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How to Fix Roku Error Code 014.20

In a scenario whereby your other devices are connecting normally and properly with your wireless network without any issues, but unfortunately, the Roku device is unable to establish a strong or stable network connection from your router then the Roku error code 014.20 will appear on your screen. If your device is displaying the error code 014.20 on your Roku, it basically means there is a problem with your network. Do not worry, though; it is easy to clear the error.

There are different ways that can be used to fix the error, and it is up to you to use that which suits you and your device best.

Two ways to fix the Roku error code 014.20, however, is that you can either reboot your device (which works most times) or, in some cases, you may need to restore your Roku device to factory setting.Roku error code 014.20

How to Fix Roku Error Code 014.20

The following approaches are ways to fix the error code 014.20 on your Roku.

 1. Use an Ethernet Connection

  • Connect your Roku device to a cable modem.
  • Make sure you ensure that the settings that show you have connected to a cable modem are reflected on Roku.
  • Finish your Ethernet connection process and navigate Roku settings.
  • Tap on the wireless connection.
  • Select your internet network provider. In some cases, your Roku will prompt you to enter your security password, do so.
  • Do not forget that the password you are entering is case sensitive, so capital letters should not be put where small letters should be.
  • The Roku error code 014.20 would have been fixed, check to confirm.

Should the error code 014.20 however, persist, no worries, there is a second solution. The steps below will give you an alternative to solving the issue.

 2. Restore to Factory Settings

This solution is to restore or reset your Roku to the default factory settings.

  • Click the Home button on your Roku Remote.
  • Press the UP arrow button or the button that takes you to the menu bar.
  • Click settings
  • Select the factory reset option
  • When prompted, choose
  • The Roku error code 014.20 should have been cleared.

 3. Increase Signal Strength

Another way of clearing the error code is by improving the signal strength of your router. This is done by placing the router near the Roku device. This will clear any hurdle that may be obstructing the signal.

If your router has been placed far from your Roku device, the signal strength will have been weakened, which would bring the Roku error code 014.20. Therefore, you need to change this.

  • Place the router very close to the Roku device – not more than 3 feet away.
  • Reboot your router
  • Do the same for your Roku device.
  • Wait about 30 seconds to 60 seconds before restarting.

4. Restart the Roku Device

If you do not know how to restart your Roku device and router, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Settings menu on Roku.
  • Select System.
  • Choose the System Restart option.
  • Your Roku device will restart by itself.

To reboot the router, all you need do is unplug it from the power source and plyg back in after a minute. Both devices will take a few minutes to completely restart.

This will fix the Roku Error Code 014.20, and therefore the Roku device will be able to establish a strong connection to the local network.

Nevertheless, you should know that the Roku Error code 014 is an error message that was used by the programmers for any error or problem that is related to network connection and connectivity issues.

Should in case you are getting a Roku Error  014, especially while you are attempting to establish a wireless network connection, try connecting your Roku to the network by using an Ethernet cable.

Now, this is not a permanent solution; however but usually, when you connect your Roku device to the internet through the use of an Ethernet cable, you will be able to get past the problem of an outdated firmware.

Some quick tips for updating your Roku in case you do not have an Ethernet cable:

  • Click check for updates, and should in case there is an available update, your Roku automatically downloads it.
  • After the completion of the Roku update,

Do not forget that it is compulsory to restart your device. To do this, simply unplug your Roku from the source of power. Wait for 60 seconds before plugging back the device, and your error should be cleared by now.

Note that it is also possible that the main reason for the Roku Error Code 014 is an outdated wireless firmware as stated earlier. Therefore, using an Ethernet cable to connect your Roku device will allow the Roku to automatically download the latest update.

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