List of Best Free Movies Apps for Smartphones

Movies app is an application to watch movies, TV shows, full episodes in HD, download new movies. With Movies app, you simply turn your smartphone into a movie app.

Instead of going to a cinema house or pay to stream movies online,  movie apps bring direct and unrestricted access to watch and download movies from the internet on your smartphone [Android, iOS, & Windows] for free.

In this post, we take a look at the best free movies app to watch and download movies on Android and iOS other than the Showbox APK and Showbox iOS we discussed previously on this platform.

Showbox is not the only free movie app for Android, Windows, Blackberry, and iOS phones. With other movies app, you can enjoy unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of movies on your smartphone.

Therefore, and in other not to limit your mind to Showbox as the only free movies app, here we’ll share with you some popular apps that can be used to watch movies for free on smartphones and on PC and Mac computer using a smartphone emulator.

There are a bunch of apps to watch movies for free on Android and iOS devices other than the popular Showbox free movie app we are used to. Some of the free movie apps have retired and some are full of ads.

To the best of our knowledge on which app is best to watch movies for free online and on a smartphone, we have used a series of them and we are only going to share those that we have trust in and that will make streaming movies online enjoyable.

These free movies app doesn’t need additional set up once it has been successfully downloaded and installed. However, in some cases, the movies app may stop working due to internal error as seen once in Showbox. A similar approach used to fix Showbox free movies app for Android when it stopped working can be employed.

What is Free Movies App?

Let me quickly give a recap of what a free movies app is and what it does and what you can benefit from using it.

A free movies app is a smartphone app developed to enable users to stream movies for free on Android, iOS, Windows, and a Blackberry device for free. The word free means that you do not have to pay to use the app.

While most movies app contains ads as a way to generate revenue for the developer, you, however, do not need to pay and there is no commitment to using a free movies app you do not like.

If you use Showbox free movies app for Android and iOS and you are not contented with the app you can uninstall it and start to use another. It’s not a must for you to keep using only Showbox to stream movies on your smartphone.

The benefits of free movies app include not paying for online services to stream movies on your smartphone and on your other media players.

With a single movies app, you choose to go with you can start to enjoy all forms of access to both Hollywood and Bollywood movies including all local movies without spending a dime on subscription.

That is really fair enough. However, the demerit could include block access to using the free movies app of your choice due to a policy violation. In some regions, you are not allowed to use unauthorized property without permissions.

However, in such a region, streaming movies for free online may require cloning your IP address and not limited to that, you may need to use a VPN to hide your IP address to access the app contents.

Free Movies app

Free Movies App for Android & iOS

Are you ready to get the best Android and iOS apps to watch movies for free on your device without a subscription? Here are the best free movies app over the years.

Coto Movies [Bobby Movies]

Free Movies App

Coto Movies was initially called Bobby Movies. The sole purpose of Bobby Movies app was for streaming all kind of movies on smart devices for free. However, the Bobby Movie revolutionalizes to become Coto Movie.

And since the launch of Coto Movies, the free movies app has become one of the most sort apps to watch free movies on smartphones simply because it’s ads free app.

It doesn’t contain popup ads like Showbox. There is no registration needed to start using the app to stream movies online.

Movie Box

Free Movies app

MovieBox and Showbox are a similar app to watch and download movies on Android and iOS device for free. The movie box app offers direct access to tons of movies when you download and install the app on your device.

However, Movie box being one of the best free movies app to use in the recent time, the app roll out a constant update so as to stay put and maintain its usefulness to the users.

The app simple UI makes it stand out as one of the best apps to watch and download the latest, new release, TV shows, old, and upcoming movies thriller on Android and iOS phones.

Cinema Box HD

Movies app

Cinema HD is another free movies app to streaming movies online on Android for free. Just as the name implies, the app is totally free. While you are searching for an app to watch movies in a high definition only, the first choice should always be Cinema HD.

