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Jaz Elle Agassi Net Worth, Parents and Biography

Jaz Elle Agassi is the daughter of legendary tennis players Andre Agassi and Steffi Graph. Her father is estimated to have a net worth of $175 million, while her mother is estimated to be worth $145 million.

Talking about a celebrity’s child net worth you might want to talk about Jaz Elle Agassi net worth and how much he has made since she made her way into the public. 

Jaz Elle Agassi is the child of famous tennis legends Andre Kirk Agassi and Stephanie Maria Graf. Her father is an American former world No. 1 player with eight major championships and an Olympic gold medal.

Her mother is a former German world No. 1 tennis player with 22 major single title wins and is the only tennis player to have won the major tournaments at least four times.

Are you wondering about their child Jaz Elle Agassi? Well, you are not alone; luckily for you, this article will give you all the publicly available information about Jaz Elle Agassi.

Jaz Elle Agassi Early Life

Jaz Elle Agassi was born on the 23rd of October, 2003, in Valley Hospital Medical Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States of America.

She was born to retire professional tennis legends, Andre Kirk Agassi and Stephanie Maria Graf. She is still a young adult, and her parents have kept her sheltered from the public eye, so there is not much information about her educational pursuits and other interests. 

Although we believe she is currently a university student, even if we cannot talk about the exact university, she is attending at this time.

You can also learn more about Alexis Rodman the child of legendary Basketball player Dennis Rodman.

What is Jaz Elle Agassi’s Age

Jaz Elle is currently 18 years old. She was born on the 23rd of October, 2003, in Valley Hospital Medical Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States of America. She would turn 19 on the 23rd of October, 2022, and she celebrates her birthday on the 23rd of October every year.

What is Jaz Elle Agassi’s Height

She is currently reported to be about 5 feet and 3 inches tall, which is a little below the average height for women, although she is still a young adult, and there is a possibility that she will experience a growth spurt soon.

So she might eventually grow taller than her current 5 feet and 3 inches.

What is Jaz Elle Agassi’s Weight

It is reported that she currently weighs around 55 kg, which is quite a healthy weight.

However, since weight is not static and she is still a growing adult, there is a huge possibility that we might see her increase in weight in the near future.

Jaz Elle Agassi’s Career

Jaz is still a young woman who is probably still a university student, so we cannot say exactly what career path she would follow.

If you are wondering if she would follow her parents’ career and become a tennis star, we are also wondering and keeping her fingers crossed.

Although her father, the legendary tennis player Andre Kirk Agassi has said, neither he nor her mother is forcing her to become a tennis player.

We look forward to seeing what career path Jaz Elle Agassi will eventually decide to follow.

Jaz Elle Agassi Sibling

Jaz Elle Agassi has an older brother named Jaden Gil Agassi. He was born in 2001 and is currently a baseball player.

He plays baseball at the University of Southern California.

Jaz Elle Agassi sibling

Who is Andre Kirk Agassi (Jaz Elle Agassi’s Father)

Andre Kirk Agassi is an American former world No. 1 player, eight major championship winner, and an Olympic gold medalist.

He was born on the 29th of April, 1970, in Las Vegas, Nevada, to former Olympic boxer Emmanuel Mike Agassi and his wife, Elizabeth Agassi.

He picked up the racket and began playing tennis at a very young age, and at the age of 12, he won the 1982 National Indoor Boys 14s Doubles Championship in Chicago with his friend and doubles partner Roddy Parks.

At 13, his father enrolled him at Nick Bollettieri’s Tennis Academy in Florida. He was initially supposed to say for 3 months but impressed Nick with his talent, and Nick allowed him to stay at the academy longer for free.

He dropped out of school in ninth grade to fully concentrate on building a career as a tennis player.

He became a professional tennis player at age 16, competing in his first tournament at the La Quinta in California.

He won his first top-level singles title in 1987, at age 17, at the Sul American Open in Itaparica.

