How to Start Paramount Plus Free Trial

Is it true that a Paramount Plus Free Trial exists? Yes, it is made available to all Paramount Plus subscribers. If you choose Paramount Plus, you are entitled to access the Paramount Plus Free Trial as a freebie. You are allowed to stream any content you value for a whole week.

A Paramount Plus Free Trial is given to you to taste what Paramount Plus has on the table for you if you decide to partner with them. And I am very sure, you will not regret taking the action of partnering with them as it relates to the different types of streaming events you will consume.

Everyone likes to know more or test the product he or she will like to buy, no one likes to waste resources on things that are not worth it. Everyone is curious about a brand. No matter what anyone says concerning a product, it cannot influence one’s decision to purchase an item.

Until the product is tried and trusted, no buyer feels compelled to purchase the untrusted and untried item. There is a saying which states that “seen is believing.”. The company might be making many statements about a particular product as a form of marketing. But no buyer will be convinced or influenced to purchase the product, but until the product solves a problem or dissolves a pain point, that is, meeting a need of a buyer none will buy.

When we talk of branding, it means what people think about a product goes a long way, not what a company says about its product. So, in short, Paramount Plus understands the concept or meaning of branding, Paramount Plus is giving you free hand to try out their product for a week.

Though Paramount Plus is not free, Paramount Plus has two plans, namely, Essential Plan which is before known as Limited Commercials Plan which is $4.99 per month and Premium Plan which is also formerly known as Commercial-Free Plan is $9.99 per month. Whichever plan you choose has its peculiarity. But the higher the price of a plan the more the Paramount Plus features to enjoy.

We will consider the features of those plans now so that you can be familiar with any plan you might like.

 Essential Plan

The essential plan has the following features

  • Streaming with limited ads.
  • Watching 30,000+ video episodes and movies on demand.
  • Watching Champions Live with NFL on CBS.
  • No local news.
  • 24/7 national news on CBSN
  • Getting access to Paramount Plus original programming.
  • No Local and national CBS channel.

Activate Paramount Plus On Xfinity TV

Premium Plan

Premium also has the following features

  • Streaming with no ads except the live TV and a few shows.
  • Watching 30,000+ video episodes, originals, and movies on demand.
  • Watching EUFA Champions League with NFL on CBS and an additional top soccer league. Various sports also are available.
  • Local and national news with CBSN or CBS live.
  • Local and national CBS channel.
  • Downloads of TV shows for offline use.  

NB: If you are on Limited Commercials Plan before which contains local CBS channel but Limited Commercials Plan has been stopped and Essential Plan has been introduced but Essential Plan do not have local CBS channel. If you did not cancel your Limited Commercials Plan, you will still be enjoying the local CBS channel. If you cancel the Limited Commercials Plan, then, you will only have the opportunity to choose between the Essential Plan or Premium Plan.

The above features are the features of the plans that Paramount Plus offers. Briefly, I will be showing you how to sign up for the Paramount Plus Free Trial below, just follow the guide as you read on.

How to Sign up for the Paramount Plus Free Trial?

To sign up for the Paramount Plus Free Trial is not a much adventure, just within a few minutes, you are done.

Start Paramount Plus Free Trial

  • Take time to visit the Paramount Plus website (
  • Then, hit the Try It Free button on the Paramount Plus website page.
  • And press Continue to choose your desired subscription either Limited Commercial plan($4.99) per month and $49.99 per year, the yearly plan saves you ($10). If it is a CommercialFree plan you value, it is $9.99 per month, and $99.99 per year, this also saves you($20).
  • You will now enter all your necessary information together with your payment method.
  • That is it, you are now done, the next thing is to begin to stream any contents that please you better on Paramount Plus Free Trial.

I will also be showing you how to subscribe to Essential and Premium Plans below.

Subscription to Essential or Premium Plan.

I will be revealing how you can subscribe to Essential Plan very shortly, and I will take on Samsung TV as an example of a TV device to use.

  • From the Settings of your Samsung TV remote control.
  • Then, click on Subscriptions, try to pick on manage Subscriptions.
  • Now, select the Essential Plan or Premium Plan.

This is the end of how to subscribe to Paramount Plus Free Trial with a subscription to Essential and Premium Plans.

Should you have any little difficulties, kindly contact us below.

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