All movies that are available on the Cinema HD are all in high definition. Unlike some other free movies apps with 3GP files that can only be played on a device with small screen resolution.

If you ever want to enjoy an app that offers the totality of a movie when it comes to clarity other than the Showbox, then, Cinema HD should be a new turn for you.

Terrarium TV

Free movies app

There is a lot of update about the state of the Terrarium TV app. The most prominent among them is that Terrarium TV is dead. Yes, it’s.

However, we cannot conclude just like that as a group of developers are planning to revive the popular free movies app probably with another app that will stay put and last longer to watch and enjoy free movies on Android.

The free movies app will soon be reborn. So, don’t relinquish your loyalty for this app yet as developers on Reddit are planning to bring the app back to life.


Free Movies app

Another big fish in the ocean of free movies app is MegaBox HD. It’s a mega house for all free movies starting from the date of release and movies thrillers.

When you plan to start ahead of others to enjoy movies on release on your Android and iOS device just download MegaBox and let the app do its job.

As a user, the only assignment on your side to enjoy mega box HD movies app is to download and install the APK app and make sure you have internet access to stream at your own convenience.

There is no payment or subscription involve. All that is required of you to start watching movies on your smartphone with direct access to all HD movies is download the MegeBox app.

PlayBox HD

Free Movies app

The PlayBox HD is yet another free movies app I am a fan of. I do enjoy using the PlayBox HD app to watch TV shows, top thrillers, popular movies in various categories of the movies and film industry.

The PlayBox isn’t popular though but the app UI is another top-notch to reckon with. When it comes to top class inner built media player you can talk about the PlayBox HD.

To some extent, you can’t underestimate the feature of the free movies app comparing to other apps that are available to watch movies for free on your device.

Popcorn Time

Free movies app

I’ll personally take time off to write a review on Popcorn Time and a close app, Popcorn Flix as one of the best apps you can have to stream movies on a smartphone. However, here in this article, I’ll not go into Popcorn Time detail or review.

All you just need to know is that the Popcorn Time APK app is a great app to stream movies on Android, iOS, Windows, PC, and a Mac computer for free.


Free Movies app download

Showbox app is one of the best apps you can always dream about to have on your device as a media player app for online movies.

I, however, choose to bring Showbox down because it contains ads where users cannot do without. However, the Showbox pro doesn’t really exist.

Even when you remove ads from the Showbox, the free movies app still force itself to show ads when you first launch the app.

This demerit doesn’t make Showbox app a lesser version of itself as a free movies app though, however, the truth be told, Showbox APK and Showbox iOS is the best thing that can ever happen to a smartphone to stream movies online.

Hubi TV

Movies app for Android

This another free movies app for Android and iOS users to stream movies at any time of the day. There is no limitation to the number of movies you can stream using app on your smartphone.

However, now that movies studios are tracking users that stream contents using free movies app on their smartphone, users have started to use a VPN, therefore, if you can to use Hubi TV without limitation and without creating law infringement problem for yourself, you should consider getting a VPN.

When choosing the best movies app, Hubi TV has all the features to stand as one of the best.


Free Movies app

Crackle is another top app to streaming movies free on a smartphone without a limitation or a subscription fee. With the Crackle app, you can stream movies for free on your Android and iOS device. The crackle has been in the game for a while and it has a slim chance of shutting down anytime soon.

Crackle is own and control by Sony, so, you should expect a lot of free movies using this app. Thinking about the total number of movies you will unrestricted access to using this platform, you will want to check it out.

Just because the Crackle free movies app is own and control by Sony shouldn’t stop you from protecting your privacy online to the best you can.

Note: None of these free movies apps are available for download in the Google play store. They are all APK apps. To download them, you need to visit an APK website you trust that it cannot inject a virus or malicious code into your device.

The choice of free movies apps varies due to individual experiences. However, and over time, I have come to realize that the list of apps in this article is widely used by most Android and iOS users to stream and watch movies for free.


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