How to Remove XviD Codec Virus

If your computer is infected with an XviD codec virus and you are looking for how to completely remove this virus from your computer here is a guide for you

The Xvid codec virus is often used by hackers to carry out fraudulent activities. When the virus gets into your computer it can get sensitive information such as your financial details and send it to the hacker without your knowledge.

Since we know how dangerous the Xvid virus is, it is important to take the security of your system seriously. For security purposes, you need to install antivirus software on your computer to prevent such viruses on your computer system.

Here in this article, we would briefly discuss the XviD codec virus and how to remove it.

 XviD Codec Virus

Xvid Codec Virus

The XviD codec virus is a Trojan variant that is extremely dangerous and it accounts for 75% or more of all malware infections.

Trojan viruses are often hidden with malicious codes in software by an attacker. When this software is downloaded and installed on your computer the virus will gain access to your computer and steal vital information.

The Xvid codec virus is also used to spy on its victims. It can be employed for the purpose of tapping into your webcam and mic or monitoring your screen.

The most common way a Trojan malware or virus finds its way into your computer is by downloading from un-trusted sources.

When the XviD codec virus enters the storage device file. All the data available in the file will be affected including the Xvid files.

Trojans such as the XviD codec virus have many different uses as coded by the attacker. It is commonly used by cybercriminals to steal money from your bank accounts, steal your credit card details, etc.

A Trojan virus or malware can stay on an infected computer for months without being noticed.

But when you notice that there is a sudden change in your computer settings, reduced computer performance, or unusual activity being carried out on your computer these are some signs of a Trojan virus and should be immediately removed from your computer.

Downloading the Xvid software from an unlicensed third-party app is the most common reason you find your computer is infected with an Xvid codec virus.

To prevent an Xvid codec virus from finding its way into your computer you should download the XviD software from the source ( which is free of malware.

 XviD Codec Virus

What is an XviD Codec?

The Xvid software is open-source software that can be reviewed by anyone. This makes it easy for hackers to target and embed malware in it.

An Xvid Codec is a video decoder and encoder that gives good picture quality and compression efficiency. The free video codec has high performance, strong compression, and great quality.

Xvid runs very fast and it is optimized to run on the latest CPU. It records video from a camera in real time and plays back HD video smoothly.

The XviD compressed software is compatible with different operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is supported by the most popular video players.

The XviD compressed video files can play on most systems. Xvid videos can be played on devices such as your TV or DVD player.

You can use the Xvid codec to compress video files to make them smaller and can be up to a ratio of 200:1 or more. This would save you some space on your computer’s file memory. Also transmitting a compressed video over a network will be fast.

Is Xvid Codec a Virus?

The Xvid codec virus is a Trojan malware that affects Xvid video files by entering your storage device. It is dangerous and harmful to your computer system. They can destroy valuable information on your computer.

There are two major ways the Xvid codec virus can find its way into your computer and they include:

Downloading files or applications that have been corrupted with a Trojan-like virus such as an Xvid codec virus.

The other way a Trojan-like virus like the XviD codec virus can find its way to your computer is usually when you connect an external infected device to your computer system.

Can I Uninstall XviD

If the Xvid software is referred to as malicious by some websites or if it causes your system to hang or become unresponsive you may want to uninstall the Xvid software on your phone.

How to Uninstall Xvid

Below are steps you can follow on how to uninstall Xvid completely

Uninstall Xvid Codec Using a Third-Party Uninstaller

  • Download and install Revo uninstaller pro.
  • Start the Revo uninstaller pro.
  • Open the module “Logs Database”.
  • Type “Xvid codec” in the search box, and in the database, you will see all the logs of XviD that are compatible with your windows.
  • From the list, select the correct log by version and tap the uninstall button from the toolbar.
  • You will see Pop up of the download and import log of the Revo uninstaller and the uninstall dialog to see the progress of the uninstall XviD codec file.

Uninstall Xvid Codec Through Apps and Features

  • Open the Start Menu on your device.
  • Then type Apps and Feature.
  • Search for Xvid Codec
  • Click on XviD in the list displayed.
  • Click on uninstall to remove the Xvid file

What is Xvid Codec Used For?

Xvid is a MPEG-4 video codec for PC and it’s seen as a ZIP for video. It is used to compress video or quicker transmission over a computer network and for efficient storage on a computer disk. 

It removes information that is not necessary from video to attain a higher compression rate while maintaining good visual quality.

Are Codecs Safe to Download?

Xvid codec software is safe to download on It is available as a ready-made installer package and it’s easy to set up. It’s available for download for windows and Linux.

But if you come across a website that asks you to download codec software to play a video. You should avoid such websites unless it’s a torrent websites they can be infected with a malware Xvid codec virus that will infect your computer

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