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How to Get 50GB With MTN WeChat Cheat

MTN Nigeria has three different plans for WeChat users and the WeChat #50 cheat is blazing and giving subscribers a whopping 5GB for each subscription. The new MTN WeChat cheat works on Android, Windows, iPhone, and Mac computers.

It’s a 50 subscription with an unlimited data cap. As at the time of writing this article, I have been able to gather 20GB from the MTN WeChat cheat. The WeChat has a different subscription. However, it’s the only #50 subscription that works like magic SIM with 5,000MB upon activation.

If you are searching for the MTN WeChat browsing code and cheat here is an article for. Here I will share with you the step-by-step procedures to subscribe to the MTN WeChat #50 subscription to get 5GB in return.

I will also share with you how to check your WeChat cheat data balance to know how many data you have left.

MTN WeChat Cheat

MTN WeChat Cheat Doesn’t Work on All SIMs

You heard me right. The newly discovered WeChat cheat only works on some selected SIM and tariff. When we discovered the cheat, it works on some MTN tariff and it doesn’t work on some tariffs whether the SIM is new or old.

Of all the MTN tariff both on new SIM and old SIM, it works on SIMs with 080,070, 081, and 090. But select tariffs.

The new WeChat cheat works on MTN Beta Talk, MTN Goodybag. I have only seen people using it on Goodybag and I am using the WeChat cheat on my MTN Beta Talk.

It doesn’t work on my MTN iPulse SIM. Although I was able to subscribe to the WeChat #50 weekly plan, neither WeChat data nor WeChat data cheap was given.

Subscribe to WeChat Plan on MTN

There is no special cheat for the WeChat plan on MTN. This is probably as a result of loopholes on MTN server. However, this Wechat cheat may stop working at any moment. So, enjoy the cheat while it last.

  • Dial *662#
  • Type “6” and press “Send”
  • Type “2” and press “Send”
  • Type “1” and press send to activate “WeChat weekly plan for “#50”
  • Done

You WeChat weekly plan will be activated and you will be given 5GB per subscription.

How to Check MTN WeCheat Data

The most important thing is to see the Data as expected and see it working on your device. However here is how to check the MTN WeChat data you get with the WeChat code above.

MTN WeChat Cheat

  • Go to your phone dialer
  • Dial *131*4#

You remaining total data plan will be displayed. Note that MTN may choose to send the information by SMS. If you are unable to check the WeChat balance repeat the process again.

MTN WeChat Cheat FAQ

Here are some responses to some frequently asked questions on the new MTN WeChat cheat you should know.

Q. Does it work on all SIMs

A. No! It only works on some selected SIMs

Q. Can I get more than 5G?

A. Yes, if it works for you, you can get a minimum of 2GB

Q. Does the MTN WeChat Cheat works on PC

A. Yes, it works on all devices.

Q. Can I Share it with my friends

A. You can share the data bundle with your friends using the MTN data sharing code. However, you can share with your friends using HotSpot and turn your phone to MiFi or WiFi.

Q. Will MTN block the WeChat cheat?

A. It’s possible. MTN many block the cheat anytime soon

Please let us know if you are able to subscribe to the MTN WeChat for #50 and get 5GB or More.

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