook for download and bookzz new domain will sync your search with booksc for your adequate result.

new domain

With new domain you can search and download both books and articles simultaneously without registration but it’s an added advantage when you register and set up your profile. new domain URL:

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