Best Free Internet Calling Apps In 2018

The Internet is the largest society with a total population more than the half of world population. With that, you should expect services like free internet calling, free video and voice call, a call from computer to phone, phone call to a computer, and computer to computer call.

Internet free call is a service to make a call from the internet which can involve registration or without registration to make calls. Most internet calls are free to use. Back in 2004, Skype is the best internet call service for both phone and computer.

However, since then. the total apps and computer software to make a free call on the internet has grown to more than 100. Here in this post, I have collated the best software for computer and Mac to make calls from computer to computer and from phone to computer.

Also, in the latter part of the post, I will share with you some popular apps to make [videos and voice] call from phone to phone and phone to computer.

Free Internet Calling

Free Software for Free Internet Calling on Computer

Forget about the popular free internet calling software you know in the past. Here I will share both old, new, and in vogue, computer software to make free call online.

1. Skype for PC & Mobile

Skype is the first free internet calling app for making international calls online. Skype support Windows, Mac computer and has an app for both Android and iOS device.

Skype is not like those free local and international calling software to make free calls online that doesn’t require a registration. Skype requires registration to make an online call to both local and international friendly.

Skype is has a free calling feature but to take your Skype account to a new level you can subscribe to a paid Skype service to engage in a conference call on Skype.

2. Imo for PC & Android

Imo for software is my second favorite software to make a free international call on PC. The Imo software works perfectly on PC as well as on mobile. Imo mode of registration differs from other. It’s just like WhatsApp that requires a registration.

Imo for PC uses the mobile phone number for account registration for both video and voice call on your computer. Imo doesn’t require a special skill and no rocket scientist knowledge to start using Imo for PC. Also, using Emulator you can simply install mo for PC on your computer.

3. WhatsApp for Mobile & PC

WhatsApp is the world largest mobile chat app with free voice and video calling feature for both local and international privilege. Using WhatsApp is a good way to stop making phone calls with airtime. It’s free and doesn’t require any special registration.

If you have not used WhatsApp for PC to make either video call or voice call before reading through this article, you can check through this guide how to make a free call on WhatsApp for PC, how to update WhatsApp for PC, and how to install WhatsApp for PC.

4. Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is second to none most popular social network with resilient features changing every day. The new Facebook feature you would want to use if Facebook messenger free internet calling feature.

The Facebook free feature to make international phone call works on both Facebook for PC and on Facebook messenger app for a smartphone.

The Facebook messenger app offers a feature to make free calls on your smartphone and on PC to other users using the Facebook account as a format of account registration.

Here in this article, I shared with you how to make free calls on Facebook messenger apps. Read through the app and learn how to make free video international calls using Facebook free call apps.

5. Google Voice

Google voice isn’t the last on the list of the most popular used free calling apps to make free international calls online from phone to phone. Google voice offers the easiest way to make free call from phone to phone, PC to PC, phone to PC, and PC to phone all for free.

The Google voice is far more than making just a free internet calling, it offers an easy way to make free internet call and manage phone number online.

If you don’t want to start with the previous free internet calling app mentioned above you can take a look at Google voice to start with and see how easy it’s to make phone call online using free calling apps.

Another notable part of Google voice features include “OK Google‘ to communicate with your Android phone without physical contact rather using a voice integration.

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