How to Activate Twitch TV on PS5

Twitch TV can arguably be named as the largest and most popular streaming platform in the world. Since its introduction in June 2011, Twitch TV has been able to garner millions of gamers and streamers to one platform. However, to be able to stream on Twitch TV using PS5, you would need to prompt a Twitch TV activate on PS5.

A Twitch TV activate on PS5 is simply a process that would enable your PS5 to be connected to the Twitch TV app on your PS5 so you can start streaming. You would however be required to download Twitch TV on your PS5 and sign up to the app if you are a new user. You would also be required an activation code to complete the activation process.

This guide includes all the processes you need to prompt a Twitch TV activate on PS5 from installation to activation. You would learn how to set up your PS5 to start streaming on Twitch, how to get your activation code, how to use your activation code, and how to stream on Twitch TV using PS5.

Installing Twitch TV activate on PS5

The first step in activating Twitch on your PS5 is to install the app to PS5 from the PlayStation Store. However, before the installation process commences make sure your internet connection is well secured and stable. You must also have created an account with Twitch using your mobile device. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do that on your PS5 after installing the app. 

Follow these steps to start the Twitch TV installation process on PS5:

  1. Turn on your PS5 console and be sure it’s connected to the internet.
  2. Go to your PlayStation store.
  3. On the search icon, usually on the top right corner of the screen by default, type the word “Twitch” using your DualSense controller and click search.
  4. Twitch TV would pop up in your search results.
  5. Select the Twitch app and click on “Download“.
  6. It’s going to take a few seconds to download depending on your internet speed.
  7. Once downloaded, launch the app.
  8. You would be requested to sign in to your Twitch TV account. If you don’t have a Twitch account, you would have to create one.

Activating Twitch TV on PS5

Prompting a Twitch TV to activate on PS5 is the core driver in linking your Twitch TV account to your PS5 gaming device. This would enable Twitch TV’s backend server to connect your profile, streams, and account information to your PS5 automatically. During this process, you would be given a unique activation code to activate Twitch TV on PS5.

To prompt a Twitch TV to activate on PS5, simply follow this process:

  1. Launch Twitch TV on PS5 in your App list.
  2. Enter into your account by signing into Twitch TV using your login credentials.
  3. The moment you sign in, a unique code would be displayed on your screen. That code is your activation/authorization code.
  4. Visit the Twitch TV activation website using your mobile device or your PC.
  5. On this website, you would see a box requiring you to input your activation code.
  6. Enter the unique code into this box and click “Authorize“.
  7. After clicking “Authorize” you would be confirmed activation.

Streaming Twitch TV activate on PS5

Twitch TV has always been a great place to showcase your gaming experience to the world and also watch other streamers in your niche do things you love. To stream Twitch TV on PS5, you must have made sure you’ve completed the installation and activation process of Twitch Tv on PS5. Be sure you have a strong internet connection and have signed up for your Twitch TV account.

Linking Twitch TV on PS5

The first thing you would want to do is link your PlayStation account to your streaming platform (Twitch TV).

  1. Simply go to the “Settings” icon at the top corner of your screen. It’s usually next to your avatar on your profile.
  2. Under “Settings“, select “User and Accounts“.
  3. Once you’ve selected that, in the next menu, select “Link with other services“.
  4. Next to this option, you would see the Twitch app among the listed devices you can link your PS5. Select Twitch TV
  5. Just like during activation, a unique code would appear on your screen asking you to activate your device using that code.
  6. Visit the Twitch TV activation website and enter your unique code

Broadcast settings for Twitch TV on PS5

After linking your Twitch TV to your PS5, the next step is to set up your streaming options just the way you want viewers to watch your gameplay. 

  1. Simply go back to your “Settings” page and scroll to the last option which is “Captures and Broadcasts“.
  2. Another menu would pop up. Under this, select “Broadcasts“.
  3. Under this option, you would be allowed to modify your streaming settings in a way that suits your gameplay. Modification options touch on several aspects such as audio, video quality, overlay, camera e.t.c.

Going Live on twitch TV using PS5

After you’ve completed the above settings, the next step is to go live on your Twitch TV account.

  1. Simply start a game on your PS5.
  2. Select the “Share” button at the top left corner of your DualSense controller.
  3. Once you’ve pressed the button, scroll over to the “Broadcast” icon (like a WiFI symbol with an antenna) located at the button right corner of your screen. Click on it.
  4. A pop-up would come up asking you to “GoLive“. Select it. That’s it, you’ve started streaming your game on Twitch and users would start watching your game.
  5. You can modify your stream settings using the three dots icon next to the “Go Live” option.

This process of streaming however isn’t only limited to Twitch TV, you can use this guide to stream on Youtube and other streaming platforms too. It’s the same procedure. Prompting a Twitch TV activate on PS5 is seamless and would enable you to connect to a wider audience of gamers from all around the world. let us know if this post helped. you may also want to check out a full guide on how to activate twitch TV on PS4

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