YT MP3: How to Convert YouTube Video to MP3

With service like YT MP3 converter, you can convert YouTube videos to MP3 without apps or software for smartphone and computer respectively. The way YouTube is designed users cannot download YouTube video and convert it directly to MP3. Except with the use of YouTube downloader for Android phones and iOS devices.

YT MP3 website is designed to rip MP3 from YouTube video to phones online. The standalone website, YTMP3 works exactly like YouTube video downloader and video converter from MP4 to MP3.

YouTube is designed and sectioned into categories. You can download MP3 from YouTube using a standalone website like YTMP3 downloader. This YouTube to MP3 converter website can convert anything from YouTube to MP3.

However, if you are stalk and don’t know the best MP3 downloader to download YouTube video and convert the video to MP3, websites like,,,, and should be used to download and extract MP3 from YouTube videos.

The process to rip MP3 from YouTube MP4 involves visiting a standalone website “” and paste the YouTube video you want to convert from MP4 to MP3 and click the conversion button.


What is YT MP3 YouTube to MP3 Converter

Have you ever got stalked and think of the best way to extract only MP3 from a YouTube video instead of downloading the video and later rip the MP3? Well, if yes you are not alone. I was in this shoe some weeks ago when I want to download a video song from YouTube few day ago and couldn’t get a viable app other than TubeMate MP4 to MP3 converter app. After a long search, I found YT MP3 YouTube to MP3 video converter and I was able to use the standalone website to extract MP3 from the MP4.

Meanwhile, with video players like VLC, MXtape, and other viable video players for Android and iOS phones you can listen to the video as MP3 on your phone. Also, you can stream YouTube video live on your Android and iOS phones using these apps.

Meanwhile, YTMP3 is not an Android app or iOS MP4 to MP3 converter app. Rather, a website where you just copy and paste YouTube video URL into the website column and click convert button to convert any YouTube video from MP4 to MP3.

YT MP3: How to Convert YouTube Video to MP3

If you have a YouTube video you will love to download its song here is the process to extract its MP3 from the video and listen to it on your phone. Here I have provided a step-by-step procedure to convert YouTube video to MP3 without using any app or computer software.

1. Open any browser on your computer or phone desktop and visit YouTube “official website

2. Search for the video you want to rip the MP3 and copy the video URL either from the address bar or right click on the video and copy video URL.


3. Open another tab on your computer or phone browser and visit the standalone website “” and paste the copied YouTube video URL from step 3 above.


4. Click  “convert to MP3” inscription in blue color on MP4 to MP3 converter homepage.

5. YT MP3 will start converting your video to MP3. This may take some time depending on the length of the video you want to convert. After conversion click  “Download button” to download the converted MP3.


Finally: YTMP3 can only convert a video with a maximum length of 2 hours. However, a video with over 2 hours in length can be converted twice. However, if you don’t have a video up to 2 hours you can simply use YT MP3 standalone website to convert the MP4 to MP3 for free and without registration and without downloading or installing any app on either your PC or phone.

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