How to Share WiFi Passwords on iPhone

Wi-Fi mechanism is configured in a way that it allows sharing and multiple connections. Mobile devices need a password that serves as an authorization to connect to another phone’s Wi-Fi. This article will teach you how to share Wi-Fi Passwords on iPhone if you are a rich and cheerful giver.

Wi-Fi passwords can be very lengthy. Yes, that’s for security’s sake. You don’t want your little smart cousin who knows virtually everything about you to guess your password. So you got to make it a little bit lengthy and hard to guess.

Meanwhile, this technique also makes sharing a bit difficult, but luckily, Apple established a new Wi-Fi authorization feature so you will not have to go through the stress of bending backward to check the password off the back of the router.

What is needed to Share Wi-Fi Passwords on iPhone?

Conventionally, the method is to download an app to authorize and share Wi-Fi passwords wirelessly on the iPhone. Unfortunately, these Wi-Fi password sharing software were often attacked by hitches and crashed sometimes. This makes them unreliable especially when they are needed the most. Just like an angel and savior, Apple integrated a safe and trusted Wi-Fi authorization feature with the release of the iPhone 11 Operating system.

In earnest, to be able to share Wi-Fi passwords on your iPhone, make sure the iOS 11 is installed on your device.

To check and be sure of the version of your iOS, follow this quick guide
• Open the Settings App
• Click on General
• The About

Check the number next to the version. If the number starts with 11, your device is running the iOS 11.
If contrarily you don’t have the iOS 11 installed on your iPhone, follow this short guide to update to the latest version;

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on General
  • Then proceed to Software Update.
  • Tap Download and Install to update your iPhone software. Meanwhile, this process can last a while, so you are advised to plug your device into a power source.

When the upgrade is done, and you are ready to share the Wi-Fi password on iPhone or iPad, ensure the devices are close to each other. Placing devices far apart may bring about a weak connection or not being able to share passwords at all. Advisably, hold your iPhone or iPad next to the device you want to share your Wi-Fi password with.

How to Share Wi-Fi Passwords on iPhone

Having done all necessary things, follow this guide to share your iPhone password

  • Go to the Settings app
  • Click on Wi-Fi
  • Below “Choose a network” tap the name of the network you want to authorize
  • Place your iPhone or iPad close to the other device that has connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Meanwhile, if you wish to send your Wi-Fi password to a friend’s device follow his guide;
    • Unlock your iPhone or iPad device
    • Place your iPhone or iPad close to your friend’s device.
  • A notification will appear on your iPhone asking whether you wish to Share your Wi-Fi
  • Click the gray Send Password option.
  • Click Done once the password has been sent and received.

There you go. That’s how to share iPhone Wi-Fi Password.

Meanwhile, you might be having trouble with how to share Wi-Fi password on your iPhone, let’s solve it with this quick guide.

How to Solve Troubles when trying to Share Wi-Fi Password on iPhone

Do the following if you are unable to share your Wi-Fi password on your iPhone.

A Software upgrade

Your device might be needing a software upgrade. Not having the iOS 11 won’t let you share Wi-Fi passwords. Therefore;

• Make sure your device is up to date and has the iOS 11, if not, follow the guide we gave on upgrading your iOS.

A Restart

If unable to share Wi-Fi passwords after upgrading your iOS to 11 (if needed), you should try restarting your iPhone for a fresh start, which in most cases can fix minor software hitches or technical problems. Check this interesting read on how to restart your iPhone.

Turn Wi-Fi off, then On again

When unable to share Wi-Fi passwords with your iPhone, the issue can be tracked down to its connection with the Wi-Fi network you wish to share. Therefore turning your Wi-Fi off and then on is a possible way to fix this. To do this;

  • Go to the Settings app
  • Tap on Wi-Fi
  • Tap the switch beside Wi-Fi to deactivate it
  • The switch would turn grey and stay on the left side when it’s off
  • Now tap on it again to change its position and turn it back on

Put devices in close range

Another method to use in ensuring that all things are set to share Wi-Fi passwords on iPhone is to put the devices close to each other. This eliminates any possibility of the devices being out of range, which won’t allow for a connection.

What is your experience with sharing Wi-Fi passwords on iPhone? Do let us know in the comment session.

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