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TSTV Africa Decoder Gives 10x More of DSTv, GoTv, and StartTime

We have witnessed so many decoders in Nigeria in the past decade. Starting from HD strong, MyTv, Q-Sat, StarTime, DStv, GoTv and many others. However, TSTV Africa decoder is the latest and its service gives 10x more of DStv, GoTv, and StartTime.

Wireless cables in Nigeria have done so many of us the strong thing via promises and failed experience, inflating subscription, service not working effectively during cloudy weather, and a lot more. These entire free to air decoders are not new in the Nigeria market, unlike TSTV Africa decoder. Nonetheless, TSTV decoder frequencies, channel, price, and subscription is currently far better and has a promising future.

While TSTV African is preparing for the launch, come October 1st, Nigeria independent day, let us give you what you need to know about the new decoder storming Nigeria cable TV market with more frequency, reduced sales price, upgraded channel list, and affordable monthly subscription.

TSTV Africa Decoder

Whats is TSTV Africa Decoder

Telecom Satellite TV is a new cable TV provider in Nigeria. Just like GoTv, DSTv,  and the rest of them, TSTV Africa is a pay as you consume service provider in the Nigeria Market. TSTV is controlled and operated in Nigeria by ABS and Telecom Satellite TV. TSTV promised a Direct-to-Home (DTH) broadcast service into Nigeria on the ABS 3A satellite basically based on service subscription.

The pay as you consume idea by cable TV provider is an indication that you will only be granted access to watch TV list based on your consumption To continue watching TV and live matches, movies, events, music, and adventures on TSTV decoder, you must have a valid subscription [pay as you consume].

TSTV Africa Decoder Overview and Vision

ABS and Telcom Satellites TV (TSTV) signed a multi-transponder agreement to deliver a Direct-to-Home (DTH) broadcast service into Nigeria on the ABS 3A satellite. The new platform is scheduled to launch on July 25 and will be distributed on the ABS 3A Africa beam, located at 3 degrees west. The service will air more than 100 TV channels, and TSTV expects the number to grow to 150 soon after.

“Our vision is to provide premium video experience to Nigerians at affordable prices,” said Bright Echefu, TSTV managing director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). “Our services will enable the viewers to experience HD and SD video and internet surfing at the same time. We are the first indigenous local operator in the region to launch such a premium platform with a variety of services to Nigerians, who have been so far paying exorbitant prices to foreign operators.”

What is TSTV Price In Nigeria

It is very important to know how much TSTV decode price is before comparing it with other cable TV providers in Nigeria such as GoTv and StarTime. However, TSTV price seems to be more friendly when compared with others. Late last month, GoTv price was #7,700 that was during the promo time, but now the information reaching us says the new GoTv price is #5,500. However, this was probably benchmark for TSTV to slate its price better for its competitor.

TSTV price in Nigeria market goes for #5000 without promo which is still less than GoTv. If you have either GoTv or StarTime at home you may want to try add TSTV decoder to your cables collection.

TSTV Africa Decoder Monthly Subscription

The way both wired and wireless cable decoder operates is that you pay a monthly subscription or periodically. You can even pay an annual subscription for your cable. However, TSTV African subscription is different.

You don’t have to pay for a monthly subscription rather…..

… You pay as you consume.

This simply means that you will not be charged if you don’t use TSTV decoder even after installation. I will liken Telecom Satellite TV with a prepaid electric machine. You can subscribe to your prepaid machine and your subscription will remain if you don’t use it.

I think TSTV African decoder is better with their subscription plan.

However, TSTV subscription is divided into 5 categories which are: #200, #500, #1000, #1500 and #3000. While you may want to compare TSTV subscription with GoTv subscription, #3000 highest sub for TSTV and #1900 highest sub for GoTv, but don’t forget TSTV channels are more than GoTv channels of 56, and more so, TSTV is “pay as you consume” cable TV provider.

TSTV Africa Decoder Launch Date

If you check through the internet you will see different rumor concerning TSTV launch date. Some website claimed 25th, July 2017 [past but not launched yet]. However, TSVT will be launched come Oct., 1st 2017 which is Nigeria in Independent day in Nigeria TV cable market. TSTV launch for other African countries [Ghana, Cameron, Egypt, South Africa, Tunisia, Cape Town, Kenya, etc] will be announced later via this post update. But for Nigeria, TSTV Africa will be launched on the 1st, Oct. 2017.

TSTV Channel list

TSTV channels list are categorized into sections which are free, Sport, language/culture, pan Africa, Movies, Kids, General Entertainment, Documentary, and News. Like we earlier said that they’re 100+ channel list on TSTV. Yes, there are!

TSTV Africa Decoder

These channels are section into the categories above with each channel having at least 6 stations each. Under sports section, there you have all sports channels to watch soccer, rugby, tennis, long tennis, race, etc. The same thing goes for other channels.

Bonus: TSTV Africa Decoder Complet Channels List

Here is the complete TSTV channels list you will enjoy for pay as you consume service.

Star Sports
Fox Sports
Euro Sports News
Euro Sports 2
Kwese Sports 1
Kwese Free Sports
Kwese ESPN
MS Extreme
Bein Sports MAX 4HD
Bein Sports 3HD
Bein Sports Global
Bein Sports MAX  (Bein Sports 1-10)
TS Sports 4 HD
TS Sports 2
TS Sports 3
Yolo Sports HD

Trace Urban/Africa
MTV Base

BBC America
BBC Radio 2
TVC News
United States Of America Embassy
Sky News
Core TV News
France 24 (English)
Channels TV
Bloomberg Television
Fox News
TRT World
Press TV
Arise News
TV360 Nigeria

CN Cartoon Network
Disney Channel
Baby TV
TS Junior Kids HD
Fix Fox
Panda Biggs

Star Movies
MBC Action
Star Movies
African Movie Channel Series (African Magic)
Liberty TV
MBC Bollywood
Wazobia TV
Viasat Life
Fine Living
FOX Life
Investigation Discovery
Star Gold HD
Nollywood TV
Z Cinema
E Entertainment
BEN Bridging The Gap
TS Novella
TS Movies HD
TS Series

Discovery Channel
Nat Geo Gold
National Geographic
Discovery Health TV

Fashion One

Dove Television
Emmanuel TV
Sunna TV
Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries
EWTN – Global Catholic Network
TBN Network

Riwa Ndu TV
TS Hausa
TS Igbo
TS Yoruba
TS Sports 1 HD

How to Install TSTV Africa Decoder

TSTV decoder is not yet on sale. As soon as it is available on sales we’ll get one with the highest pay as you consume subscription and we’ll update this post with how to install TSTV Africa decoder without stress.

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  1. Mr Adesanmi, I know you are also keeping your dearest fingers cross while waiting for this TStv launch, we Nigerians believe that it’ll be great due to the expected subscription prices and monthly plan and as I reviewed the specs here it’s really cool.

    Thank you

    • Hi Bro,

      The way people are waiting for TSTV Africa is beyond expectation. There is a possibility that TSTV Africa will sweep away other TV cables in Nigeria if they don’t restrategize.


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