How to Turn Off Voice Assistant

Sometimes google assistance can constantly be popping up on your screen when it’s not needed or eavesdropping on your conversations. This can be frustrating and you may want to turn this feature off. So, here in this article, you will learn how to turn off voice assistance on your smartphone.

Google voice assistant is a feature that is only available on Android devices even though google assistant can be set on your apple devices (iPhone or iPad). The voice match feature is not available on their devices.

Google Assistant helps you with certain tasks on your device such as fetching up quick information on the web, scheduling tasks, setting timers and alarms, and playing your favorite music.

Here in this article, we would briefly discuss how you can Turn off voice assistant across various devices on your android devices.

How to Turn Off Voice Assistant on Android

Follow these steps to turn off google voice assistant from your android phone or tablet.

  •  Say “Hey Google, open Assistant settings.” on your android phone or tablet,
  • Alternatively open the google assistant app then say, “Assistant settings.”
  • Tap General, under “All settings,”
  • If you can’t find “General,” you can first tap the view all settings or see all assistant settings.
  • Then select turn off google assistant.
Turn Off Voice Assistant

Turn Off Voice Assistant On Samsung

Once the voice assistant has been activated, your smartphone will begin to control it differently. Generally, you will have to tap once to select an item with a blue focus box, then tap twice on the screen to interact with it.

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If you are experiencing unusual behaviour on your Samsung mobile phone you can decide to turn off the voice assistant. Follow the steps below to turn off the voice assistant on your Samsung device.

  • Use two fingers, to swipe up on your home screen, to access your apps.
  • Click Settings.
  • Once you have selected Settings with the focus box, double tap anywhere on the screen.
  • Use two fingers, and swipe up to navigate to the end of the Settings menu
  • Click Accessibility.
  • Once you have selected Accessibility with the focus box, double tap anywhere on the screen.
  • Tap 1 function in use.
  • Double-tap anywhere on the screen once 1 function in use is selected with the focus box.
  • Tap the turn off button.
  • Once turn off is selected with the focus box, now double tap anywhere on the screen to turn off this feature.

Once this feature is now disabled, your phone will also revert to its original controls and the voice assistant feature will stop dictating your actions.

Turn Off Voice Assistant Samsung Tablet

You can turn off google assistant from your Samsung tablet anytime from the settings menu if you see no need for the feature anymore.

  • Navigate to and open Settings.
  • Select Search and Assistant on the left-side menu.
  • Select Google Assistant under the Search and Assistant section.
  • Select the switch at the top of the page to turn off Google Assistant.

Turn Off Voice Assistant Samsung TV

Google voice assistant allows you to communicate with your Samsung TV. Using your voice you can access entertainment, get answers on the screen, control smart devices, and lots more. You can access this feature by connecting your Samsung TV with the Google Assistant app on your smartphone. You may get tired of this feature due to personal reasons best known to the user.

If you want to change google voice assistant to amazon Alexa or Bixby’s voice, navigate to settings on your  Samsung TV. Select general,  then select Voice. Select voice assistant, and then choose either amazon Alexa or Bixby voice as your preferred assistant.

If you want to turn off the voice assistant feature on your Samsung TV, simply disconnect your Samsung TV from the google assistant app on your Samsung TV.

How to Turn Off Voice Assistant on Keyboard

If you are using voice assistant or narrator on your device we would teach you how to turn off voice assistant using your computer keyboard.

  • For easy shortcuts, if you are using Windows 10, press the Windows logo key + Ctrl + Enter on your keyboard. If you are using an earlier version of Windows press the Windows logo key + Enter.

On the sign-in screen, select the ease of access button in the lower right corner, and turn off the toggle under Narrator.

  • Go to Settings > Ease of Access > Narrator, then turn off the toggle under use Narrator.

Turn Off Voice Assistant

Why Does Google Assistant Keep Turning On

When you mistakenly press the home button this can trigger google assistant. If it gets frustrating and you want to fix this issue, follow these steps.

How to Remove Google as Your Default Assistant App

Remove google as your default assistant app and this will stop the Android feature from popping up.

  • Open Settings on your device.
  • Navigate to Apps and notifications > Default apps.
  • Tap assist and voice input.
  • Click on the Default assistant app.
  • Select none.

Disable voice detection in settings

You can disable voice detection from the settings menu of your mobile device.

  • Open your Google app.
  • Navigate More > Settings > Google Assistant.
  • Now click on voice match.
  • Then turn off the toggle.

Remove Microphone Permission for Google

  • Open settings on your mobile device.
  • Go to apps and notifications > See all apps.
  • Search for Google app and click on it.
  • Select permissions.
  • Select microphone and set it to Deny.

Completely Disable Google Assistant

The easiest way to get rid of Google Assistant is to disable it. If you don’t find it useful anymore. Follow the steps below, to completely disable it.

  • Open the Google app on your mobile device.
  • Tap the more button at the bottom right corner.
  • Select Settings > Google Assistant
  • On this page, scroll down and tap General.
  • Finally, disable the toggle for Google Assistant.

Why Can’t You Turn Off TalkBack Yet

There are three methods you can follow to turn off TalkBack, and we would quickly look at each of the steps.

Turn Off Voice Assistant

Disable TalkBack Using The Volume Key Shortcut

The fastest and easiest way to disable TalkBack on your Android device is by using the volume buttons. While setting up TalkBack on your phone, you’ll see an option to enable an Accessibility shortcut for it. If you enabled the Accessibility shortcut while setting up TalkBack on your device. You can easily disable TalkBack using the volume buttons.

  • First, locate the volume keys on your device.
  • Press and hold down the two Volume keys for 3 seconds.

You’ll hear TalkBackvoice say “TalkBack OFF”. You have successfully disabled the accessibility feature on your device.

 Turn off TalkBack From  Accessibility Settings

If TalkBack is activated you have to double-tap to select anything on the screen of your mobile device. You can disable TalkBack through the accessibility option on your android device.

  • Open Settings on your mobile device.
  • Select Accessibility and TalkBack.
  • Turn off Use TalkBack.
  • Finally, select Ok.

Turn off Using Google Assistant

You can turn off TalkBack using google assistant, follow these steps to do that.

  • Launch google assistance
  • Say “Turn off TalkBack”.

In conclusion, we have briefly taken a look at how you can easily turn off google voice assistant across all your devices. The voice assistant feature is only available on android devices although this feature is yet to be available on apple devices. Although google assistant cab is used across all your devices including android devices and apple iOS devices.

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