How to Setup iCloud for Android Phone

Both iCloud and iTunes are part of the features that make the iPhone brand very popular before talking specs and brand designs. However, Android users ain’t familiar with iCloud but iPhone users can easily swap to iCloud on Android phone.

Apart from the iCloud app for Android, there is still another means to set up iCloud for Android or create a new account or migrate the old and existing iCloud content to a new iCloud account.

With the iCloud app for Android, you can take note and make your Apple ID useful on your Android device, migrate email from your iPhone to your Android iCloud account with the same features.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at how to create an iCloud account for Android to upload your device photos to your Android device without using the direct backup file.

Why iPhone Users Don’t Like Android

One of the reasons why iPhone users don’t want to move to Android is how to set up iCloud for Android phones so they will not lose their contacts and other details on their iOS devices.

I want you to know that Android users also have the privilege to create an iCloud account and use it on their device.

For those that are familiar with most Android phones, you will find out that you have Gmail and Email option on your device.

However, if you don’t have Email to easily set up iCloud on your Android phone you will likely come across IMAP.

 IMAP can be used to set up iCloud for Android phone if you do not have Email option available.

With Email app on your Android phone, you can use IMAP to log in and check your iCloud email at any time. Although iCloud service is mainly for iOS devices, Android users can also create an iCloud account and use it on their Android phone.

While this may not be effective, users can still create an iCloud account and use it on their Android phone.

Create an iCloud Account for an Android

If you own an iOS device you may want to skip this procedure. The section only wants to prove to you that Android users can also create an iCloud account and set it up on their Android phone using Gmail.

Fire up your browser and visit iCloud and click on create an account from below login page

iCloud for Android

A new window will pop up. Fill the requirement to the best of your knowledge and click continue. Don’t forget to scroll down the page to input all the requirement before clicking on continue.

iCloud for Android

Login to your email account and click on the verification link sent to you. After that, you will be directed to your iCloud account where you will see contacts, notes, documents, settings and the like.

Create iCloud account for Android

Congratulations you have successfully created an iCloud account as an Android user. You can as well use this iCloud login on your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Add iCloud Email Address to an Android Phone

This procedure may differ from phone to phone. Also, before you determined that you want to move your iCloud email address to your Android phone, it means that you have set up a working iCloud account for iPhone/iPad/iPod.

For obvious reason, Android required you to have a working Gmail account to own an Android phone. And for iOS users, you really need to own an iCloud account where you can access your iOS devices online.

However, when you want to move from an iOS device to an Android device, all you need to do is use the Email option available on the Android phone to access your iCloud.

Although there is no big deal switching your iCloud account to your Android phone, yet you need to be able to do things under no or little supervision. However, here is how to set up old iCloud for Android from an iPhone or iPad or iPod.

How to Setup iCloud for Android Phone

The only technical know-how of this post is for you to be able to follow simple instruction. The exact procedure below can be used to move iCloud email to an Android phone.

Swipe down your phone screen and click on the settings gear icon. Scroll down the page and click on the account under the account.

iCloud for Android

Note: The location may differ but the process is the same

You will probably see the Email option under accounts. And if it is not there, please do not click on Google or Gmail option if that is what you have [Clicking on Gmail option will recognize your iCloud account automatically and import the correct server to keep your iCloud email running on your Android phone].

Scroll to the button of the page and click on “Add account”

iCloud for Android

From the popup scroll down the page and select personal (IMAP) 

iCloud for Android

Enter your iCloud email account. Here we will enter the exact email account we created above and use it to log in to your iCloud account and click on Manual Setup.

iCloud for Android

Note: For iCloud email account such as just do the same thing and you will be fine.

A new window will as well popup, softly select person(IMAP) above the exchange option. From the next page, enter your iCloud email password and click on next option

iCloud for Android Incoming Server Settings

This is where you will set up your iCloud account incoming server different from default Gmail incoming server. So follow the procedure below to continue.

iCloud for Android


  • Server name: as shown below and click on next

At this point, your account incoming server will undergo validation and you will be taken to the next step.

iCloud for Android

If your email and password are correct you may see “Email security not guaranteed. Click on advance and scroll down the page to click on proceed anyway.

iCloud for Android

Note: This is due to the certification information

The validation process will begin and popup the previous page but this time with a column to enter your email server port and security type. Then enter the following,

  • Port: 993
  • Security type: SSL/TLS

……. and click on next to continue.

