Netflix Error Code 115 [Quick Guide to Fix]

Among the ugly parts of Netflix comes the Netflix errors, which, as you would have probably experienced by now, can be very stressful and frustrating. What do you do when you see Netflix error 115 on your screen? Read this article to get your answer.

Netflix being arguably the most popular entertainment application out there today, can be enjoyed by anyone. With a limitless experience of entertainment on offer, it has an inexpensive subscription to our credit.

With the Netflix Error 115, however, you are bound to experience technical glitches and issues while using streaming content on Netflix. These errors, though, are not permanent and can certainly be resolved.

Plenty subscribers of Netflix come in contact with Netflix Error 115 while streaming, so you are certainly not the only one.

You would have been prompted with messages like “you cannot use Netflix on this device from this location” or “Unable to connect to Netflix, Please try again later”, indications that you are experiencing the error.

It could even be, sometimes, that Netflix may experience an outage such as Netflix NSES 500, and as a result, you may experience this error.

How To Resolve Netflix Error 115

There are some solutions you could try to fix error 115. Provided in this article are troubleshooting steps to make use of.

Update the Network Settings

It has become a fact that, at times, when you experience Netflix error 115, you are more likely to experience an issue in the network. You can fix this error easily by updating the network settings. You can follow these steps to update;

  • First, go to the main menu.
  • Next, locate the settings option and select it.
  • Navigate to the general option and select it.
  • Select the network option.
  • Next, choose the network option between Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  • If you have Wi-Fi, then select the ‘Wi-Fi network.’
  • Next, select configure IP, then select an automatic option.
  • Go to DNS, select configure DNS and then select automatically.

If you select the ethernet option;

  • go to the ethernet option.
  • Select configure IP and then choose the automatic option.
  • Next, choose to configure DNS and then select an automatic option.
  • Next, locate the menu option to return the main menu. Try to see if this resolves the Netflix error 115.

Restart the Home Network to fix Netflix error 115

Restarting the home network is another troubleshooting technique that can help you in fixing error 115. What you have to do is to follow a few easy steps and the error can be resolved in just a matter of a few minutes.It is worthy to mention that you first have to make sure you unplug the device for at least a minute or so. Follow these steps;

  • turn off the streaming media player and unplug it.
  • Wait for some time.
  • Next, plug out the modem and the router. Wait for a while.
  • Plugin the modem and the route. The wait for the lights to get stable. Do note that this could take some of your time.
  • Next, plugin and turn the streaming media player.
  • Now try to connect the Streaming Media Player to the Modem Directly

You could be using a wireless network and the solution mentioned earlier just will not work. You can do the following;

  • First, turn off the streaming media player.
  • Use an ethernet cable to plug in the media player directly with the modem.
  • Plug out the power of the modem for at least a minute.
  • Then, plug in the power again and wait until all of the lights on the modem are stable.
  • Next, plugin and turn on the streaming media player.

Try Restoring the Default Settings

It could be that the Netflix error 115 occurred because you have changed the settings of the connection. In a situation like that, you will have to restore the default settings and the error will be easily fixed. Follow these steps to fix this error;

  • First, check whether you are connected to a VPN or you are connected to a proxy server, as this could be the reason behind error 115.
  • Disable the VPN connection or the proxy server and then connect to the home network.
  • Next, check if you have changed the streaming media player to custom DNS settings.
  • Reset the streaming device to DNS automatically. You can contact experts if you wish to know more about changing the DNS.

Improve the Wi-Fi Signals to fix Netflix error 115

Another troubleshooting technique is to improve the Wi-Fi signals. The reason behind Netflix error code 115 could be poor Wi-Fi signals. Resolve that with these steps;

  • First, change the location of the router. If the router is located in the middle of your home, it will show better signals.
  • Next, move the wireless devices away from the router. Wireless interference and result in weaker signals most of the time.
  • Lastly, ensure you raise the router to an elevated position. Elevating the position of the router will only bring for a better Wi-Fi signal

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