How to View a Private Twitter Account

Have you ever figured out how to view private Twitter Account without following? It can be frustrating when you come across a profile that you want to view and see their posts but cannot because it is private. Fortunately, there are several methods you can use to view a private Twitter account.

However, it is important to note that Twitter generally frowns upon trying to view a private account without permission.

But then you can’t keep asking for permission to do everything; sometimes you might be curious about something or you are looking for an answer to something that was written by a private Twitter account.

Either way, there are ways to go about it, both legitimate and cunning. However, If you do not have permission to view the private account, it is best to respect the user’s privacy and not try to view the account. But if it’s a must to view the account then be ready to bear all the possible consequences that might follow.

It is worth noting that this article on how to view private Twitter account without following is for educational purposes only and it should be used as one.

Having all that in hand, I will be walking you through a few methods you can use, but first, let’s clarify what a public account really is.

What is a private Twitter Account?

When a Twitter account is private, it simply means you require its owner’s permission before you can view or follow its tweets. You won’t be able to view the Twitter account tweet without following.

This type of account is typically used by celebrities, businesses, and other organizations to keep their content out of the public eye.

How to View a Private Twitter Account

how to view private twitter account without following

There are many things you can do to view the tweets of a private Twitter account.

Sometimes you might ask yourself, “Why on earth would someone make their account public?” Well, there are different reasons for that as well. But private isn’t private in the sense that your followers can still see it and perform a screen capture.

Having said that, let’s take a look at the various ways to view a private Twitter account.

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Follow the Private Twitter Account

To gain access to a private Twitter account, you have to send a follow request to the user. After doing that, you have to wait for your request to be accepted before you are able to view the person’s Tweet.

If the user delays or doesn’t respond to your follow request, then you won’t be able to view the person’s tweet.

In most cases, the person might not accept a sent follow request immediately, and since that is the case most of the time, there are other alternative ways around this.

Google Search Cache Method

If you would like to view the private account of another Twitter user, you can do so through a Google search.

Why is that? Google allows cached tweets to be visible. This is only possible if the person whose account you are trying to view has enabled their cache.

Most users enable their cache in order to expand their reach, but users with some secret group inclination might not.

To find a tweet through Google image search, you need to search Google for the person’s name with the tweet keywords you feel the person used.

Here is how to go about it:

  • Launch your browser.
  • Now, navigate to the “Google” search engine.
  • In the search box, put the ‘Twitter name’ of the person along with some keywords from the tweets.
  • You will see some search results pointing to such a person on Twitter.

Use third-party Tools such as Crowd Fire.

Do third-party apps work? They do, and with third-party apps such as Third Fire, you can directly view the content of the account of a private Twitter account.

CrowdFire is a social media management app, in case you are just coming across it for the first time. Having said that, here is how to go about it.

  • Launch your browser.
  • Visit CrowdFire Tools.
  • Log in to your account or register if you do not have one.
  • Afterwards, click on ‘Start’.
  • Locate Twitter and sign in to your Twitter account.
  • Now enter the name of the private Twitter account you want to search for.

The Reality of a Private Twitter Account

If you decide to own a private Twitter account, you might feel no one else can view it, but that isn’t the case.

Most users that are celebrities or belong to some sort of secret organization tend to use secret Twitter handles, making their tweets only visible to their followers.

Well, if you are using a private Twitter account, your information could be published when one of your followers screenshots your post and starts spreading it around.

So there is no point in trying to create a private account on a not-so-private platform.

Can I see a Private Twitter Account without following it?

How to View a Private Twitter Account

Actually, you can’t, and you aren’t supposed to. But with the steps listed above, it is possible to view the posts of a private account. However, it is safer to send them a follow request, as it makes the whole process much easier.

Can I View Twitter Without an Account?

If you want to use Twitter properly, you must create an account and sign in. Without an account, you cannot view most content on the platform. However, you can still access some public tweets, posts, and media by using a direct link.

How do I Remove a Lock from Twitter?

As hilarious as this might sound, you can remove a lock from a Twitter account that is yours if you set it to private provided that is the case.

If so, here is how you can change your Twitter account to a public one:

  • Log in to your Twitter account.
  • Go to the Security and Privacy panel.
  • Over there, uncheck the “Protect My Tweets” box.
  • Now save your changes, and your account will be changed back to a public account.

How to View Private Twitter Account without Following

You probably won’t be able to view a private twitter account without following the account but in some scenarios, you can view a private Twitter account status is you choose to resolve to use a 3rd party tool or consider using Google cache [if the feature is enabled by the user].


To summarize, accessing a private Twitter account is not difficult, but it does require a few procedures. If you follow the steps in this post, you should be able to easily see a private Twitter account.

But remember to respect the privacy of the account holder and to take the appropriate safeguards to keep your own account secure.

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