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Best Weight Loss Apps for Android and iOS Devices

Whether you’re looking to count calories, record meals, or track workouts, there are tons of great weight loss apps for Android and iOS devices.  We picked out some of the best days of the year based on their high quality, reliability, and great user reviews.

Weight loss applications can give you the motivation, discipline, and accountability you need to lose weight – and stop it.

It is quite possible to make working toward an enjoyable and rewarding goal, and apps that keep you motivated definitely help.  From keeping track of what you eat to providing encouraging reminders, these downloads are a must for anyone on a mission to improve themselves.

The best methods of losing weight haven’t changed with difficulty at all.  Exercising, eating properly and monitoring calorie consumption are the best ways to lose weight.  Obviously, your phone can’t do these things for you, but there are weight loss apps for Android and iOS devices to help you keep track of all of those things.

Best weight loss apps for Android and iOS devices
Best weight loss apps for Android and iOS devices

 Best weight loss apps for Android and iOS devices

1. Aaptiv

This unique introvert-oriented fitness app will make you move in no time!  If you don’t feel like “people,” just plug in the headphones and let the Aaptiv teacher guide you through your fitness routine.

They have everything from 5k beginner training to yoga flow training.  If you prefer to customize your workouts to burned calories, intensity, duration or distance, then they have that flexibility.

2. Lose it!

Everyone has this app on their favorite list for some reason.   It makes it very easy to record your food, with over 7 million foods to choose from.  It has a feature called “Snap It”, which allows you to track your food by taking a picture of it, making it a very unique and accurate application for losing weight.

It also allows you to track any exercise you do and change the number of calories you can eat accordingly.

3. Spark People

Here’s another weight loss app that calculates calories and tracks your weight and exercise, but it does have some great features that other apps don’t have.

You can scan the barcode, which is useful for any canned foods you may eat, and they have pictures of common exercises, to be sure you do them right.

They also have a motivational tool that gives you points every time you reach one of your goals, and many articles to help you on your weight-loss journey.

4. Fitbit

Fitbit is still the most popular wearable weight loss tool.  It records every little thing you do throughout the day.  She knows when to sleep, what to eat, and that your heart rate rose at 12:45 pm because you saw the beloved delivery man come with a bundle at work.

If you have a Fitbit, you can sync it with its app of the same name and track your goals in hydration, sleep, and weight loss.

If you are competitive, Fitbit allows you to communicate with and challenge friends and family.  It will also give you prizes when you reach certain goals.

 5. FatSecret

Although I prefer to use the word “thin” instead of “obese”, this weight loss app has a great community that will help you on your journey to health and happiness.

Studies show that 88% of people who join online weight loss societies are more successful in losing and maintaining weight.  (2) The extra support keeps them on track.

This is why our Special Community Support group is an integral part of the famous 21-day Fat Loss Challenge!

FatSecret also contains a comprehensive nutritional database and calorie counter, and you can share your information with your healthcare provider.

6. MyNetDiary

Users of this app have reported an average weight loss of 1.4 lbs per week, which is very surprising.  It is not just a calorie counter and food.

They will create a balanced nutritional plan for you and also plan meals.  The online forum has a dietitian, so you can ask questions and get comments when you need them.

You can sync all of your devices, so if you use an iPad to track food and exercise in the morning and your phone at lunch, each device has the same information.

7. PlateJoy

It’s hard to keep track of your diet if your head is always in the fridge because you can’t figure out what to eat.  PlateJoy’s weight loss app takes the guesswork out of meal planning.

All you have to do is take a lifestyle test that takes into account your fitness plan, food preferences, weight loss goals; what you love to eat, allergies or allergies.  It will come up with a plan based on your personal needs.

You will get recipes creating a shopping list for you.  If you really don’t want to work, they even have grocery delivery.

8. HealthyOut

If you are not cooking and trying to follow a diet, you may have great difficulty losing weight.  National health and nutrition surveys show that people eat anywhere from 6% to 40% when they leave the house.

Don’t be afraid, HealthyOut can support your weight loss goals by helping you choose a restaurant near you based on your nutritional needs.  This can make a big difference if you are vegetarian or gluten-free.

It also gives you options from the menu that support your diet, and which alternatives might be best for you.

9. Daily Yoga

Studies show that the hormone cortisol secreted by our bodies when we are constantly stressed can make us maintain weight.  (4) Yoga not only calms you down but is a great way to stay fit.

Daily Yoga gives you 500 asana, 200 yoga, meditation and pilates classes, all at your fingertips.  You can practice Yoga or meditation anywhere you want, without spending a lot of money.  It also tracks your health data, so you don’t need to be nervous about that either.

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10. Fooducate

Fooducate makers want everyone to be more aware of what they eat.  It helps you make better choices by classifying food based on ingredients.

If you get a box of cereals in the store and scan them, the app will provide you with information about their nutritional value.  If you don’t think it’s a healthy option for you, she’ll offer suggestions for choosing a more suitable diet.

Think about applying Fooducate for weight loss as a nutrition coach staring at your shoulder every time you choose food, which is both sad and likely beneficial at the same time.

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