How to Screenshot on iPhone 12

How to Screenshot on iPhone 12 has been explained in this article, and all you need to know about screenshots in iPhone 12 series has also been included.

Have you recently upgraded from any of the least iPhones to iPhone 12 Pro? Welcome to the world of Face ID and the gesture-based navigation system on the iPhone. You will only miss the Home button on iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max when trying to take a screenshot. The lack of a home button means that taking a screenshot on the iPhone 12 Pro is different from taking a screenshot on older iPhones.

However, if you’ve used an iPhone X, iPhone XS, or even an iPhone XR before, then you are familiar with the process. Because the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max doesn’t have a home button, Apple uses a different hardware keyboard shortcut on the device to take screenshots.

This article explains how to take a screenshot on iPhone 12, where to find it, and how to share it.

You can find all of your screenshots in the Screenshots album in the Photos app. This album is automatically created like the selfies album. Every screenshot you take is automatically added to this album. Just open the Photos app and tap the Albums tab. Scroll down to Media Types, and you will find the Screenshots album listed. You can also access all of your screenshots from the Recent menu in the Photos app.

People mainly use the volume up and power button combination to take screenshots on my iPhone. And when the hands are full, they order Siri to finish the screenshot job for me. Which Option to Take Screenshots on iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max? 

let us move n to how to Screenshot on iPhone 12.

How to Screenshot on iPhone 12

The explanation below talks about how to Screenshot on iPhone 12:

Taking a screenshot on iPhone 12 is a great way to save a meaningful message, good joke, or any other important moment. While there are third-party apps that take screenshots, you don’t need them. The ability to take a screenshot on the iPhone 12 is built into iOS. The following has to be done:

On your iPhone, get a screenshot that you want. It can be a text message, a website, or something in an app.

Press the side button and the volume up button at the same time.

How to Screenshot on iPhone 12

If the screen flickers and you can hear camera noise, it means you took a screenshot. A thumbnail of the screenshot will appear in the lower-left corner.

To save the screenshot and do nothing else, drag it from the left edge of the screen. To edit or share the screenshot, tap the thumbnail.

How can I capture an entire page on an Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max?

If you want to capture an entire webpage on your iPhone 12 Pro Max, the first thing you should know is that this method only works with Apple’s Safari browser. So you need to open the page you want to capture on. complete with scrolling with Safari browser.

Take the screenshot using the method given above. When you take the screenshot, the thumbnail will appear in the lower left of the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max screen. Click the thumbnail to go to If you are using the screen capture editing application, you will see the text “Full Screen” in the top right corner. Click on it, and the full-screen capture will scroll to the right of the screen.

You can now add notes, draw on the screenshot, crop, rotate, and share the screenshot by clicking the arrow icon on the top right of the screen. Finally, press “Done” to save in the photo gallery.

How to Screenshot on iPhone 12

How to Screenshot on iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max with Assistive Touch and Siri

Assistive Touch is a great tool for accessing some of the most commonly used menus on iOS. If you need or want to take a one-handed screenshot, you can do it with Assistive Touch.

Step 1. Activate Assistive Touch

Enable Assistive Touch by going to Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> Assistive Touch and enable the Assistive Touch option. You will see a semi-transparent button on your screen. This is the Assistive Touch button.

How to Screenshot on iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max with Assistive Touch and Siri

Step 2. Customize the top-level menu

Press the top level of the Customize menu.

Then tap the Custom icon (the one with the star) and select Screenshot from the list. The screenshot button is added to the Assistive Touch menu. You can also tap one of the default icons to replace it with the Screenshot button or another option from the list.

Step 3. Take a screenshot with Assistive Touch

With the screenshot option added to the Assistive Touch menu, we can always take a screenshot with one hand by pressing the Assistive Touch button and then the Screenshot button.

How to Screenshot on iPhone 12  with Siri and iPhone 12 Pro Max

If you want to take a hands-free screenshot on your iPhone 12, you can use Siri. Just call Siri with the voice command “Hey Siri” or press and hold the power button.

Below is a streamlined Siri interface indicating that the assistant is listening to your commands. Ask Siri to take a screenshot, which will be taken for you. You can see a preview in the lower-left corner.

You can also ask Siri to open the Photos app to go to the recently added photos menu.

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