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Infinix Hot S3 Firmware New OTA Update with Face Unlock Feature

Jubilation as Infinix rolled out new firmware update with Face unlock feature like Apple Face unlock feature to lock and unblock Infinix Hot S3. The new Infinix Hot S3 firmware roll out today 14th, March 2018 to all old and new Infinix Hot S3 users.

The firmware update is strictly for Infinix Hot 3S. Other Infinix devices like Infinix Hot, Infinix Hot 4, Infinix Note 3, and other lower versions of Infinix device will get the Infinix face lock and unlock feature in the next Infinix update.

However, if you don’t have enough data to download and upgrade your Infinix phone with the new face feature you can download and install Android phone face lock and unlock app. This new feature does not reset your Infinix phone and no problem has ever recorded since the face lock feature firmware was rolled out.

Both Hot S battery and fingerprint feature works even after the firmware is upgraded. So, there is no reason to be scared of upgraded your Hot S to enjoy the new face lock and other silent benefits. This does not also hard reset your phone, it doesn’t have any negative effect on your phone charging feature, and there is no need to remove SIM card, MicroSD, and other removable.

While you may want to backup your phone data as a security measure it doesn’t also have a significant effect on your phone data, stored contacts, files, videos, and other documents. However, if any problem surface you can always downgrade the firmware to the old firmware without Face lock feature.

In order to enable the new Face lock and unlock feature on your Infinix Hot S3 the post has everything regarding everything you need to know and how to set up Face lock on your new Infinix S3 device.

How to Upgrade Infinix Hot S3 to the New Firmware

The new Infinix Hot S3 new firmware update OTA is not an automatic update. Rather, an individual user is to upgrade to the latest OS if they are ready to enjoy the face lock feature else they may not bother to upgrade to the new firmware.
Below is how to get the latest OS update on Infinix Hot S3 with face lock feature…

1. Navigate to phone settings
2. Scroll down and click on “about phone
3. Click on “System update
4. With your internet connection enabled you will be prompt to upgrade your Infinix Hot S3

Once you have done this successfully it’s then you can enjoy the face lock feature without the help of apps on your phone. However, it is very important you do this with strong internet connection so as not to create problems on your phone that will lead to hard reset or restore factory settings on the upgrading device.

How to Update Infinix Hot S3 Firmware For Face Lock Feature

The following procedure proceeds how to get the new Infinix Hot S3 firmware to get the new Hot Face lock feature. To enjoy this new face lock and unlock feature kindly follow the procedure below.

1. Swipe your Infinix Hot 3S screen and click on “settings” gear icon
2. Click on “Security” & ” Location
3. Navigate the page and click on the option “Face ID
4. Create your Infinix Hot S3 unlock security code or unlock pattern
5. Click on “Add Face ID” scan your phone in a little dial that appears on your smartphone
6. Wait until the spike around your face dial-up picture full the circle
7. Face ID successfully enrolled picture will pop-up
Once you are through with the set up above you will be able to unlock your smartphone with your Face. Meanwhile, make sure you are in a good condition while setting up your lock and unlock screen so as not to have difficulties unlocking your phone with the face lock feature in your Hot S3.

How to Unlock Infinix Hot S3 with Face Lock

Once you have everything setup, you will be required to unlock your phone with your face when next your phone backlight goes off. With that being said, you can unlock your Hot S3 with your face with following the procedure below.

1. Double click on your phone screen to wake the phone backlight or press the power bottom
2. Place the phone right in front of your face
3. Wait for your phone to recognize your face and it’ll unlock your smartphone instantly.

There are some cases where your phone will not be able to unlock your phone with your face lock feature. In a rear case of unlocking your phone in the dark. However, to now unlock your phone with your face just enable the flashlight by clicking on the little bulbing icon to power on the flashlight on your Face unlock feature.

The Infinix Hot S3 face lock feature will go a long way to help Infinix fans to get more of the version. Or what do you think about this face lock on your Infinix device without using third-party apps.