[3 Proven Fixes] – Roomba Side Brush not Spinning

Are you unable to determine what is behind your Roomba side brush not spinning? Well, you are not alone.

The Roomba side brush has three bristles that spin while the Roomba vacuum moves around. When it stops spinning. Specks of dirt are the most likely culprits.

Yes, dirt, such as hair, could clog up the brush motor and stop it from spinning. That, however, is not the only culprit for your Roomba side brush not spinning

In other scenarios, the Roomba might be old or damaged, making it work either slowly or not to work at all.

Either way, it can also be caused by a blockage or defect in the brush motor.

And since you are here, I will be carefully breaking down all the reasons why this has happened and the proven things you can do to resolve it even if you are not good with electronics.

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Why is my Roomba Side Brush not Spinning?

roomba side brush not spinning

After reading the information above, you should have a better understanding of the potential cause of your Roomba side brush not spinning.

If that is the case, I’ll thoroughly break down what to check for if your Roomba suddenly stops spinning and the reason why it has stopped spinning in the first place.

Your Roomba Side Brush Module is Jammed

The most frequent cause of the Roomba side brush not spinning is dirt and debris, such as hair, that is clogging the brush.

You might be shocked to see how much dust and debris have accumulated behind the side brush if you haven’t checked in a while. 

That is why you must first examine it.

Additionally, when the side brush gearbox is filled with dirt and grime, the side brush motor may also stop functioning.

The Roomba Side Brush Motors are not Well Lubricated

A Roomba side brush not Spinning freely can also be caused by a bad motor.

It is not immediately apparent, though, unless you’ve been using it for a while and you notice a decrease in the cleaning time or runtime.

If this occurs to you, don’t worry; if you contact iRobot and describe the side brush’s behaviour, they will send you a warranty replacement.

Some of the Components might be Damaged

After trying every piece of internet advice, the last and most frequent cause of your Roomba side brush not spinning is if any of the parts are damaged.

It might be hard to figure it out straight away, but you can figure it out by running the demo on your Roomba and seeing whether the side brush motor activates as it should.

Everything is good if the side brush turns on, but if it doesn’t, the module could have failed.

However, if the Roomba motor is operating but the side brush does not appear to be spinning, it is necessary to check the yellow part of the side brush for rips or cracks.

Now that you’re aware of the various causes of your Roomba brush not spinning, let’s look at some possible solutions.

How to Fix a Roomba Side Brush that is not Spinning

roomba side brush not spinning

Understanding how to fix it won’t be too difficult now that you’ve gone over the reasons why your Roomba side brush isn’t spinning.

Having said that, keep reading because I’ll go over tried-and-true troubleshooting methods for fixing the Roomba’s side brush not spinning.

Take out the Dirt from the Roomba Brush

Empty your iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner of all the dust that has gathered behind the side brush module to remove the dirt from the side brush.

Here is how to go about that:

  • Make sure you use a screwdriver to remove any exposed screws.
  • Remove and clean the side brush now.
  • Finally, screw everything up again by replacing the side brush module.

After properly cleaning the side brush, reassemble it and make sure it spins freely before doing so.

If it starts spinning, the problem is fixed. However, if it still won’t turn after that, inspect the gearbox.

Clean the Roomba Gearbox

Another element that can be blamed for your Roomba Brush not spinning is the gearbox, but all you have to do is clean it.

That being said, here is how to go about it.

  • Simply use a screwdriver to remove all exposed screws.
  • After removing the back cover, loosen the module’s screws to elevate it.
  • Then you’ll discover a screw securing the lid. Simply remove it and lift the lid.
  • Then, lift the lid. The gears will be visible from the inside.
  • Next, take each piece of equipment apart and clean off any dust, filth, hair, or other obstacles you can see with your own eyes.
  • After removing all of the hair and dust, oil the gears so they can operate smoothly.

NB: Lubricating the gears are important, but you need to avoid putting too much grease into the gear.

Lubricate the Side Brush Motor Shaft

You must get access to the side brush motor to oil it. When you get to the side brush motor, all you have to do is grease it with some oil to keep it running smoothly.

If you accomplish this correctly, the side brush should move more easily even after some blockage has occurred.

  • Reassemble the side brush gearbox.
  • Next, attach the side brush and spin it by hand before reinstalling it to determine if it spins freely.
  • If it does not, reassemble it.

Your Roomba j7 Side Brush is not Spinning

You only need to check the side brush for hairs and dirt if you have a Roomba J7+ model and your Roomba side brush is not rotating.

Additionally, you can also lubricate the gearbox and the motor of the vehicle. If that doesn’t work out for you,

Roomba Side Brush no Longer Spins after Replacement

You don’t need to be worried if you recently purchased a replacement Roomba vacuum and want to use it but realized that it is no longer spinning.

The side brush motor is a common cause of this. So all you need to do is oil the side brush motor and check to see whether it works.

The Roomba Side Brush is not always Spinning

This situation is very similar to that previously mentioned. Perhaps you’ve tried a variety of approaches, or you’ve decided to ignore the problem.

In any case, you may fix this by lubricating the side brush motor, replacing the gearbox, or cleaning the side brush.

If you have the time, tackling each one separately and testing the vacuum afterwards will be useful.

For additional information on how to do that, consult your handbook if you’re having a hard time figuring out any of the parts or contact iRobot customer operator.

The Roomba i3 side brush is not Spinnin

If you own a Roomba i3, simply follow the steps outlined above to determine how to fix your Roomba side brush not spinning. 

Roomba’s Side Brush is Spinning Slowly

The only reason your Roomba side brush is spinning slowly is that the motor is old and needs a replacement. However, it could also be the case when some dirt has partially clogged the side brush motor, reducing its speed.

Either way, you should check for these two culprits to see where the problem is coming from.


After reading this article, you should have a good understanding of how to fix your roommate’s side brush not spinning and why it happened in the first place.

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