How to Play Taylordle Game

Let’s discuss about the Taylordle answer and how to identify the correct answer in the correct spot, the correct answer in the wrong spot, and the wrong answer in the wrong spot.

Taylordle is a puzzle game where players are to guess the word for the day with six chances per day. How to play Taylordle is quite simple as you will be given a clue the more your guess is closer to the word for that day. Both Taylordle and Lewdle are quite similar but with a different motives.

However, we will discuss how to play the Taylordle answer game and how to get the answer for the day. Meanwhile, you wouldn’t want to ruin your chance of guessing the right Taylordle answer in your 6 tries per day.

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What is Taylordle?

Taylordle is a word puzzle game where players guess the five-letter word for today that is relevant to Taylor Swift’s life and her career. However, the puzzle words revolve around her which may include her album title, songs, and all that you think are part of her life.

Taylor made the game revolve around her life. However, the disadvantage of the Taylordle answer is that the answer is narrowed down to her life instead of generalizing it. Therefore, all answer that is not in the Taylordle dictionary or database will not be recognized.

How to Guess Taylordle Answer

The sole purpose of the game is to guess the answer for today in under 6 attempts. However, the game colour indicates how close you are to the answer for that particular day. To monitor and ensure cheaters are curbed, the Taylordle game used a statistic table to calculate the number of times you have tried guessing the word and the correct answer.

Meanwhile, you need to understand the game answer colour indicator to know whether the guessed answer is correct or not. When you want to guess your answer, you want to note the information below about the word you provided.

  • Green: The letter is in the ANSWER and in the correct spot.
  • Yellow: The letter is in the ANSWER but in the wrong spot.
  • Grey: The letter is not in the ANSWER in any spot.

How to Play Taylordle Game

Playing the Taylordle game is quite simple and direct provided you know the game’s answer. You only have 6 attempts to provide an answer to the Taylordle game today. After 6 attempts and the answer is foiled you will need to wait for the next day to try again.

Therefore, the steps below walk you through the steps to the Taylordle answer.Taylordle Answer

  • Go to the official website on your browser at
  • Enter the “Taylordle Answer” using the web page keyboard.
  • Click on the “Enter” button to the bottom left.
  • If the answer is correct you will see a popup that your answer is correct and you will be told when next to return.

Meanwhile, after six attempts you will be automatically blocked from playing the game for that day and you will need to wait until the time reads zero. Then, you can try again.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Taylordle

If you believe you are spending too much of your time trying to guess the Taylordle answer you can enable to game dark mode for convenience’s sake. The dark mode feature helps to reduce the brightness or contrast of the webpage. Therefore, follow the steps below to enable dark mode in Taylordle.

  • Go to the Taylordle website on your phone. If you have the app installed on your iPhone you can also launch it.
  • Click on the “Settings” gear icon beside the “Stats” button to the top right.
  • Click on the “Dark Mode” grey toggle icon.
  • Done.

The dark mode option will be enabled instantly. And you can now play the game for as long as you want provided you are within the six-times trial time. You can also follow the steps to enable and disable the high-contrast mode.

Taylordle Answer so Far?

Some of the Taylordle answers so far include the following.

Taylordle DateAnswer
June 2KISS

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