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Showbox Alternative “CotoMovies APK” Ads-Free

CotoMovies APK [download] may replace Showbox for the main time. A lot of series information has popped up that Showbox is shut down due to the error message the free movies app is displaying when trying to streaming movies on it.

Coto Movies app is the next big free movies app to download for free movies on smartphones. Coto Movies iOS works perfectly on iPhone, iPad, and iPod 6G Touch without jailbreak access. This is similar to Bobby Movies iOS 11 before it was changed to CotoMoviesApp.

Officially, Bobby movie ads-free app was shut down and Coto Movies became one of the best free movies app for Android and iOS devices.

You can replace Bobby movie for PC with the Coto APK for PC to start to search and download free movies on your PC using the bobby movie app replacement.

However, we came across Coto Movies APK, formally Bobby Movie app, as the next free movies app without ads to bring free access to unlimited numbers of movies on both Android and iOS devices.

If Showbox had shut down permanently, the free movies app may probably not come back again for users. A lot of thread talked about CotoMovies APK, the new ads free app, how the app is replacing the dead, Moviebox and Showbox.

However, the new app to watch and download movies on your Android and iOS devices include the CotoMovies app. Another version of the still existing free movies apps includes the Popcorn time, Tubi.tv, Crackle, and the rest of them.

However, in this article, we will share with you the easiest approach to download and install CotoMovies APK on Android and how to sideload the free movies app on your iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Is Coto Movies App a Legal App in the US?

No! The free movies app is far from being legal. Although, this depends on your location. But, in the united state for streaming movies on your smartphone, the CotoMovies app is not legal. While the app is ads-free and still working fine unlike the Showbox and Moviebox, you can still make do with it while it last.

Is My IP Address In Danger for Using CotoMovies App?

If you are not using a VPN service your IP is in danger for using a free app to stream a content that is not legal. A free movies’ app like Showbox before it was shut down needs a VPN to stay secure and make sure that your IP is not traceable that can warrant a fine from the law for using pirated contents.

However, over the past few weeks, we have been using Coto Movies app before Showbox was shut down with a VPN to make sure we play safe.

Use a VPN to Stream Movies on Coto Movies

Your IP address can be censored and monitor for the type of content you stream. And it doesn’t worth the trouble. However, we recommend you start to use a VPN and hide your IP address before using the free movies app.

While it’s a great idea to use a VPN whenever you want to stream movies using free movies app like CotoMovies, Popcorn time, Showbox [Shut down though] and many other, you simply keep your identity safe and leave no traces for ISP tracker to track your location or your IP address.


Download Coto Movies APK for Android

I want to believe you have a valid VPN first. If you don’t I’ll advise you go get one for a token. It is really worth it. Without using a VPN isn’t recommended in regard to this post. And if you don’t know the best VPN to use, we’ll recommend a VPN that can give you a 100% Whoer.

1. Download and install a PureVPN. It cost a few cents at the time of writing this article. And it shouldn’t cost a fortune.

2. Go to phone settings >> security >> unknown sources >> enable >> done

3. Download Coto Movies APK app from this source. Make sure you enable the VPN first to hide your IP address.

4. Swipe down the notification tray or go to your Android phone download folder and click on the CotoMovies.apk file downloaded from the above link.

5. Tap on install to the bottom right and follow the on-screen instruction to finish the installation and you are good to go.

How to Stream Movies on CotoMovies App

Next, you are ready to watch movies on your Android phone. However, the steps below show you how to stream movies using the Coto Movies APK on your smartphone.

1. Launch the PureVPN app on your smartphone or PC and connect to the desired location. Make sure you select a location different from your own location and connect before you launch the Coto Movies app.

2. Type the name of the movies you want to watch in the search box and hit search. Wait for a couple of seconds for the list of movies to display. Tap on the watch icon and wait for a couple of minutes.

3. Select the movies output and wait to start streaming.

Now, you can enjoy your free movies using the new Coto Movies, an ads-free app for free with the help of a VPN.

Note: I strongly recommend you to use a VPN to stream movies on Coto Movies to hide your location.

Coto Movies for PC

If you are familiar with Bobby movie for PC and the app was shut down without a replacement, it’s really going to hurt. However, bobby movie is replaced with Coto app. However, the same approach to download Bobby movie for PC can be used to download CotoMovies for PC.

1. Download and install BlueStacks emulator. You can use Nox player app or GenyMotion instead of BlueStacks, they work the same just with a different interface.

2. Download CotoMovies APK from the link provided above to your PC and copy and paste the Coto app installer into your computer desktop or where you can easily access it.

3. Launch the Bluestacks emulator and click on “My Apps” and then click on “Choose APK” or “Install APK” and select the CotoMovies.apk app on your computer.

Coto Movies APK

Now, the Coto app will be installed on your Windows or Mac computer using the emulator. You can also use Nox app if you are not familiar with the BlueStacks.

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