In 1988, he won six tournament titles, and by the end of the year, he had already won $1 million in prize money, having just played in 43 tournaments. He became the fastest tennis player in history to become a millionaire that quickly.

In 1988, he set the open-era record for the most consecutive victory by a male teenager, and the record was not broken until 2005.

In 1990, he helped the United States of America win its first Davis Cup in eight years and also won the tennis masters cup in the same year.

He retired from playing professional tennis in 2006 as the only male player to have won the career super slam, consisting of all four grand slam tournaments, an Olympic gold medal in singles, and a year-end championship.

He married actress Brook Shields in 1997, and they officially divorced in 1999.

On the 22nd of October, 2001, he got married to fellow basketball legend Steffi Graf, and they gave birth to their son Jaden Gill Agassi in 2001, and their daughter Jaz Elle Agassi was born in 2003.

He is estimated to have a net worth of $175 million.

Andre Agassi

Who is Stephanie Maria Graf (Jaz Elle Agassi’s Mother)

Stephanie Maria Graf, popularly known as Steffi Graf, is a former German world No. 1 player with 22 grand slams, an Olympic gold medal, and 107 single titles won.

She was born on the 19th of June 1969 in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, West Germany, to car and insurance salesman Peter Graf and his wife, Heidi Schalk.

Her father, an aspiring tennis coach, introduced her to the game of tennis at a very young age, and she began practising on a tennis court by age 4.

She began playing in junior tournaments at age 5, winning several junior championships. On the 13th of April, 1986, at age 17, she won her first WTA tournament.

In 1988, she won the Australian Open, Frech Open, the Wimbledon, and the US Open. She became the first tennis player in history to contest and win 28 grand slam singles matches in a single year.

Due to a series of injuries, she retired from playing professional basketball in 1999 as the first tennis player to achieve the golden slam consisting of four single major titles and the Olympic gold medal in a single year.

She is also the only tennis player in history to have won each major tournament at least 4 times.

She was in a relationship with racing driver Michael Bartels from 1992 to 1999 and began dating fellow legendary tennis player Andre Kirk Agassi when the relationship ended.

She married Andre Kirk Agassi in 2001, and together they have two children, namely Jaden Gil Agassi in 2001 and Jaz Elle Agassi in 2003.

She is currently estimated to have a net worth of $145 million.

Steffi Graf

Jaz Elle Agassi’s Relationship

Jaz is 18 years old, so we cannot say whether she is in a relationship or not, as she keeps most of her life away from the spotlight.

However, we can ascertain that she is not married, and if she announces that she has a boyfriend, we will be sure to update this section of the article.

Does Jaz Elle Agassi Play Tennis

No, Jaz Elle Agassi is not a professional tennis player, although she might be playing it as a hobby.

When interviewed, her father, Andre Agassi, stated that neither he nor her mother would force her to become a tennis player.

Jaz Elle Agassi Wikipedia

Jaz does not have a Wikipedia page. However, she has a private Instagram page where her followers can see a glimpse of how she lives her life.

You can find her father, Andre Kirk Agassi, and her mother, Stephanie Maria Graf, on Wikipedia.

Jaz Elle Agassi Net Worth

Jaz Elle Agassi net worth could skyrocket in a few seasons if she chooses the same path as her parents. But she’s too young for that at the moment.

Jaz is not yet a working professional, so she is yet to have her net worth. However, both of her parents have an impressive net worth which they acquired from decades of playing basketball, endorsements, and other businesses.

Her mother, Stephanie Graf, is worth $145 million, and her father, Andre Agassi, is worth $175 million. Her family’s total net worth is running to $325 million as of 2022.

Jaz Elle Agassi Profile

NameJaz Elle Agassi
Date of Birth23rd of October, 2003.
FatherAndre Kirk Agassi
MotherStephanie Maria Graf
Net WorthN/A
SiblingJaden Gil Agassi

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