How to Download WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 Phones

WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10

WhatsApp for Blackberry download turned sour as WhatsApp dropped supports for Blackberry 10 and all non-Android Blackberry device. As all Blackberry users are now searching for how to download WhatsApp Blackberry without app world, we are here to teach you how to download WhatsApp for Blackberry 9900, z10 2018 model, WhatsApp for Blackberry passport and other Blackberry phones by download and installing WhatsApp APK.

WhatsApp is a popular messenger in the 21st century for smartphones like Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry. However, for Blackberry phone without Andriod OS such as BB10, BB Z10, BB Passport, and Blackberry 9900, users have to download WhatsApp for Blackberry Z10 APK and install it via the method that we’ll share in this article.

WhatsApp for Blackberry Download

Let talk about how to download WhatsApp for Blackberry 10 phones and how to install the latest WhatsApp for Blackberry device. This trick to download WhatsApp for Blackberry 9810 and other BB is tested and trusted and you have little to do to download WhatsApp z10 APK and install it on your Blackberry device.

WhatsApp is so popular that smartphone users cannot do without it that has shadowed other Messengers like Yahoo, Viber, Skype, and others.

WhatsApp is the most widely used mobile chat app for Windows, Android, iOS, and Blackberry device. Before, Blackberry users out-numbered Android users but the moment Facebook announced dropping support for Blackberry from using Whatsapp, Blackberry starts to experience a decrease in users.

However, to download WhatsApp for Blackberry becomes a headache for Blackberry users with no hope of other chat apps to replace WhatsApp in no time. But with WhatsApp for Blackberry download story became entirely new.

The rumor which spread over the internet late 2016 that WhatsApp will be dropping support for Blackberry also extended the announcement to the older device with BB OS 7 has been extended to late 2018.

Meanwhile, if you have used Blackberry Q10 and Blackberry Curve 9300 and Blackberry 9320 you would probably want to use WhatsApp BlackBerry Z10 without app world [Blackberry apps download store].

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WhatsApp Blackberry Trick

The hope of WhatsApp for Blackberry users would probably have come to an end without the launch of BB10. If you are a true fan of Blackberry you should have a special feeling for Blackberry 10, Z3, Z10, Q10 and few other Blackberry devices.

However, if you are having a hard time installing Whatsapp for Blackberry 10, here in this post we would teach you how to download WhatsApp for Blackberry z10 APKCfile not required.

An undenied truth is that Blackberry OS running on devices such as  Z10, Z3, Z30, Q5, and Q10 support Android apps installation. Despite this, you may still not be able to run Android apps on Blackberry, most especially you may not be able to run WhatsApp on Blackberry 10 due to some bugs that needed to be fixed.

However, before you can start to use Whatsapp on Blackberry 10 you first need to fix all the bugs.

The major Blackberry Whatsapp problem since Facebook, the parent company for Whatsapp has announced that they will stop support for Blackberry, the few Blackberry devices that are capable of using Android apps has started behaving so funny by developing a kind of bug when you try to install WhatsApp on them.

 WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10

How to Fix The Bugs

Before you can Install Android apps on Blackberry z10 including WhatsApp you need to fix the bug emerging from Blackberry whenever one tries to install the most used chatting app.
To fix the emerging bugs emanating whenever you try to download Whatsapp for Blackberry 10, first download and install BlackBerry Runtime for Android Applications and it’s available in Blackberry app world.

What is Blackberry Runtime?

Blackberry Runtime is similar to Android emulator to run Android apps on Windows and Mac computers. The BB runtime is a software or program that act as a host of another app on a device that doesn’t support it.
This implies that for Android apps to work effectively on Blackberry without stopping, it must be installed after you have created an enabling environment for the app on your BB.
Therefore, since we are interested in how to download WhatsApp for Blackberry without app word and without downloading WhatsApp Z10 APK app, then, we need to download and install Runtime app on Blackberry to be able to download and install WhatsApp on Blackberry that doesn’t support WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp for Blackberry

After you have successfully downloaded and installed BlackBerry Runtime for Android Applications you will then need to proceed to the next steps to download and install WhatsApp for Android 10 OS running series at your disposal.
If you have hard-time download the Blackberry runtime for Android applications from Blackberry app world here is the direct link to download at

WhatsApp for Blackberry 10

WhatsApp has an official link to download WhatsApp for Blackberry for all BB in the “10” series. Visiting the official WhatsApp website will open you to various devices available for WhatsApp. You can either download Whatsapp for your Blackberry 10 on PC and then transfer it to your Blackberry via USB before installation or visit Whatsapp on your BB10 browser to download latest WhatsApp for your Blackberry.

However, if you have already installed BlackBerry Runtime for Android Applications you can install Android WhatsApp instead of Blackberry WhatsApp and it will work.

WhatsApp For Blackberry 10 Not Working

If after you have successfully downloaded and installed Whatsapp on your Blackberry there is a possibility for you to face some itch such as the inability to upload image or video to your WhatsApp account.

This is due to WhatsApp API permission which is not supported by Blackberry.

However, if you have problem uploading and downloading videos, images, and documents after you have successfully installed WhatsApp on your Blackberry you may uninstall it and install an older version of WhatsApp follow the process explained above.

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