How to Setup Outgoing Server on Android

Similarly, you need to set up your iCloud for Android outgoing server just the way you did for the incoming server to be able to swap iOS iCloud email to your Android phone.

All you just have to do is set your outgoing server as below.

Outgoing mail server:

  • Server name:
  • SSL Required: Yes
  • Port: 587
  • SMTP Authentication Required: Yes
  • Username: Your full iCloud email address, including the part
  • Password: Use the password you used in the incoming mail server section, whether it was your original or the app-specific password you generated.

After all, these click on the finish or continue button and you are done. This exactly how to set up iCloud for Android if you are ditching your iOS device from Android.

How to Access iCloud for Android

Sometimes ago I detailed how to create and use iCloud on Android if you can’t afford to spend your pocket on an iPhone. Since then, I have been thinking of how to access iCloud on Android using various approaches to easy the default way of accessing Android iCloud.

However, if you already owned an iPhone you probably do not need to learn about the Android tricks. But you can recommend for a fella who uses Android.

If you have a friend who’s lockout of iPhone using the iPhone activation code or iCloud lock as we normally call it, you can recommend this simple approach to unlock iCloud-locked iPhone.

Other guides you may want to check out include how to replace iPhone broken screen and how to unlock iPhone if you miss your way to the unlock code.

However, for the basic approach, we’ll share with your different ways to access iCloud on Android smartphones. Whether your Android OS is Android Lolipop or Android Pie, you will be able to use any of these approaches to access iCloud on your Android.

How to Access iCloud for Android

If you use your iCloud account on your Android smartphone other than sticking to your iPhone alone, here is how to access it.

1. Access iCloud using Android Gmail

You can configure your iCloud account to with on your Android phone using the built-in Gmail app on your phone.

  1. Sign into your Apple account
  2. Go to Security >> Manage
  3. Click on  App-specific passwords >> Generate Password
  4. Click on create a password
  5. Open Gmail >> Menu
  6. Click on Account >> Add account
  7. Enter your iCloud email + the password created above

Now leave Gmail to do the rest of the job. When next you want to access your iCloud email you can just open the Gmail app and you will have access to it.

2. Sync iCloud Contact on your Android

Another fast means to access your account on Android us by synchronizing your iCloud contact on your Android.

  1. Go to your iCloud account on PC
  2. Select the contact you want to export on your list of contacts
  3. Click on gear icon >>  Export vCard >> Export as VCF File
  4. Connect your Android to your PC and transfer the VCF file to it
  5. Go to your Android contact
  6. Click on contact menu
  7. Click on settings >> import
  8. Select the VCF File
  9. Import

As simple as that. Instead of getting the first information whenever you log into your iCloud account you will be getting them right on your Android phone.

How to View iCloud Calendar on Android

You can sync your iCloud Calendar to your Android phone using a 3rd party app without stress. All you need to do is use a trustworthy app with quality privacy and use it to import your Calendar.

In this case, we suggest you use either SmoothSync or CalDAV Sync app for this.

  1. Go to your iCloud account
  2. Click on the Calendar and select the Calendar you want to sync with your Android
  3. Check Public Calendar 
  4. In the WebCal URL enter Email Link
  5. Now, forward the URL to the email address you attached to your Android
  6. Go to the Google play store and install the CalDAV Sync app
  7. Open the CalDAV app >> Add Account > WebCal
  8. Paste the URL you forward to your phone email
  9. Click on next

Now you are done. Meanwhile, you may play around with the CalDAV app settings before the final proceeding.

There are some other ways you want to check to start exploring your iCloud account on your Android phone such as setting up Apple remainder on Android and have access to your Apple note on your Android phone.

There are more to do than just owning an iCloud account. With these approaches, you now know it is worth spending your time on.

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